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The Scooter Maven

I have to say a big thank you to our fans for getting us some videos in August.

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For the largest selection of POLINI PARTS IN THE USA please visit MRP. We sell to the most dealers and stock the most Polini parts hands down of all the US importers. Since 2005 MRP has been selling and stocking POLINI parts.

Polini S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of tuning parts for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. If you watch some of our videos MRP has visited the main factory in Bergamo, Italy.

The company still makes many of their products in Italy and many are imported and distributed by Martin Racing Performance in Miami, FL.

The company was founded when the Italian soldier Polini Battista returned from his service in World War II and started making bicycles, which sold very well. The first logo of the company was a ram, which was the coat of arms of Battista's battalion. When the first Vespa and Lambretta scooters started to emerge in the 1940s, manufacture of parts for these was started.

Today, Polini is owned by Polini Battista's three sons; Carlo, Franco and Piero. Tuning parts are manufactured for all major brands of scooters and motorcycles. 

Polini's main competitor is Malossi in Italy. They are the two top leading brands in Italy. which is also based in Italy. You can buy Malossi, Polini, Scooter Ninja, Naraku, Top Racing, Top Performance, TK Exhausts, NG Disk Brakes, Italkit, Tecnigas, Yasuni , and all the major European brands from MRP

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Sounds great too!

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For the largest selection of POLINI PARTS IN THE USA please visit MRP. We sell to the most dealers and stock the most Polini parts hands down of all the US importers. Since 2005 MRP has been selling and stocking POLINI parts.

MRP sells Performance engine parts and scooter tuning accessories from Stage6, SSP, Motoforce, STR8, Malossi, Polini, Hebo, Naraku, Top Performances, Arreche and others. Racing cylinder kits, exhaust systems, clutches, variators, carburetors, drive belts optic tuning accessories and more.
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MRP Dealer Blog August 2012

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Another sign of the Apocalypse Robbers, Criminals, and Drug Dealers use Scooters

Another sign of the Apocalypse is the rash of Scooter related crime. Google News keeps sending me things like Scooters are being stole, crime on a scooter, its getting kind of Crazy in America. Today some guys on a Vespa held up a store.
A few years ago I saw a movie where drug dealers were never stopped in their town because they delivered the drugs on Vespa scooters and pretended to deliver Pizza's. I don't know what it is about South Florida, but every Medicaid and Medicare doctor that scams the system is considered a reputable part of society despite giving clear signs that they are the worst offenders. Sign number one is they open an outpatient treatment center five blocks from their mansion and the first thing they do is buy a Ferrari. Same thing on South Beach drug dealers go out and buy a flashy car and the getaway car always seems to be a luxury vehicle. I live in the capital of money laundering in North America, you would think with all the repossessed and confiscated vehicles in South Florida these guys would know cops are looking for the flashy guy who is hiding money from some Banana republic. The last guy cops want to chase down is the guy on a scooter.  
The robberies occurred Sunday afternoon in the Museum District and Sunday night near Virginia Commonwealth University's academic campus.Richmond police searched Monday for a pair of armed robbers who struck at two convenience stores in the city, both times using a small motor scooter for their getaway.
There were no shots fired and no injuries in either robbery.
Capt. Michael Zohab said detectives believe both robberies were committed by the same suspects, who then got on a motor scooter and fled.
The scooter was described as either tan or off-white and possibly made by Vespa, an Italian manufacturer whose models generally produce maximum speeds of less than 40 mph.
"You certainly don't see them using scooters every day," Zohab said.
He said the first robbery occurred at 3 p.m. at the Patterson Market in the 3100 block of Patterson Avenue, where one of the suspects brandished what was described as a silver handgun and the clerk was ordered to hand over cash.
At 8 p.m., two suspects matching the description of the Patterson Market robbers walked in the Cary Street Mini Mart in the 1300 block of West Cary Street, near the southwest tip of VCU's Monroe Park campus, and robbed the business, again using a silver handgun and again escaping on a light-colored scooter.
One suspect, the gunman, was described as a light-skinned black male between 5 feet, 6 inches and 5 feet, 9 inches tall, wearing a tan hood with eye holes cut out and dark-colored clothing, including a denim jacket.
Detectives were continuing to question witnesses Monday in an attempt to develop a better description of the second suspect, who was initially described only as either white or Hispanic.
Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hawaiian Company Bringing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooters To US

Just saw this today:

Hawaiian Company Bringing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooters To US

I tend to agree with fellow blogger Laurent J. Masson 

There is some good news in the EV industry for long term like bigger German companies getting involved, but there is not one platform that is widely accepted yet. Both Fuel Cell and EV will be competing for limited space.

When it comes to rental and city fleets both articles have it wrong. Neither unit will work unless they are dirt cheap.

