Saturday, May 28, 2011

Local Scooter News Story South Florida

I love seeing these videos every year. If anything its an easy article for local papers especially here in Florida. Gas is up = Scooter Sales are up = Vespa history etc...

I get a kick out of seeing our dealers on the news. One of the things local shops have to do to stay alive is become media savy and send press releases to local papers and tv stations.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gas Prices going back up again, get ready

So far most stores I talk to tell me that the year is going better than 2009 and 2010. Much like a pyramid the Chinese price driven units tend to sell bettter since they are at the bottom of the list so most of the sales are based on price. Still the average store I've spoken to reported getting close to 2008 numbers. Some are even doing better than 2008 because of a decrease in local competition.

The Wall Street Journal today stated that "Crude oil futures prices were trading higher, but down from session highs above $101 a barrel Friday" At $100 a barrel do not expect gas to go down below $3.80. In most of the country this is the new norm and if it stays high more than likely we will see $4 gas all year long.

Something to think about as you do your stocking for the season at the Scooter Store. Stay tuned to the news an ExxonMobil refinery in Joliet, Ill., is having mechanical problems. Let's see what that does.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Belt Chart

Model VS15 VS15.5 VS16.5 VS17 VS18 VS19 VS20 VS22
Tuc Width (mm) 15 15.5 16.5 17 18 19 20 22
Belt High (mm) 8.5 8.5 8.5 8.5 8.5 10 10 11
Rib (0) ¡¡ ¡¡ 28 30 32 ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡


Specification Outer Perimeter Inner Perimeter Valid Length
641 x 15.5 653 600 650
661 x 15 763 620 760
666 x 16.8 669 615 666
669 x 17.5 684 631 681
669 x 17.5 681 627 678
669 x 18 680 630 677
667 x 17.5 681 627 678
677 x 17.5 677 627 674
692 x 17.5 704 651 701
708 x 18 720 667 717
710 x 17 720 667 717
710 x 17 721 667 718
710 x 17 724 667 721
729 x 17.7 741 688 738
740 x 17 752 695 749
743 x 20 758 695 755
746 x20 758 695 755
759 x 20.1 758 695 755
760 x 19.5 758 695 755

Specification Outer Perimeter Inner Perimeter Valid Length
765 x 17.5 777 721 774
777 x 17.5 777 721 774
788 x 17.5 788 736 785
788 x 17 800 746 797
788 x 16.6 792 736 789
792 x 16.6 792 742 789
797 x 16.6 797 746 794
799 x 19 818 757 815
799 x 19 815 752 812
811 x 20 814 751 811
811 x 20 811 751 808
811 x 20 827 764 824
811 x 20 831 768 828
821 x 20 831 768 828
835 x 20 842 779 839
842 x 20 842 719 839
858 x 22 870 801 867
870 x 22 870 801 867
1016 x 15 1066 101 1063


APRILIA SR50 H20 2MCA000014 785X18.40
CAGIVA CITY 50 Y00MA0063 720X16.20
CAGIVA CUCCIOLO 50 8A0078530 827X16.50
GILERA RUNNER 50 436864 811X18.50
HONDA CH125 SPACY 23100-KN7-671 818X19.00
HONDA CN250 23100-KM1-671 850X22.00
HONDA FORESIGHT 250 23100-KFG-005 952X23.50
HONDA GP50 DIO 23100-GZ0-000 676X17.80
HONDA MTK50 AUTOM 23100-GF9-004 503X15.00
HONDA NH50 LEAD 23100-GC7-004 733X15.00
HONDA NH80 LEAD 23100-GC8-004 745X15.00
HONDA PANTHEON 125 23100-KFF-900 927X22.50
HONDA PK50 WALLARO 23100-GT8-601 1180X15.50
HONDA SA50 VISION 23100-GN2-003 644X15.30
HONDA SH125 23100-KGF-901 918X22.00
HONDA SH50 23100-GJ3-600 860X14.90
HONDA SJ50 BALI 23100-GW2-013 700X17.70
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GC8-004 743X15.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GW3-018 730X18.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GZ0-0130 654X15.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GR1-003 642X15.50
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GS6-7310-M1 650X11.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GAG-7510-M1 672X17.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GJ2-0000 823X15.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GC3-0040 688X11.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GR-0030 650X11.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GR1-0030 650X15.00
HONDA ¡¡ 23100-GE8-0040 670X15.00
HONDA ¡¡ 52W-23100-02 650X15.00
KYMCO X8RX50 23100-GBY-901 880X18.00
KYMCO MOVIE 125 VIVIC 150 23100-KEB-8000 760X20.00
KYMCO DINK 50 23100-KEB7-9000 736X18.00
KYMCO MOVIE 125 23100-KBF-9000 808X20.00
KYMCO MOVIE/PEOPLE 125 23100-KEC4-9000 781X20.00
KYMCO PEOPLE 125 23100-KBFB-9000 750X19.40
KYMCO ZX50 FEVER 23100-KCX-900 730X18.00
MALAGUTI PHANTOM 100 603-302-00 823X17.80
MBK AV51 (MOPED) ¡¡ 822X14.20
PEUGEOT 103 (MOPED) ¡¡ 870X13.00
PEUGEOT BUXY 50 729171 768X18.00
PEUGEOT ELYSEO 125 737830 814X19.00
PEUGEOT SPX50 MOPED ¡¡ 747X16.00
PEUGEOT SV125 724730 808X17.00
PIAGGIO HEXAGON 125LX 431258 834X22.00
PIAGGIO LIBERTY 125 98/99 484758 848X18.10
PIAGGIO LIBERTY 50 2/4T 480852 830X18.50
PIAGGIO LX 125 SKIPPER 98/99 ¡¡ 828X22.00
PIAGGIO NRG TYPHOON 430728 804X17.50
PIAGGIO QUARZ 50 431190 724X17.50
PIAGGIO S.HEXAGON 250 495158 828X17.50
PIAGGIO SFERA 125 4T 434807 743X18.30
PIAGGIO SFERA 125 FL 478547 736X18.00
PIAGGIO SFERA50 / ZIP 286175 734X17.30
PIAGGIO SFERA50 FL/RST 431190 724X17.70
PIAGGIO TYPHOON 50 X-R 436864 805X18.70
PIAGGIO TYPHOON 80 434305 817X16.70
PIAGGIO ZIP 50 4STROKE 478954 732X18.50
PIAGGIO LIBERTY 125 00 487170 814X22.50
SUZUKI ADDRESS 50 27601-09E00 664X16.50
SUZUKI AN250 BURGMAN 98 27601-14F01 893X22.70
SUZUKI AN400 BURGMAN 27601-15F03 944X23.00
SUZUKI AY50 KTANA 27601-10E00-X00 770X16.90
SUZUKI UC150CEPICURO 27601-21F10 847X22.00
SUZUKI ¡¡ 27601-37B00 665X15.00
YAMAHA BW'S 50 3AA-17641-00 751X16.50
YAMAHA CR50 Z 3VP-17641-00 797X16.60
YAMAHA T\C150S 23Y-17641-00 800X15.50
YAMAHA JOG 50 3GF-17641-00 790X17.00
YAMAHA LB50 CHAPPY AUTOM 3HL-17641-00 601X15.00
YAMAHA MAJESTY 125 5DS-17641-00 832X22.00
YAMAHA XC125 BELUGA 50W-17641-00 940X19.00
YAMAHA XC125 CYGNUS R 4CW-17641-00 780X21.80
YAMAHA XC150 VERTEX 3UH-17641-00 816X22.20
YAMAHA XP500 T-MAX 5GJ-17641-00 892X28.00
YAMAHA TY250 MAJESTY 9/01 5CG-17641-00 871X23.00
YAMAHA ¡¡ 24G-17641-00 792X15.50
YAMAHA ¡¡ 2JA-17641-00 792X15.00
YAMAHA ¡¡ 3WF-17641-00 797X16.60
YAMAHA ¡¡ 3KJ-17641-00 792X16.60
YAMAHA ¡¡ 3KJ-17641-00 792X16.50
YAMAHA ¡¡ J45-46241-02 885X22.00
YAMAHA ¡¡ J45-81173-00 700X10.00
YAMAHA ¡¡ 14T-17641-00 792X14.00
YAMAHA ¡¡ 27601 03A02 740X15.00

