Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did you say Daelim? TNG? Malaguti? Linhai? We got them!

Are you driving a Diamo? CFMOTO? TNG? Linhai? Malaguti Italy? Does your local shop not know what these names mean? Well then visit one of our dealers and have them give us a call. We are the only scooter parts distributor in the USA that is solely dealer direct and we are happy to send any potential online inquiries to stocking stores. So any consumers looking for Daelim parts will have to go to a store with an MRP account or have their store buy from another dealer that has an account with us. We also sell top name scooter brands like SN, Duro, Innova, Kenda, Bridgestone, Gates, Powerlink,


Stocking Dealer locator

MRP distributes OEM parts for TNG (CMSI), select models of CF Moto, Daelim Motors Korea ( parts should appear on website by mid July) Malaguti of Italy ( Keeway Southeast (Keeway, Vento, QJ, Andretti, Yamati models), CPI Taiwan, Powersports Factory Brands PSF, Diamo, Cubik (matches OEM Vento part numbers), as well as QJ and ZNEN (who manufacture bikes for a variety of scooter importers) such as FlyScooters, Lance, BMS, Qlink models that were ZNEN corresponding to matching TNG parts.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Armadillo Dealer Interview Part 1

I think some dealers might have missed this and its a very good video on why Armadillo Scooter Gear works for the shops. Watch this video, also read the article from Motorcycle Product News on clothing and apparel and why your store should carry a line like Armadillo to stay profitable.


Another good video on Armadillo


How to stay profitable all year long!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Advice for new stores! Put a Vintage bike in the window!

Armadillo Dealer Interview Part 1

Listen to one of the top UK Vespa - Piaggio Dealers on how to make money working with Armadillo Scooter wear

Make money with the fastest growing segment in the USA - Armadillo Scooter Wear available from MRP

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Exhausts Being Added this week

QUALITY - That's something you don't hear with a nation dying for price. Clients, consumers, stores all you hear is "PRICE" lets buy the cheapest exhaust from the cheapest Chinese parts importer we can find. We'll I'm here to tell you there is such a thing as a quality brand even for Chinese buggies GoKarts and Scooters. TK


That's quality right there and we love TK, plus we just got 10 new styles and applications plus restocked today on sold out models!

I think some of the new Exhausts we are adding are going to get some people really going. TK from Spain ( ) has sent us some really awesome new big Maxi Scooter Exhausts and I encourage stores to stock these because they will go fast. Again, we're a small company so its not like we have a 100 of each we bring in a few to promote the line and we are usually the first company with any exhaust on the market for new models.

So let's get to it - For Kymco new Quanon II 150cc Flat Black, Kymco Downtown 300i, Kymco Xciting 500c, and more for the Bet and Win 250cc BACK IN STOCK Our best selling exhaust with the Carbon Stealth Finish.

NEW ZUMA 125cc / BW125cc for Yamaha, HONDA RUCKUS 50cc / 70cc UPGRADE RACE TEAM EXHAUST BACK IN STOCK! We had sold out of the Zoomer Ruckus exhaust by TK which is now selling well in Japan, so we couldn't more because the Japanese importer purchased the whole production ( I had to literally get in a yelling match to get these for our dealers ) So STOCK THEM. Because what's going to happen is the one guy on your street will see it on someone elses bike and he will want one and he will go to your store and you won't have them, you will take his money, and call us. So avoid all that, if you sell RUCKUS upgrades stock it because they will go fast and I don't want the end user calling here telling me his local shop doesn't have any in stock. This is hands down the best Ruckus exhaust we have seen and the only FLAT BLACK out there.


Also we just got in new Scooter Ninja Sliders for the Kymco 50cc lineup. Make sure to check them out!




Thursday, June 24, 2010


I get calls every day from dealerships asking which MAXI Scooter line they should carry and lately the only answer I have is KYMCO. Thats right this company has the best Maxi Scooters out there hands down, plus they work with us so we can develop the aftermarket parts dealers want. Everything from Wave style disks by NG to Racing Exhaust from TK in Spain for a full selection of upgrades from the Quanon 150 to the Xciting 500cc visit your local dealer and ask them to give us a call.

Friday, June 18, 2010



We now have the new ZTR Buggy 250cc - 300cc Springs perferct to upgrade that Kinroad, Joyner, Carter buggy.

We test it on the Hammerhead 250cc and it gives us 14% better takeoff than the Malossi and Polini spring kits plus these are made in the USA thats right all ZTR PRODUCTS are made in the USA. So order with pride!

