Thursday, April 7, 2011

HammerHead 250ss top speed run w/ my new Drift HD 170 helmet cam

This rider just posted this excellent video of his upgraded GoKart with MRP performance parts. We love to see Buggies with MRP upgrades on them, this is a great promo, thank you!

Performance works- stores that stock and sell performance get it, they make a profit, and keep clients happy. MRP was the first company in the US to develop these buggy parts for the hammerhead and carter units. There's been some imitators out there, but its good to see our stuff still makes people happy.

Buggy market is slowly coming back this summer. Let's hope it keeps growing.
Just crusing around my block i decided to top speed my hammerhead.
hit 53.3 max but just for a second.
MODS: MRP exhaust, MRP cdi and coil, MRP intake w/ jets, scooter ninja performance clutch,19 gram sliders, performance kevlar belt, iridium plug,and still going.

To buy the HAMMERHEAD 150cc Power Pack or the Hammerhead 250cc Powerpack visit our website and select your nearest Go Kart dealer from places to buy at

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