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Genuine Scooter Parts! SYM, Hyosung, TNG Scooter parts

MRP has more GENUINE SCOOTER PARTS THAN ANYONE. Hands down. We have all the Genuine Scooter parts for Hyosung, TNG, QJ, Vento, Diamo, Italjet United Motors, Benelli, Malaguti, and we are adding more and more for TGB, ETON, and ADLY. All of these parts come in genuine OEM packaging that reads very clearly made by SYM or made by TGB. So don't accept generic fly by night parts guys who don't sell OEM parts. Ask for real OEM parts from your OEM suppliers! The One Stop Shop with more OEM scooter parts than any distributor in North America.

New Sliders Arriving at MRP!

We have new Carbon and Nylon Sliders arriving at MRP.

We were the first to start importing sliders back in 2005 with the introduction of Dr Pulley, Adige, and in 2010 the SN rollers/sliders to the US markets. Since then more people have tried these than ever before and they have become more popular. Most 2 stroke tunners in Europe still prefer the traditional round roller and many industry experts disagree on which works better. If you go to any Malossi or Polini race in Europe they will tell you straight up rollers are better, but in certain circles riders swear by sliders. Whatever the preference we are here to meet the needs of our clients. Then there's the FRINGE side of the business. Many people love cylindrical sliders found in TURBO KIT SRL Variators also distributed by J. Costa well we got those as well.

Our new lower introductory prices are going to help promote the new lines.

New Adige SR Carbon 15 X 12 made in Italy MSRP $19.99
New Scooter Ninja Sliders Nylon Taiwan 15 X 12 MSRP $19.99
New Cylindrical TK Sliders for JOG 15 X 12 TK / J. Costa Variators MSRP $29.99



Both are excellent versions with different angles for higher rpms. Both the Adige and SN sliding roller weights eliminate abnormal wear, prevent reduction gear ratio deterioration, prolong the useful life of the transmission, and have the availability to adjust reduction gear ratios as well as driving performance.

These sliders tend to wear our evenly and automatically, they adjust by themselves in order to move further outward in a movable drive pulley half and to make the vehicle reach a higher maximum vehicle speed.

TK Cylindrical Sliders Work only with J Costa and TK Variators sold in sets of 8 or 12 depending on Variator they are meant for.
Adige and SN are sold in packs of 6
We recommend starting performance upgrades by changing the variator roller weights before engaging in any performance upgrades.

Heavier roller weights= A slower take off speed with more acceleration and a higher top speed.
Lighter roller weights = A faster take off speed with less acceleration and lower top speed.

SN® “MRS – MAXIMUM Ratio System” roller weights are a genuine revolution in the roller weight field. The nylon fiber rollers feature a unique shape that dramatically reduces wear and subsequent deviation of scooter performance.