If you want the best spring on the market, hands down. Get the new ZTR 250cc springs.
Ask your local dealer for more info
Call us for more info

Here Today Gone Tomorrow How To Rise Above the Market!

Here Today – Gone Tomorrow

Rise Above the Market Trends - ( with help from John at Moxie Scooters )

Brands departing from the market can be a good thing or not depending on what side of the fence you’re on. There are 38 companies missing from my distribution list I compiled for a report to the former editor of Motorcycle Product News three years back. I was just taking a look last night. Some of these departed on a good note, most departed by leaving the market altogether.

This also applies to stores. If you don’t have the right relationships you will close. Not a question of If just when. Focus on what makes money to do that with as a brand new Scooter, ATV, GoKart, Buggy Store you need to follow some key steps!

  1. Build Powerful Profitable Partner Relationships.

Work with your supplier. When a small shop owner that purchases $100 a year calls you and says I pay a dollar less for a cable by buying from a competitor that’s not someone you are going to give a discount to. Show your loyalty to your supplier and they will show you the money. This applies to both vehicles and parts. Dealers that pick up ten lines fail and go out of business, eventually no distributor will work with them because they are fighting for floor space. I’ve seen this all too often in stores that have closed even leading shops.

When it comes to parts most store owners don’t even control what the mechanics are doing. Yesterday a store owner complained that instead of going on the MRP site or calling us for a part his mechanic went online and purchased the part from the first website on Google he found ( ANOTHER RETAILER ) who dropped shipped it from MRP. So instead of paying $2 for the cable he paid $12 plus $10 in shipping. (see training employees on suppliers below)

“MRP sends me business every day where lately some of my other suppliers are stealing my clients, they send them catalogs at home, offer them discounts, they come in ask questions and then go on their website and purchase parts.” = John owner of Moxie Scooters, Texas. You can see his MRP website at give him a call he will tell you why it doesn’t pay to buy from competitors online.

John knows what he’s talking about, so if you’re a store owner talk to him.

Moxie Scooters

4117 Colleyville Boulevard
Colleyville, TX 76034

(817) 788-5333

  1. Strength of Collaboration

Telling the supplier what you need is essential. MRP went from stocking 3,500 SKUs in 2008 to 12,000 as of last month. Part of this has been because dealers tell us what they need on a day to day basis not what they buy once a year. The relationship between our key stores and is collaborative we now stock the right Armadillo jackets for Xtreme Miami and The Scooter Shop because they told us “THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.” Last year they could never get the Hoodies in stock and it wasn’t a yearly Just in Time item they said “If you stock this we will buy it every week.” – Guess what we’ve increased their sales by 100% on the hoodies.

Same applies to brands you carry again referring back to my conversation with John at Moxie yesterday. He’s found that companies like Kymco send him the resources he needs so he sticks with them. He needed help promoting sales, guess who sent him the help?

KYMCO. To help motivate Kymco sales, he offers MRP parts and Upgrades. That leads to our third point.

To quote John again at Moxie “better alignment between Moxie and MRP has allowed us to get more customers, I’m getting more email leads than what I know what to do with.” That’s awesome that’s what we want to hear that the dealer has more leads and emails than he knows what to do with, that means he needs to hire more, build more, follow up on phone calls and emails so he can do more repairs. When I call him and I see increasing momentum is so many areas of his parts business it tells me that despite unit sales being down he has a gold mine awaiting him. “Three Vespa shops closed all around us in the last year, we have to continue to improve our part sales to take advantage of all this.” That’s what MRP is here for now that there is a gap in the market, his part sales are going up. He’s not calling us asking if he can get a $1 discount, he’s calling us because he’s qualifying for an extra 3% because he’s doing volume by the end of the year. That’s what we want to see in a client and I’m happy to hear that.

3. Change is Constant LEARN TO SELL PARTS

What I can say about the market is that change is the one constant and you have to adapt. So for new store owners looking to open a new scooter, atv, buggy, go-kart dealership I recommend the following:

Stop thinking JUST IN TIME. You will never be a profitable Gokart store thinking you can make a living off of just selling karts. Guess what that’s called PEP BOYS. When you walk into a Buggy Shop for the first time you want to see the stock unit and the upgraded unit. You want to see exhausts, you want to see helmets. So instead of buying two more units, buy some upgrades.

Every single day I hear from a store owner “ I ONLY ORDER WHEN PEOPLE ASK FOR IT” In the back of my mind I see here we go again another brilliant business plan. When I walk into Best Buy I look for more than just the computer, I go to look at new accessories. I already own 12 computers. When you buy a PS3 or Blue Ray you go back for the accessories same thing for the Go Kart store.

