Saturday, April 16, 2011

Top JOG Minarelli Exhaust Dealer in the country goes to Scooter Mike

Since Facebook doesn't translate well to actual online news I want to point out nobody has done as much research on TK Exhausts as this one store in the US.

The brand is extremely popular in Spain, Italy, and Germany (where they sell to Stage 6 under their brand name ) the company also manufactures for several Spanish OEMs as well as other Spanish brands so if you see a TK in small on them it means Turbo Kit not trademarks. The brand has been around for 40 years.

To find out more Visit and ask about TK Exhausts.

Visit his site so you can see what Team Scootertronics has to say about the TK JOG Exhaust series. They also stock the full range from the Honda Zoomer to the Kymco 500cc exhausts from TK Spain.

Michael wrote:
"Just an FYI I took the Matrix to 10,500RPM at 60MPH thats as fast as I will ride. The TK and Yasuni C12 pipe both did this, the TK had more bottom for the complete set up Tommy and I used, we worked for two days on this one scooter to get it right, tunning a scooter has everything to do with the whole package including fuel and air plus CVT drive, the Yusani pipe needed a bigger carb than 19mm that we used so the TK worked better, the one thing I do know is Tommy and I do this everyday to lots of different scooters, right now we are doing two Matrix, two TGB 50RX and one newer Zuma, all are getting different packages according to customer wants, when you OWN a shop not every customer wants to BUY the same parts, its up to me to meet the customers BUDGET and Tommy to make the parts get the best results in the least amount of time thats all it is"

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