Expect better performance from your scooter, period. No matter what stage you are in upgrading your scooter, simply add SN SLIDER weights and you will see more speed and power in your bike! Over 20% longer lasting than traditional rollers of composite material.
SN Sliders weights are the most advanced weights available. These sliding rollers perform better than standard round weights by allowing the variator to open farther for higher top speeds, and last longer with less performance material loss. The weights have several unique features such as their material containing nylon for better performance.
Made ofnylon material
Low Friction/Low Wear/High temperature resistance
Aluminum compatible works with aftermarket KOSO, Malossi, Polini, NCY, MRP, POSH, DELTA, as well as SN and OEM Variators
Fastest roller weights available
The shape allows the roller to travel greater distances into the front pulley variator angle along the roller tunnel and enables the user to modify the low CVT ratio by +3% and high CVT ratio by +7%. The result is that the rider can expect enhanced speed and acceleration.

SN® HRS rollers are available from 49cc to 800cc CVT combos. Contact your local dealer about an SN HRS UPGRADE TODAY!

We test new products before we sell them on our in-house dyno. In this video we talk about some of the products we import and distribute to our wholesale dealer base of carbon based rollers, nylon sliders, carbon sliders, cylindrical sliders, and their components. We import brands such as Polini, Dr Pulley, Malossi, Scooter Ninja, Top Racing, Koso, XT1, Adige Sliders, Italkit, TK Variators / Rollers - Turbo Kit and more. To find a dealer or to see our current product range visit

Also check out SN Variators and SN Clutches for even more performance!

Sliding roller weights eliminate abnormal wear, prevent reduction gear ratio Deterioration, prolong the useful life of the transmission, and have the availability to adjust reduction gear ratios as well as driving performance. Sliding Roller Weights are also adapted to compensate wear automatically, to adjust by itself to move further outward in a movable drive pulley half and to make the vehicle reach a higher maximum vehicle speed.

The Adige and SN sliders apply to the following models:
All JOG 50cc 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based YAMAHA clones and Yamaha engines.
Including: Eton, CPI, Vento, Benelli, Andretti, Diamo, Baccio, MODCYCLES, and more!
Scarabeo 100
Fly Scooters
Pico 50
Venus 50
Super 8 50
TPGS-803 50
Campus 50
Hope 50
Laguna 50
Key West 50
Laser R5 50
Venice 50 / LX 50
Vino 50 2T
Zuma 50 02-05
Zuma 50 08+
Zuma 50 95-01

The rise of scooter sales in America

Someone emailed me today about the Rise of US scooter sales video my experiences from 2000-2007 and how much they loved it. One of the best reviews I've done when looking back at the US trends and how the industry handled the start of the decade. Back when I made this video and I predicted sales of over 200,000 scooters in North America. I was off by a year thanks to the Chinese saturation of the US market in 2008 which lead to the great fall of 2009. It amazes me how many industry insiders quote this video or have seen it. One brand new store owner at the dealer show this year didn't even know it was me, but he was quoting my own video back to me which was awesome. It truly made me feel like I had done more than just try to sell someone something like I had informed them about what the reality of the business was like worldwide.

It took a bunch of time to put together, but you'll notice it had 7 years worth of travels and industry insight from visiting Hanoi, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo there are even pictures in where I'm riding a Vectrix in Rome. The boom and bust comment was right on the money as well, but off by two more years. Half the pictures came from the Malaguti and SYM importation days between 2000-2005. The comment on the Ruckus/Zoomer clubs was also on the money since now every company is jumping on that bandwagon even as the trends fades in Japan where Scooter Customization is no longer what it used to be.

I would like to see what happens with the recovery of 2011 and make a wrap up of the following 5 years.

If the market truly recovers this year as it should or at least stabilize in numbers it would make an interesting video. I hope to call it "The Road out of the Recession, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the boom and bust cycle of the US Scooter Industry" or
it could be more of an documentary like Michael Moore and call it "Fahrenheit 49cc!"

Featuring charts, videos, behind the scene pictures of what it looked like as we loaded/unloaded warehouses full of parts and banks help foreclose on $10 million dollar scooter companies to purposely make a claim on the 90% SBA loan guarantees.

As bankers gave easy money and helped refinance companies only later to help close them. How Chase bank called only to pull out of negotiating on Malaguti, the dirty shenanigans as industry insiders lost control of their companies to investors thanks to GE sending them back bikes. As the Chinese OEMs pulled the plug on importers and pushed back in, as stores closed, and 2009-2010 the years of consolidation. How the Car Recovery Act allowed dealers to send back financed bikes to Vehicle distributors for no reason bankrupting companies like United Motors.

The rise of the TRIKES! An entire new segment of the Chinese scooter market pushing in! The rise of CF MOTO and new Chinese OEMs. I might throw in a little Mario Andretti in there just to keep it interesting on how many people use penny stocks and investors to make a quick buck in powersports.

Then again, only a few crazy scooter enthusiasts would watch it. As a veteran of several scooter wars I noticed we tend to forget the past only to repeat it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adventures in Chinese Parts! Matching Secondary numbers

Just goes to show how difficult it is to match scooter parts when dealing with China.

This same part is found in the PDF manuals under 4 part numbers. The company QJ in China has sold it to several private label importers around the world, including TNG, Vento, Yamati all under different part numbers. Its so complicated even the factory can't remember all the numbers they gave the part so MRP comes in and we solve the problem! is the place to get these hard to find Chinese parts.

Visit our repair manual section to get real OEM part repair manuals for these brands:

SPEEDOMETE ASSEMBLY QJ- 150T-8 This item has several secondary numbers since it is an OEM TNG, YAMAHA, VENTO, Xtreme 150cc GY6 Parts including: QJ-70000J4FT00B EURO JET 150cc QJ-70000J4F00B YAMATI QJ-70000J4FT00B POWERSPORTS FACTORY PSF Speedometer Complete Assembly QJ-70000J4FT00B
Yamati 150cc MODEL QJ150T-8 VORTEX 150cc MADE BY QJ
ARN 150cc Keeway CATALOG CODE:JCK(Q16-06)-QJ150T-8A-1A

Amerivespa 2011 is coming up

June 16th thru the 19th the Big Easy will be host to the 19th annual scooter rally hosted by the Vespa Club of America and this years local host The New Orleans Scooter Cooperative.