If you sell Carter then you should stock the Carter Exhaust – GUESS WHAT MRP IS THE ONLY COMPANY THAT HAS IT. If a consumer calls us and you’ve never EVER purchased a CARTER exhaust we are sending them to a store that we know that has it in stock.

In the end we want a happy consumer, we want him to go to the Carter dealer that has not just buggies but also upgrades. If he doesn’t buy them from you he will go online and buy them from a competitor – don’t take my word for it watch. Some store owners say they don’t care, but if they bothered to do the match and read the Dealer News stats they would realize that’s were 42% of the profits are. Making more with less is essential these days so stock upgrades for the brands you sell.


I’m constantly saying this. Seriously, if you are going to be a Kymco dealer be a Kymco dealer. Why do you need to have 20 brands. KYMCO has a full lineup. You can’t sell the Xciting 500 without the Xciting 500 in the store. If you are going to bother to put a sign that reads KYMCO carry the full line instead of pretending you’re a dealer just so you can buy ten other brands. Nothing worse than walking into a dealership that has TGB, SYM, Kymco, JCL, JONWAY, Linhai, Diamo with only one or two units of each brand and then a catalog on the counter. That’s not how it works. Reminds me of the used-car lot dealership mentality. Get away from that.

Watch this video for advice to how to stay in business.

You want to move Kymco? Get a demo unit. Get an upgraded unit with performance parts. Do test drives. Invest in upgrading a Quanon with a race exhaust and chrome it out, but some Wave disks on it, and PIMP IT OUT! Yes, that is the key to sales. I’m not saying go the Honda route and have a one brand only store. I’m just saying if you are going to carry the MadAss from Peirspeed then carry three or four colors don’t just stock one unit without a demo, that’s living life half way. Make it the centerpiece of the room, pimp one out, add some Buzztronics lights to it, add some performance parts, and put it in the window. Get a demo unit, that’s how you sell.

Once again to quote John from Moxie “I’ve had it with some of these brands, if they’re not selling or supporting us we are going to stick to the brands that work with us.” It takes time for many dealers to learn this lesson. Moxie now sells parts online, sells parts in the store, and they have more foot traffic thanks to all the other shops closing.

Moxie Scooters

I went to a MadAss dealer last week, he had ONE yes just ONE unit in the store. Said if you want to buy more I can order them for you. I told him who I was and explained studies showed that having a demo unit plus extra colors would lead to more turnover. His argument was that the store would rather buy more $500 scooters. That’s not the answer, anyone can sell on price few can sell on branding.

DON’T DILLUTE YOUR STORE> Build it up. Again, take pride in these brands look up at number 1. If Kymco sees your doing a good job they will send you more resources and help you. Same applies to the MadAss and other brands. They see you have one unit in the shop forget it, you’re just a Jobber to them. The Key is to build up your company in both the eyes of the consumer and the distributor.

Why be another number when you can be a flagship store for any of these guys, the key to growth is to stand out. Make your store your brand, don’t dilute it, bring profits to it.

If you need more ideas make sure to visit our site and we will help you build a store that makes money.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is D30 in the Armadillo jacket?

I get all sorts of crazy questions from my postings, so I just put up this video on the D30 to help answer some of the questions about D30 and Armadillo. How does it work? Is it liquid inside the jacket? is it toxic etc.... I get questions like a ton of them so here goes:

The stuff is in the jacket - thats it. It's soft and malleable when touched gently, but instantly hardens when struck with force. Perfect combination for motorcycle jacket armor. The d3o armor is featured in Armadillos Jacket line. or

d3o™ Intelligent Shock Absorption™ is a patented, shock absorbing material, engineered with Intelligent Molecules. d3o™ is rate-sensitive meaning that when moved slowly, the molecules flow freely making it soft and flexible. At high speeds howeverlike in an impactthe molecules lock together making the material an excellent shock absorber. The whole process is repeatable, occurs instantly and returns to its original state as soon as the impact is over.

d3o™ is also extremely low profile and integrates seamlessly into garments, so neither style or function has to be compromised. These qualities make it perfect for any application where you need total freedom of movement and excellent shock absorption.

Does it work? It sure does check this out:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A 1,000 Reasons to wear protective gear

Seriously wear some

Seriously, after watching this video doesn't matter what you wear, just wear some protective clothing. Dealers should do a better job of telling people about the dangers of riding without a jacket. I see it every single day on the beach. The rental shop gives you the helmet and yet everyone decides not to wear it.