Both and are reporting on the Hawaii trials of some Hydrogen based scooters. Neither blog knows squat about scooter rental companies or how they make money, they are just fluff pieces on the press release. The truth is bikes have to be dirt cheap and with easy to find parts for rental companies to work. I love the story hate the angle that they will be efficient for rental fleets. They won't.

Rental fleets only make money when its a widely used model with easy to find parts. You must use a generic mold with cheap parts. Use an exclusive design and you live / die by the brand. Ask all the hundreds of dealers who have rental fleets by Daelim or TGB in the USA. They have trouble getting parts after Daelim left the market and as much as I love TGB the brand doesn't have a US importer supporting them like they used to so what happens to the brand? Same happened with Diamo and TNG rental fleets.

Much of this technology doesn't currently make any money. If you read my blog you've seen some rants on the endless investors coming and going from the EV scooter market. A good blog to check is Best of all his the bloggers quote on the state of electrics like Brammo, Zero, and others.

Laurent J. Masson · 3 days ago
They're not successful at all in Europe, and I don't think they ever will. Real bikers don't want anything electric. The market belongs to urban commuters.
Lets see what happens the USA is not a real market its a market for marketing. None of these companies can make a profit or a living off Hawaii, but it will be interesting to see how it works.

2006 ZES4 5 fuel cell scooter driving test in Japan by JSW

hydrogen scooters in Hawaii


Hawaiians will soon see a new form of renewable-energy-powered transportation zipping around the island emissions-free: hydrogen fuel cell scooters.
Expected to arrived on Honolulu by 2013, the ZES scooters are being manufactured and delivered through a partnership between Big Island hydrogen production systems company H2 Technologies and Taiwan-based fuel cell systems manufacturer Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies (APFCT). APFCT developed the fuel cell-powered scooter for sale in Taiwan, where they have seen some commercial success as well as in China, where they were just approved.
H2 will first bring the scooters to Hawaii as rentals for tourists but the company has hopes that it can successfully open up sales to consumers across Hawaii and the rest of the United States.
While APFCT states that its ZES scooters can travel just 50 miles before needing to stop for refueling, the company has kept the process of doing so quite simple. The hydrogen is stored in two removable canisters mounted on the scooter so that when the need for refueling arrives, scooter owners can just exchange an empty canister for a full one. It takes less than a minute to make the exchange, as since 2000 APFCT has been working to put convenient exchange programs in place at existing gas stations.
Zero emissions, zero noise, simple refueling, and better efficiency than electric or battery-powered scooters all while capable of attaining 35 miles per hour? Sounds like the perfect all-around vehicle for the majority of city folks. Let’s hope the initial launch in Honolulu is a success so we see the new scooters here on the mainland, too.

German Manufacturers Believe in Electric Scooters

By Laurent J. Masson · August 15, 2012
BMW C-Evolution electric scooter
BMW C-Evolution electric scooter
In Europe or in the United States, it seems there are more people talking about electric cars than people actually buying one, but it's the opposite with electric scooters. It's much less of a statement, and people buying an electric scooter don't raise attention, but their number is growing. Silently, of course. Except maybe in China, where thanks to strong government support, the electric scooter is a large and mature market. The Chinese government did it the authoritarian way, by outlawing gas scooters in some cities. That wouldn't work in the western world. The electric scooter needs to succeed by its own virtues. Pricing and ease of use will be two decisive factors.
An electric car is much more expensive than a gas one. For example, the price of an electric Ford Focus can easily be compared to the price of the standard model. The difference is several thousand dollars. An electric scooter is also more expensive than a gas one, but the difference is only a couple hundred bucks. That's a much smaller pill to swallow. Then, there's the delicate question of charging needs, but the electric scooter has the easiest answer: it doesn't need any specific equipment. With a small battery, it will plug just fine into any wall socket. A good match with a customer's expectation is also a good thing, and few people will worry about the shorter range of a scooter.
Electric Smart eScooter concept
Electric Smart eScooter concept
Several large companies have already thought about the subject, and we've seen BMW introducing a promising electric scooter at the Olympic Games. Smart has already launched a bike with electric assistance in Europe, and it has committed to an electric scooter (the illustration above shows the concept). That one should appear in 2014 at the latest. But something new, and maybe more important, happened on Monday. It's news from Bosch. As the world's leading automotive supplier, Bosch manufactures millions of electric motors each year: starter motors, alternators, and all the small motors which are everywhere in a car, to actuate power windows, seats, sunroofs, wipers, pumps, etc. Bosch has established a joint venture with Ningbo Polaris Technology Co. Ltd. You've never heard of this Chinese company, but it sold more than one million electric scooter motors last year. It sells its products under the Poltm brand name. They're mostly small wheel-hub motors, with little power, 1500 or 2500 watts. In Europe, you can find them in Elmoto scooters to give just one example.
A Poltm Chinese wheelhub motor for electric scooter
A Poltm Chinese wheel-hub motor for electric scooter
The joint venture, where Bosch will be the majority stakeholder, will allow the German giant to enter the global eScooter motor market, and in high contrast to the electric car market which which has yet to take off, is a fast-growing market now. China is and will remain the dominant playing field, but the Bosch brand name will be a strong asset in Europe. Right now, there are more than 10 Chinese manufacturers selling (or trying to sell) their products in Europe. They all share an unknown brand name and questionable quality. There's no doubt a Bosch logo on the motor would help a lot to convince customers. With Chinese cheap manufacturing capacities and German managing and know-how, it's a safe bet that the electric scooter will gain a sizable market share in short order.