As a Media Guest the Scooter Maven is scheduled to attend to cover the event for the industry. It's a great event that does bring mainstream media attention to scooters and like always leads to a really good time.

The last time I was in New Orleans I was helping rebuild houses with the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. A great time for everyone involved. We got to gut some houses, sleep in Churches, and just live it up back in 2007.

It will be nice to tour the city and see the changes since Katrina.

New Orleans has lots to offer. I have some fond memories of the city from Anne Rices house, to the Superbowl parties and later on to rebuilding after Katrina. It will be interesting to Scoot Around town and visit some Jazz clubs or try some of the restaurants that have rebuilt.

Scoot Magazine! Will be there and so feel free to sign up for the new digital edition of Americas leading magazine.

Some Scenes from Amerivespa 2010 last year

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Motorcycle Industry should lobby for more Energy Taxes

I just read a great article this morning over at CNN.

One way to bring about more scooter sales and motorcycle use in the US is by focusing on an Energy Tax. Maybe the MIC should just publicly call out for a gas tax and more regulation to get rid of all these swings in prices. By imposing higher taxes on energy use we can raise revenues and at the same time increase the push towards alternatives. It's pretty clear the current Administration wants gas to be higher, but instead of the speculators making all the money I think it should go to the treasury to help us out of the mess we are in.

Great article and it makes a solid point: "The only way to bring both the labor market and the oil market into equilibrium is likely to be through a further increase in the real oil price," the Goldman economists write. "This would presumably increase oil supply by making exploration and production more attractive, and reduce oil demand by increasing energy efficiency."

Then again this will all lead to an increase in sales and isn't that what we want. Sustainable sales? Not the roller coaster ride of boom and bust the industry has experienced the last 3 years.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Nylon Sliders in Stock! MRP carries Adige, TK, Scooter Ninja, Dr Pulley and more!

Sliders from MRP 23X18 Adige and Scooter Ninja

New Sliders from MRP 23X18 Adige and Scooter Ninja
We've added some great new items to the mrp website we like them all but were just going to go over them real quick.

Adige Sliders Back ( made in Italy ) the original creator of the slider. Their carbon sliders are some of the best. Click here for the link

SN Sliders with Aluminum for better heat displacement
23 X 18 great for takeoff

Round Rollers

MRP carries a full range of sliders 23 X 18 from different brands, round, cylindrical and sliders in nylon and carbon.
Martin Racing Performance is a distributor and manufacturer of parts for scooters, ATVs, and Motorcycles. We've had 10 years worth of experience with CVT systems from OEM manufacturers we've represented to new brands we've tested and picked up over the years.

These sliding rollers perform better than standard round weights by allowing the variator to open farther for higher top speeds, and last longer with less performance material loss. The weights have several unique features such as their material containing nylon for better performance. Made ofnylon material Low Friction/Low Wear/High temperature resistance Aluminum compatible works with aftermarket KOSO, Malossi, Polini, NCY, MRP, POSH, DELTA, STAGE 6, ADIGE, DR PULLEY by UNION MATERIALS as well as SN and OEM Variators Fastest roller weights available The shape allows the roller to travel greater distances into the front pulley variator angle along the roller tunnel and enables the user to modify the low CVT ratio by +3% and high CVT ratio by +7%. The result is that the rider can expect enhanced speed and acceleration. SN? HRS rollers are available from 49cc to 800cc CVT combos. Contact your local dealer about an SN HRS UPGRADE TODAY! Also check out SN Variators and SN Clutches for even more performance!

We test new products before we sell them on our in-house dyno. In this video we talk about some of the products we import and distribute to our wholesale dealer base of carbon based rollers, nylon sliders, carbon sliders, cylindrical sliders, and their components. We import brands such as Polini, Dr Pulley, Malossi, Scooter Ninja, Top Racing, Koso, XT1, Adige Sliders, Italkit, TK Variators / Rollers - Turbo Kit and more. To find a dealer or to see our current product range visit

Cylindrical Sliders are the ones found in Variators like TK or J Costa. These are pretty neat and we stock these variators as well.

Ride To Work 2011

June 20th, 2011 is Ride to Work day. This is something I have to do more often.
If you're anything like me you might find it hard to ride every single day to work, I tend to use my car more than I'd like to, but its good to show solidarity with the industry and daily riders as well. So I encourage all the dealers to support this cause. If you never heard of them they are a 501 c4 non-profit organization, advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation. Add their info to your website and dealer page, support the creation of more motorcycle parking you will find it makes a difference.

Over the years campaigns and Ride to Work have helped change many cities. My Alma mater the University of Florida is a great case in point. While I was studying there we hardly had sufficient scooter and motorcycle parking now all the extra parking spaces ten years later have helped steer more people into riding. Try finding a spot for your car it takes two hours, if you drive a scooter its five minutes. In turn more shops opened and people who ride have an easier time. It's a circle. So support the causes that support you the store, the rider, and the industry in general. This is one cause we should all rally around.

Scooter Roller Weight Brands From the best brands!

We have a ton of rollers, cylindrical sliders, sliders you name it. It can be confusing. So just to show you we have a variety of rollers in stock.
MRP carries over ten different brands of roller weights from TOP RACING, SCOOTER NINJA, SPEED FORZA, MALOSSI, TURBO KIT SRL SPAIN, POLINI, DOPPLER, Dr Pulley, CB, ADIGE, GIANELLI, AND OUR BRAND MRP. For more info on all our rollers, sliders, cylindrical sliders make sure to visit our website and contact one of our dealers.