Ladies just because you are on South Beach on vacation doesn't mean you can be stupid. I see people riding scooters at 60mph everyday in sandals and bikinis.

Scooters of Richmond

Our MRP / Armadillo dealer was recently featured in a really cool story called "Hate BP, buy a scooter"

If you love scooters make sure to visit them. They carry MRP upgrades as well as the full Aramdillo clothing lineup. Not only do they have nice bikes they just picked up Vespa and I totally agree with the article. Piaggio is the brand you need to stay open year round, it brings people to the store. It might only be 50% of your sales but having the Vespa sign brings you 100% more people.

I love the quote in the article and it goes to show this is something every store should promote. Let's stop giving oil companies money:

RBS: Do you think the BP oil leak will lead to sales?

CL: What happens to oil always brings a few folks in. People say, “Screw this, I don’t want to be part of this.” So yes, I think it will. It makes people sick to their stomachs. Seeing that happen, and then spending $50 on a tank of gas, it makes you ill.

I agree with them 100% seriously I wish I could give up my car. I just rently had Darren of the Skoot Bike in Miami restore my bike and fix the tires so I can use it more often. I know it sounds stupid, but if I ride my bike more often and use the scooter I can keep $100 from going to oil companies including Citgo witch by the way is owned by Venezuela. That country having been the biggest US ally in the region until the masses there elected Chavez and now thanks to his amazing super powers they will never get rid of him.

Maybe scooter stores need to be more political. This is a great way to get people into stores. Hate BP? Buy a Scooter. This should be embraced by every scooter shop out there. I feel bad for New Orleans I spent some time there rebuilding after Katrina with the Coca Cola Scholars program, but right now I don't care for the off-shore drilling jobs. Start building some solar panels. If China can do it so can we. In the meantime sell the SUV and buy an electric bike or scooter. I would rather walk than see a thousand pelicans covered in oil.

Personally I'm extremely discouraged by everything I have seen related to the Obama Administration and its bending over for BP, I had hoped he would have brought out the full might of the US govt down on them, but economic interests always prevail. Basically if you shut down BP we foot the entire bill is the thinking where I'm the type that says BP? Who needs them, in that case who needs Obama. Seriously, its going to be a one term presidency over this and not keeping any promises. Pretty sad I had set my hopes up, but being nice to Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea seems to only be setting us up for the next war in a few years. I mean the seven army bases in Colombia we just opened are there to send a message I'm sure.

Then again you really can't blame Obama for over promising. You over promise and under deliver seems to be the way things go in politics. I really believe that when you become president you get a folder with all the real info in it and you realize what a mistake you made on the campaign trail. Like here are the following reasons you can't get rid of Guantanmo, the Iraq war, why you can't fix the medical issue, get rid of Castro, what is really in area 51, and why we can't replace the space shuttle quickly. You get the real info that the American public is incapable of understanding or chooses not to. You can't just tell people there is life on other planets you have to gradually condition them into believing it with the media because if you don't people just jump out the window. In the folder there is a note that the oil companies run the world. If you try to go after BP then the British Prime Minister gives you a call like they did last week and basically lay down the law. So if you hate BP get an electric car or a scooter no other solution to it ( rent that move who killed the electric car by the way )

If you want to save America buy an electric car, use public transportation, and drive a scooter.

My friend Justin seems to think you really don't need a car anymore and to a certain extent in some cities you don't

In the meantime follow the link, visit Scooters of Richmond, and if you are going to ride, then ride safe try on the Armadillo line available at the shop.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Armadillo Jackets and how they work

Armadillo Jackets

This is something every store should carry. It's unique, it promotes safety, and dealers make money selling it. That's the simple truth. We have a product that consumers love to wear and it features some of the most advance tech available including D30. Never heard of it?

Check out the video link below.

Most stores we sell to don't carry accessories or clothing. This is a huge mistake, its the fastest growing segment of the industry and it keeps many stores in business. Take a look below at the info on this. Now is this just another item to have in the store? Nope its "The Item" for repeat clients. We make it easy for you to become an Armadillo dealer be it a Moped, Motorcycle, Scooter, or bicycle shop check out the reasons why you should carry Armadillo Scooter Wear.

Buy Back Program for Dealers: We also have a 2010 buyback agreement, if you place a stocking order and at the end of the year you want to exchange pieces, we will exchange up to 50% of the inventory without any charge for items you can sell. The only jacket company doing this right now is Armadillo. So if you think you can sell it we will exchange half of it risk free for product you do sell that way you can stock the whole line. If interested in being a dealer make sure to email us ASAP so we can get you set up.

