Monday, April 11, 2011

A crucial week in Italy goes unoticed by the American Press

It's pretty sad when not a single magazine in North America has covered the situation in Italy with an in-depth report of what is happening to our supply chain for America. Since there is little investigative reporting in Italy as well most of the real issues affecting the industry get under-reported.

In two days we have the Moto Morini auction
All the goods at Verlicci have been confiscated and liquidated

Malaguti if approved will stop all production on April 15th, the saddest part is that they claim because there are no buyers, the truth is there are lots of buyers it's just that the Malaguti family wants to pull out the retirement money so they don't have to pay the workers anymore. Every single American firm looking to invest in Italy has been ignored by the powers that be. Makes you wonder if some of the players in Italy are purposely bankrupting their own firms to avoid paying Italian employees and move production to Asia.

No update on Paioli suspension either....

There is an urgent need to save Italian manufacturing for everyone's sakes.

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