This is a good chart many people have online from Bedspeed UK we also have a chart in our webcatalog which you can use for picking roller weights. Below is the link.

Go to the roller weight section of our web catalog.
For more catalogs click here and for the TK catalog as well:


APRILIA AMICO 50cc 15x12 6.5

AMICO SPORT LX 50cc 15x12 6.5

AMICO GL 50cc 15x12 7.0

AREA 51 50cc + LC 15x12 6.5

ATLANTIC 125cc 19x17 7

ATLANTIC 150-200cc 20.5x17 10.3

ATLANTIC 500cc 25x22 28.5

GULLIVER 50cc 15x12 6.5


HABANA 50cc 17x12 6.9

HABANA 125cc 19x13.7 12.0

HABANA 125cc LEADER ENGINE 19x17 8.7

LEONARDO 125cc first series 18x15 10.7

LEONARDO 125cc 1998> 20x17 8.5

LEONARDO 150cc 20x17 9.5

LEONARDO 250cc 20x12 14.0

RALLY 50cc 15x12 6.5

RALLY LC 50cc 15x12 6.5

SONIC 50cc 15x12 6.2

SONIC 50 GP 15x12 6.2

SONIC LC 50cc 15x12 6.2

SCARABEO 50cc 15x12 7.0

SCARABEO 100cc 2T 15x12 7.5

SCARABEO 100cc 4T 2001-2003 20x15 7.3

SCARABEO 125cc 20x17 8.5

SCARABEO 150cc 20x17 9.5

SCARABEO 500cc 25x22 28.5

SR 50cc + mod 94-95-96-97 Minarelli 15x12 5.2

SR H2O 50cc + WWW 50cc 15x12 6.5

SR 50 STEALTH 50cc + Vertical cylinder 15x12 5.5

SR 50 SUZUKI MOTOR 2000 - 2003 17x12 7.0

SR 50 DITEC 2001 - 2003 17x12 7.0

SR 125-150cc 19x17 13

SPORT CITY 125cc 19x17 7.4
ATALA HACKER 50cc 17x12 5.5

HACKER AT12 RACING + LC 50cc 17x12 5.5

BYTE AT10 17x12 6.9

CAROSELLO 50cc 15x12 7.0
BENELLI 491 LIQUID COOLED 50cc 15x12 6.6

491 50cc 15x12 6.2

491 RACING 50cc 15x12 6.2

ADIVA 125cc 19x17 8

ADIVA 150cc 19x17 10

K2 50cc 15x12 6.7

K2 LIQUID 50cc 15x12 6.7

K2 100cc 15x12 7.5

PEPE 50cc 15x12 6.7

VELVET 125cc 20x12 9.0

VELVET 150cc 20x12 10.0

VELVET 250cc 20x12 14.0
BETA ARK 50cc 15x12 5.5

ARK LC 50cc 15x12 5.5

CHRONO 50cc 15x12 6.2

CHRONO 502 50cc 15x12 6.2

EIKON LC 50cc 15x12 6.8

EIKON 125-150cc 19x17 10

QUADRA 50cc 15x12 5.5

TEMPO 50cc 15x12 7.0
BMW C1 125cc with Malossi Variator 20x17 9
BSV AX 50cc 15x12 6.5