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Naraku Scooter Parts

Polini Motor Scooter Parts

Malossi Products - Great performance Parts from Malossi

Malossi Atv and Mini Quad parts

Malossi Parts Motor Scooter Parts

Malossi Parts Motor Scooter Parts. If you're looking for the largest import of Malossi in the USA go no further than MRP. Stores looking for Malossi know that since 2005 MRP has had the largest number of Malossi parts in stock for quads, atvs, scooters, and tons of replacement parts from the famous Race firm from Bologna.

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Scooter Adventures 2012 with the Scooter Maven

What does the Scooter Maven do exactly? I get that question all the time. 

The Scooter Maven is on journey to see the art of transportation that are scooters all over the world. From the factory floor where they are made, to the dealerships in different countries, to the average rider who uses it for transportation, racing, and just plain fun.

No brand is too small, no company to weird to not get a comment from the Maven. From Aprilia to Zongshen we cover all the brands. If we don't sell parts for it we will find someone who does. From Adly to Vespa, from China to Italy and all over America you are live with the Scooter Maven. Submit your questions.

Join us as we recap the best episodes from 2012 as The Scooter Maven prepares for another adventure!

A good story that could work for Scooters

Just saw this on CNN and it was pretty cool.

Actually makes sense.

Meet the inflatable, 'invisible' bike helmet

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best marketing idea of last few years KYMCO USA

Watch "KYMCO Full Throttle Scooters" on YouTube

I have to give it to these guys for coming up with a cost effective idea that reaches out to middle America. The guys at Kymco USA get it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GoCar Tours

If you have never tried one of these guys I suggest you do. Go Car is a fun way to get around town even if you're a local like I am in Miami.

I figured it was about time we made a video on them and we had a blast testing them out.


Go Car Guided GPS Scooter Car Tours with the Scooter Maven.

The Scooter Maven takes you on another adventure with one of our clients Go Car. If you want the ultimate sightseeing experience then look no further than renting a GoCar, the GPS guided, talking tour car. Originally offering tours of San Francisco, you can now also take tours of San Diego and Miami and now open in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. It's an exciting way to explore and see the sights. Travelling in the two seater GoCar, you'll be self guided to all the fun and interesting things to do and see. 
MRP sells parts for all the GoCar Scooters including the TGB engines.

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Just saw this article in Powersports Business,

About CF MOTO USA being here to stay. The truth is they are pulling out of the scooter business for the USA. Its terrible for anyone who was a Scooter Only dealer that was taking on the line. Its a real shame, we continue to import certain CF MOTO parts, but without new models it makes no sense to push a brand that basically did a terrific job when they started and couldn't stand the fire so got out. I've reached out to CF MOTO about helping with this situation because I feel they are falling into the same trap many Chinese distributors have fallen into being that they stop supporting old models. Dealers shouldn't have to order entire carbs or engines if they need one small part. Thats what happens as you start scaling back on models.

Building a brand isn't about cutting your looses sometimes its about staying the course. One of the things that makes Honda great is third party support. Companies endorse Honda because they can make the same accessories for Honda over and over again. Being that I run a third party parts supplier I spent a lot of time promoting CF MOTO with the former US President Lev and marketing guys from Matt Clayton to sales reps. I think Matt is probably one of the smartest guys in the business if only they would listen to him more often.

I know they just hired two new heads for the company formerly of Polaris, but I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone. I think CF MOTO still has the potential to be one of the great brands should they try. The Z6 despite being promised one and attempting to buy one to develop parts we couldn't find one in South Florida for the last two years.

I know Matt has tried for us and many other dealers, but its terrible when the message gets lost in translation somewhere.

In the meantime being that MRP acquired two if the CF MOTO private label importers we have a lot of UTV and Scooter parts to sell. So we want CF MOTO to do well in the states. The question is how do you help another brand that is pulling back?

