Monday, April 25, 2011

Moto Morini and Malaguti headed to the museums....

There is no news this Monday morning since everyone is still basically on vacation in Italy from the holidays.

Over in Italy you can read at Affair Italia ( )
that there is no political willpower to do anything, it's not even an election concern.

La Republica ( ) is reporting that there is interest from the immediate region to save the companies, but nothing has been done so far. In the meantime I've gotten some great responses from industry insiders. Even a former Taiwanese importer who is big in the US wrote me to ask how much he had to invest.

So there are plenty of interested parties in the USA, but the information from Italy is slow to arrive to potential US investors. Unless this changes nothing will change in Italy. I even had one person tell us that their group was interested in Moto Morini, but they couldn't agree to the auction terms now to the investment terms.

So if US dealers with resources and investors can't get the information in a timely manner, European bankers aren't interested in helping, and the Chinese firms are just waiting for absolute liquidation we are at standstill with all parties involved. The only hope is that someone can push forward some type of government backed proposal in Italy so that these firms don't end up disappearing altogether.

A message to Bologna. Once these jobs are gone to Asia, they are never coming back. It would do well to your leaders to understand this.

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