DIO GP 50cc 16x13 8.5

DIO SP 50cc 16x13 8.5

DIO SR 50cc 16x13 8.5

DIO ZX 50cc 16x13 8.5

DIO ZX > 94 50cc 16x13 8.5

G5 90cc 16x13 10.0

GZ 50cc 15x12 6.8

Z5 90cc 16x13 10.
CAGIVA CITY 50cc 15x12 7.5

PASSING 50cc 15x12 11.5

PROGRESS 50cc 17x12 6.2

PROGRESS LC 50cc 17x12 6.2
COBRA 50cc 15x12 6.5

100cc 15x12 8.3

180cc 18x14 16.0
CPI HUSSAR 50cc 15x12 6.5

POPCORN 50cc 15x12 6.5
DERBI ATLANTIS 50cc + LC 17x12 7.0

BOULEVARD 125cc 19x17 8

BOULEVARD 150cc 19x17 10

HUNTER 50cc 17x12 6.5

PADDOCK ST 50cc + LC 17x12 6.2

PREDATOR 50cc 17x12 7.0

PREDATOR LC 50cc 17x12 7.0

VAMOS 50cc 17x12 7.4
FANTIC BIG WHEEL 50cc 15x12 6.5
GARELLI PONY 50cc 15x12 6.2

PONY RACING 50cc 15x12 6.2

SR 50cc 15x12 6.2
GILERA EASY MOVING 50cc 16x13 8.5

DNA 50cc 19x15.5 7.5

DNA 125cc 19x17 7

DNA 180cc 20.5x17 10.3

ICE 50cc 19x17 7.4

NEXUS 500cc 25x22 27.3

RUNNER 50cc SKP 19x15.5 6.5

RUNNER 50cc 19x15.5 5.3

RUNNER LC 50cc 19x15.5 5.3

RUNNER LC 70cc 19x15.5 5.3

RUNNER 125cc + FX 19x17 15.5

RUNNER 180cc + FXR 20x17 15

RUNNER 125cc VX 19x17 7

RUNNER 180-200cc + VXR 20.5x17 10.3

RUNNER 120cc + VXR 20.9x17 11

STALKER 50cc 19x15.5 6.5

STORM 50cc 16x13 8.5

TYPHOON - X - XR 125cc 19x17 13
HONDA VISION 50cc 16x13 7.5

VISION -MET IN 50cc 16x13 8.5

@ NES 125cc 20x15 11.0

@ NES 150cc 20x15 12.5

BALI 50cc 16x13 8.5

BALI 100cc 16x13 10

DIO 50cc ALL MODELS + GP 16x13 8.5

DYLAN 125cc - 11.0

EZ CUB 90cc 16x13 9.0

LEAD 50cc 16x13 8.5
LEAD NH 125cc 20x15 21.5

SHADOW 50cc 16x13 8.5

SKY 50cc 16x13 5.0

FX 50cc 16x13 9.0

SH 50cc + SH50 new 16x13 9.0

SH 100cc 16x13 10

SH 125cc 20x15 11.5

SH 150cc 20x15 12.5

SILVERWING 600cc 28x20 27

SPORT SFX 50cc 16x13 9.0

SRX 50cc 16x13 8.5

X8R 50cc 16x13 8.5

PANTHEON 125cc 23x18 15.5

PANTHEON 125cc 4 T ENGINE 23x18 15.0

PANTHEON 150cc 23x18 16.0

FORESIGHT 250cc (98) 23x18 27.0

FORESIGHT 250cc (99) 23x18 25.0

CN 250cc 24x18 23.0

REFLEX 250 23X18 21.0

JAZZ 250 23X18 29.83

HSC SC 01 50cc + LC + SP + SR + ZX 16x13 8.5

CUB 90cc 16x13 10.0

ZZ SEPIA 50CC 17X12 6.2
ITALJET CRUISE 50cc 17x12 6.2

DRAGSTER 50cc 15x12 6.2

DRAGSTER 125cc 19x17 12.4

DRAGSTER 180cc 20x17 15

FORMULAR50cc 17x12 5.5

FORMULAR50cc LC 17x12 5.5

BAZOOKA 50cc 15x12 6.5

PISTA 50cc All models 15x12 6.5

SCOOP 50cc 15x12 6.5

FORMULAR 50cc 17x12 5.5

FORMULAR 50cc LC 17x12 5.5
FORMULAR 125cc Twin 17x12 8.5

REPORTER 50cc 15x12 6.5

TORPEDO 50cc spagna 15x12 6.2

TORPEDO 125cc 98-00 19x13.5 12

JET SET - TORPEDO LEADER 125cc 19x17 8

JET SET - TORPEDO LEADER 150cc 19x17 9.5

VELOCIFERO 50cc 17x12 6.2

YANKEE 50cc 15x12 6.2

MILLENNIUM 100cc 15x12 7.5

JUPITER - MILLENNIUM 125cc 20x12 9

JUPITER - MILLENNIUM 150cc 20x12 10.0
KTM K50 . .