MRP sells Replacement original (OEM) Scooter, ATV, GoKart parts as well as High Performance engine parts and tuning accessories from Stage6, SSP, Motoforce, STR8, Malossi, Polini, Hebo, Naraku, Top Performances, Arreche and others. Racing cylinder kits, exhaust systems, clutches, variators, carburetors, drive belts optic tuning accessories and more.

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50cc scooter parts: QMB139 49cc, 4 stroke, parts for gas scooters.

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Scooter Apocalypse! Every Year we see this story

Every year we see the same story and only in America can we make something so ridiculous mainstream news.

The Scooter Maven Says Buy a Lock!
 Then again my Scooter Doctor character has spoken about this several times.

I love the part where the newscaster says this is grand theft auto, technically it is. However, most judges in Florida will dismiss the case if the scooter isnt worth more than $600. So make sure no matter what you tell the court its a thousand dollar or more vehicle. The judge might not think its a vehicle if you tell him you purchased a 50cc $350 scooter. If someone steals at Tao Tao or Peace good luck to them, probably wont make it to far, but its a social tragedy when I hear an $3,000 Aprilia or Kymco got stolen.

TAMPA, Florida -- As gas prices around the Tampa Bay area again creep closer to the $4 mark, a crime trend is rising along with them. 
Hillsborough County deputies say scooter thefts have soared since January, around the first time this year the pain at the pump increased.
Mike Ferguson knows how frustrating it can be. A few weeks ago he woke up to find his only mode of transportation, his scooter, had vanished. It left him with no way to get to work.
"At first it was shock.  I couldn't believe that it happened," Ferguson described.
Despite overall crime being down 5.5% in the first part of 2012, Hillsborough deputies say scooter and motorcycle thefts are up 10%.More than 30 have been ripped off from the northern part of the county alone.
Investigators say they're being taken from apartment complexes, strip malls, even front porches. They tell 10 News the thieves are mostly teens or young adults using them to joyride or as transportation.
"They are a target of opportunity.  They are smaller, so not a lot of people are looking out for folks trying to mess around with scooters and take them," said Cpl. Doug White, with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.
Deputies say locks and alarms are available for less than $100.
In a shopping center, they advise to look for surveillance cameras and park near them.Also, they say it's important to register a scooter, so it's much easier to track down if it gets stolen.
Deputies have placed several electronic message boards around the county to warn drivers of the trend.
"Most of these, if not all so far that we've experienced this year, are preventable," said Lt. Rick Jahnke, with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.
In Ferguson's case, his ride was returned, thanks to some good police work. But not without $800 in damage.
"I would say definitely get some security measures," he cautioned.
Deputies say they have made a handful of arrests. Because of the value, they say stealing a scooter is considered grand theft auto.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Galaxy Powersports, LLC. dba JCL International Liquidating

Another company in the scooter industry is closing its doors, No matter if you have a JCL scooter many parts are still available from your local dealer via MRP. Make sure to contact us if you need GY6 parts, Linhai, CFMOTO, QJ, Wangye, or 50cc QMB139 parts for JCL scooter.

We tested many of their engines over time including both the Yamaha 250 and the Honda 250 clone engines they were using.

For Parts for JCL scooters contact your nearest MRP dealer and have them call us.


The sad thing about this news is we visited these guys and we saw the factory in China investing in US Distribution. At one point over 15,000 units were in the crate in Dallas, TX.

The market fell, the dealers disappeared, and a classic price war started within the Chinese community. Several Chinese importers were all selling at cost or below cost to get dollars back to the factories in China.

Back in China the import subsidy continues. Exporters still get a kickback, but the frenzy of running to get into the USA is now gone.

GY6 scooter parts

Looking for GY6 Scooter Parts?

Then you need Martin Racing Performance the original GY6 scooter parts importer for North America. Since 2005 we have been the GY6 specialist in North America importing more scooter parts than anyone. Period. We have all the Parts for scooters with 150cc and 125cc GY6 QMI152/157 QMJ152/157 4-stroke engines. This is the most popular 150cc automatic engine found in 150cc Chinese made bikes and you can find OEM manuals and listing on our website at MRP

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United Motors Renegade Parts Online

New Manuals Renegade by UM and Xpeed

For those dealers looking for the correct parts manuals for United Motors of America use these correct manuals.

Renegade Manual - use these parts numbers when looking at the MRP website or ordering parts from a dealer.

For the Xpeed 50cc with the Hyosung Engine SF50 Prima use this manual:
For all newer X-peed 50cc units made by Hyosung with the private label UM stickers its the same as the Prima 50cc model S50, SF50, Prima50cc.

MRP has more wholesale parts than anyone, but please USE OEM numbers when looking up parts for these scooter and motorcycle models to find them.