B&W 125cc 20x15 13.5

B&W EURO 2 125cc 20x15 14.5

B&W EURO 2 150cc 20x15 14.5

B&W EURO 2 250cc 23x18 20
. DJY 16x13 8.5

DJX 50cc 16x13 8.5

CX 50 SUPER 16x13 8.5

DY WORLD 50cc 16x13 8.5

HEROISM 50cc 16x13 8.5

HEROISM 125cc 95/97 18x14 12.8

HEROISM 150cc 95/97 18x14 15.0

KB 50cc + K12 50cc 16x13 8.5

DINK 50cc 16x13 8.5

DINK 125cc 20x15 12.2

DINK 150cc 20x15 15.2

GRAN DINK 125cc 20x15 13.5

GRAN DINK 150cc 20x15 16.5

GRAN DINK 250cc 23x18 20

TOP BOX 50cc 16x13 8.5

MOVIE 125cc - 1999 18x14 13

MOVIE XL 125cc 18x14 13.5

MOVIE XL 150cc 18x14 15.5

PEOPLE 50cc 16x13 8.5

PEOPLE 150cc 18x14 14.5

VIVIO 125cc 18x14 13

VIVIO 150cc 18x14 14.5
LEM FLASH 50cc 15x12 6.5

GHIBLI 50cc 15x12 6.5

TORNADO 50cc 15x12 6.5
MALAGUTTI F10 50cc 15x12 6.5

F12 PHANTOM 50cc 15x12 6.5

F12 PHANTOM-LC 50cc 15x12 6.5

F12 PHANTOM 100cc 17x12.3 6.5

F-15 FIREFOX 50cc 15x12 6.5

F-18 WARRIOR 125cc 20x15 11.5

F-18 WARRIOR 150cc 20x15 13.5

YESTERDAY 50cc 15x12 6.2

CENTRO 50cc 15x12 7.0

CIAK 50cc 15x12 6.2

CIAK 100cc 17x12.3 6.5

CIAK 125cc 18x14 12.8

CIAK 150cc 18x14 14.5

CROSSER 50cc +CR1+CL 17x12 5.5

MADISON 125cc 99-01 RESTYLING02 20x12 8.5

MADISON 150cc 20x12 10

MADISON 180cc 20.5x17 10.3

MADISON 200cc 20.5x17 10.3

MADISON 250cc 20x12 14.0

MADISON 400cc 26x13 17.5

PHANTOM MAX 200cc 20.5x17 10.3
MBK ACTIVE 50cc 15x12 6.2

BOOSTER 50cc 15x12 6.5

BOOSTER SPIRIT 50cc 15x12 7.0

BOOSTER-N.G 50cc 15x12 7.0

BOOSTER-ROCKET 50cc 15x12 7.0

BOOSTER TRACK 50cc 15x12 7.0

BOOSTER 100cc 15x12 8.3

DOODO 00/01 125cc 20x12 10.5

DOODO 01/02 - THUNDER 01/02 150cc 20x12 13.5

EQUALIS 50cc 15x12 7.5

EVOLIS 50cc 15x12 7.5

FIZZ 50cc 15x12 7.0

FIZZ-BREEZE 50cc 15x12 7.0

FLAME 00 - THUNDER 01/02 125cc 20X12 10.5

FLAME95 - R 97 125cc 20x12 12

FLAME 98 - R 98/99 125cc 20x12 10.5

FLIPPER 50cc 15x12 7.0

FORTE 50cc 15x12 7.5

HOT CHAMP 50cc 15x12 7.0

KILIBRE 300cc 20x12 15.3

NITRO 50cc 15x12 5.5

NITRO LC 50cc 15x12 5.5

NITRO 50cc 15x12 5.5

NITRO 100cc 15x12 9

OVETTO 50cc 15x12 6.5

OVETTO 100cc 15x12 9

ROCKET 50cc 15x12 7.0

SKYLINER 98/01125cc 20x12 8.6

SKYLINER 02 125cc 20x12 13.5

SKYLINER 00/01 150cc 20x12 9.6

SKYLINER 02 150cc 20x12 13.5

SKYLINER 03 180cc 20x12 15.3

SKYLINER 250cc 20x12 11.5

SORRISO 50cc 15x12 6.5

STUNT 50cc 15x12 6.5

TARGET 50cc 15x12 6.5

VERTEX 150cc 20x17 13.5
MOTRON STING 50cc 15x12 6.2

SYNCRO 50cc 15x12 6.2

THUNDER 50cc 15x12 6.2
PEUGEOT BUXY 50cc + RS BUXY 16x13 8.5

ELYSEO 50cc 16x13 8.5

RAPIDO 50cc 16x13 8.5

ZENITH 50cc 16x13 8.5

SQUAB 50cc 16x13 9.0

TREKKER 50cc 16x13 8.5

SPEEDFIGHT 50cc AC and LC up to 2005 16x13 9.5

SPEEDFIGHT 50cc AC and LC 2005 onwards 16x13 8.0

SPEEDAKE 50cc 16x13 8.5

SPEEDFIGHT 100cc 19x13.5 8.8

SPEEDFIGHT 2 100cc Cat 18x14 12.8

SV GEO 50cc 16x13 11.0

SV GEO 50cc 1994> 16x13 8.5

ST 50cc 16x13 7.5

METROPOLIS 50cc 16X13 8.5

VIVA CITY 50cc 16X13 8.5

VIVA CITY 100cc 18X14 12.8
PGO BIG MAX 50cc 16x13 8.5

COMET 50cc 16x13 8.5

STAR 50cc + STAR 11 50cc 16x13 8.5

T Rex 125cc 18x14 13.0

PMX 50cc (2000) 16x13 8.5
PIAGGIO BEVERLY 01 125cc 19x17 8

BEVERLY 02 - RST 04 125cc 19x17 7

BEVERLY 01/03 200cc 20.5x17 10.3

BEVERLY 02/03 500cc 25x22 27.3

EXTREME 19x15.5 6.6

EXTREME LC 19x15.5 6.6

DIESIS 50 19x15.5 6.3

FREE 50cc 16x13 8.5

FREE 02 100cc 20x15 7

ZIP 17x13.5 5.2

ZIP FAST RIDER 16x13 8.5

ZIP SP LC 50cc 16x13 7.0

ZIP + LC CATALYST 2000 19x15.5 5.4

ZIP 2001 Onwards 19x15.5 7.5

ZUP 4T 125cc 19x17 8

NRG LC 50cc 16x13 8.5

NGR EXTREME 19x15.5 6.3

NRG MC2 50cc 16x13 7.0

NRG MC3 50cc 19x15.5 7.5

NRG POWER 50cc AC 19x15.5 6.5

NRG POWER 50cc LC 19x15.5 7.5

NTT LC 50cc 16x13 8.5

MC2 50cc 19x15.5 6.6

QUARTZ 50cc 16x13 8.5

QUARTZ LC 50cc 16x13 8.5

SFERA 50cc <94 17x13.5 5.2

SFERA 50cc 95> 16x13 8.5

SFERA 80cc 16x13 8.5

SFERA RST 125cc 19x13.5 12

TYPHOON 50cc 16x13 8.5

TYPHOON 80cc 16X13

TYPHOON 125cc 19x17 12.3

ET2 50cc pre98 16x13 8.5

ET2 50cc 19x15.5 6.6

ET4 125cc 19x13.5 11.8

ET4 125cc 99/02 19x17 8

ET4 125/150 4T (Leader Engine) 19x17 9.5

VESPA ET2 125cc 16x13 8.5

HEXAGON 125cc -150cc 19x17 13

HEXAGON 125cc - LX 19x17 15.5

HEXAGON 125cc - LX4 19x13.5 12

HEXAGON 180cc LXT 20x17 15

HEXAGON 250cc 24x18 23

LIBERTY 50cc 19x15.5 6.5

LIBERTY 125cc 19x13.5 12

LIBERTY 125cc + 150cc 4T (Leader Engine) 19x17 10.0

LIBERTY RST 125cc 19x17 8

LIBERTY RST 200cc 20.5x17 10.3

SKIPPER 125/150 19x17 12.5

SKIPPER 125/150 4T (Leader Engine) 19x17 10.0

SKIPPER 125 LX 19x17 13

SKIPPER 150 LTX 19x17 12.3

SUPER HEXAGON GTX 125cc 19x17 7

SUPER HEXAGON GTX 180cc 20.5x17 10.3

VESPA GRAN TURISMO 125cc 19x17 7

VESPA GRAN TURISMO 200cc 20.5x17 10.3

X8 125cc 19x17 7

X8 200cc 20.5x17 10.3

X9 125cc + EVOLUTION 19x17 7

X9 AMALFI 180cc 20.5x17 10.3

X9 EVOLUTION 200cc 20.5x17 10.3

X9 250cc 23x18 24

X9 500cc 25x22 29

X9 EVOLUTION 500cc 25x22 27.3
RIZZATO VAMOS 50 17x12 6.5
SYM SHARK 50 16x13 8.0
SUZUKI ADDRESS 50cc 17x12 6.6

AP 50cc 17x12 6.6

AJ-ZZ SEPIA 50cc 17x12 6.6

BURGMAN K2-K3 125cc 20x15 13

BURGMAN 250cc 24x18 31

BURGMAN 400cc 26x13 21.0

EPICURO 150cc 20x15 13

KATANA 50cc 17x12 6.6

KATANA LC 50cc 17x12 6.6

MAGIC 50cc 17x12 6.6

SEPIA 50cc + ZZ 17x12 6.6

ZILION 50cc 17x12 6.6
TAISHAN TS 125cc 18x14 13.5

YAMAHA AXIS 50cc 15x12 6.5

AEROX 50cc +LC 15x12 5.5

AEROX 100cc 15x12 9

BELLUGA 50cc 15x12 7.0

BELLUGA 125cc 90/95 18x12 9.5

BREEZE 50cc 15x12 7.0

BREEZE 125 18x12 9.5

BWS 50cc + ZUMA 15x12 6.5

BWS 50cc Next Gen 15x12 7.0

BWS 100cc 15x12 8.3

CRZ 50cc 15x12 6.5

CT 50cc 15x12 6.5

CYGNUS R 125cc 97/98 20x12 12

CYGNUS R 125cc 99/03 20x12 10.5

FLY ONE 150cc 90/95 20x12 13.5

FLY ONE R 150cc 97/98 20x17 14.0

JOG 50cc all models 15x12 6.5

MAJESTY 125cc 98-01 20x12 8.6

MAJESTY 125-150cc 02 20x12 13.5

MAJESTY 150cc 20x12 13.5

MAJESTY 180cc 20x12 15.3

MAJESTY DX 250cc 20x12 14.0

MAJESTY ABS 250cc 20x12 11.5

MAXTER 125cc 20x12 10.5

MAXTER 150cc 20x12 13.5

NEO'S 50cc 15x12 6.5

NEO'S 100cc 15x12 8.3

SPY 15x12 7.0

SLIDER 50cc 15x12 6.5

VERSITY 300cc 20x12 13.5

WHY 50cc 15x12 6.5

ZEST 50cc 15x12 7.5

ZUMA 50cc (English BWS) 15x12 6.5

Disk Brakes and Rotors Wear make sure to check them and stock them for your store!

Disk Brakes and Rotors Wear make sure to check them and stock them for your store!

Having over 130 brake rotors in stock Martin Racing Performance has more brake rotors in stock than any scooter parts distributor in the USA. Were fielding calls from SYM, TNG, TGB dealers and more desperately looking for Disk Brakes for their scooters. Fear no more we are adding more each week both stock for generic Chinese units as well as high quality premier OEM disks from NG Disk Brakes, and private label that are made in MRP packaging by NCY Taiwan, DTS Taiwan and more! We also offer select brakes from Grimecca and other European makers.

Most dealers don't stock brake calipers or rotors. This is a mistake since they wear out like any other item. If you ride your scooter in a city like Denver or New York where you are exposed to rain, snow, and traffic you will have wear and tear on this like any other part. So when inspecting your tires check the rotors. A new set of pads will not do you any good if the complete brake rotors is starting to wear out. When brakes wear, they wear together creating a series of grooves and ridges in both the pads and on the rotor. If fresh pads are mated to a worn rotor, these deformations in the rotor will decrease the contact surface area of the brake pads and decrease performance. So replace them and check them constantly.

To see the full range of NG DISK Rotors and WAVE Style Brakes visit:

From Original QJ to GY6 Racing Brakes we have them!

GRIMECCA SCOOTER DISK BRAKES AND NG DISK BRAKES We have a wide selection of scooter disk brakes from Grimecca that work on Aprilia, Beta, Benelli, Malaguti, Italjet all OEM sizes for these Italian made models. We also offer the full range of NG DISKs from Spain.

Benelli 50cc scooter with CN250 engine

Found this awesome video online from a custom builder. He put a Honda Helix clone engine into a QJ made Benelli 50cc scooter. Pretty fracking sweet (so say we all!) yes, its the most awesome ultimate Chinese Benelli Amalgam I have ever seen.

Now I think this would bring more people to the scooter scene the GY6 conversions have been now a thing is the past, maybe we should see more 250cc CN conversions for the Honda Ruckus or ZUma. You can buy a VIP or Fashion by CF Moto for cheap, take out a quality liquid cooled engine and splack it into a Benelli or Ruckus for an awesome ride. The 150cc engines are neat, but we were playing with the GY6 back in 2004 here at MRP. It's been 7 years now since MRP started selling GY6 parts. Its time to bring it up a notch since its now 2011 and CN250 CF Moto 250cc engines are easier to buy. The bigger engines will bring about more people to the scene in the USA.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honda Ruckus Peformance Muffler

The best selling Honda Ruckus Scooter Exhaust is back in stock. This baby is loud and sleek. Both the Stealth Black ( MADE IN SPAIN )

Exhaust by TK is available now for your Zoomer 50cc Scooter and the Moto GP styled version.
TK ZOOMER RUCKUS PERFORMANCE UPGRADE EXHAUST MADE IN SPAIN TKC-M4T82-N FOR 50cc RUCKUS 4T This Exhaust has the most awesome feel to it, you couldn't ask for anything better looking than this stylish TK finish.

Honda ZOOMER Performance Muffler available now!

Available from MRP