Why I love Armadillo: If you're a motorcyclist, scooterist, or even a bike rider, Armadillo is for you. Let me tell you I wear my hoodie even when I'm not riding. I wear it on my bike as well not just on a motorized vehicle, but I have come to learn when riding my speeder or bmx I tend to do things that could cost me an elbow or two. Knowing I have something that protects me from the elements and has the D30 tech inside makes me feel a lot safer when riding my bicycle.

The company is growing and listens to its clients: Doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, the gear has been designed by scooter riders for scooter riders. It's a British brand. I've met the owners out in England and I can say they listen, they care about riders, and being that the company is really 2 years old they have are continuously updating, upgrading, and making sure its not only stylish but protects the rider.

New Cordura Abrasion Resistant Materials in Armadillo: One of the things I like to point out is that the first wave of Armadillo didn't feature denier Cordura® abrasion resistant materials. They had the D30 down, but starting in late 2009 all the new production featured the Cordura® on the inside. The trick here was to make it so that the outside material ( especially for women ) was both attractive and stylish without making it too hard to touch. Whenever I'm in a store the first thing I do is look at the jackets and then I feel them. If you have ever touched a jacket with the abrasion resistant material on the outside you know what I mean. It's terrible you don't want to touch it unless its leather. This way Armadillo found a way to keep it stylish so you can wear it to work or around the office, but also soft to touch. So the material is now there, but you don't see it unless you are in an actual emergency. You can read about it on the site as well.

What is D30? D30 Under slow rates of movement, the d3o™ CE certified (EN1621-1) pads provides maximum comfort through softness and flexibility, but when impacted at high speeds d3o™ displays excellent shock absorption as the Intelligent Molecules inside lock together, spreading the force over the whole pad. d3o™ completely conforms to your body and remains almost invisible within your garment, but provides excellent shock absorption when you need it. Other Materials being used in Armadillo: - Obviously the marketing of the brand has been about the D30. The D30 is an amazing material and I love the fact that its made in England so that other companies don't copy it. That's why the Armadillo jackets had to be developed there so they would put the D30 material in the jacket after the got the first prototypes, that's one of the best stories I've heard. So no D30 isn't made in other countries because you don't want people to steal the formula for it. Now besides D40 Armadillo has other materials not all of them are in every product but its great to see the extent of the development of the line since they now feature new items including Cordura which I mentioned, Cadimite (the generic term for Kevlar material), 3M guard, 3M Reflective piping iron ons and in the Camo jacket, Nylon Taslon, Nylon, Fleece linings, and more. The company is evolving as it designs the new products and this innovation is what I like to see. Check each jacket for a list of materials on the main Armadillo site


2 Year Guarantee:This is for normal wear and tear. Having an original receipt from an Armadillo USA dealer you have a 2 year Guarantee. The Armadillo range of apparel has been designed to suit all riders and climates, from Vespa enthusiasts to city commuters every garment made carries this warranty.

For USA dealers you can contact us at


D30 in the jacket


D30 on your iphone

The entire Armadillo lineup is currently in stock visit us at

Some of our jackets explained:

Armadillo Softshell hoodie explanation:

Mens Mac

Womens Mac




Merchandising can help you stay ahead of the curve using your number one asset - The Store Itself.

Scooter Apparel is the fastest selling segment of the industry. The truth is Armadillo right now is the ONLY Scooter Wear brand available that doesn’t bypass the dealer and sell direct to the public. Armadillo doesn’t own a US store, we don’t send catalogs to consumers, and we don’t bypass the dealers. We send everyone to dealer shop or website. That’s the simple truth. We want our dealers to make money and to come back and sell more.

When I look at the numbers of all the stores that failed in 2009 the number one thing that jumps out is accessories.

The average US store doesn't merchandise properly. Sad to say there are few stores that like to have a specialist that knows how to do this properly and I have this talk with shop owners all the time. You don't have to pay a million dollars to a consultant to make your scooter shop feel as cool as the Ferrari or Ducati dealer down the street, you just have to think like a consumer for 10 mins. What is it I see when I walk in? I always get the excuse that the store isn't meant to compete online or meant to compete with the bigger shop. This is the biggest mistake small shop owners make everyday.

The truth is you have to look at the fact that in today's world you are competing with everyone from Target to Pep Boys. So having accessories and jackets ( like Armadillo ) can make your shop stand apart from the other shop down the street. You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Many factors play into the shopping experience, but the design of a store is often the first thing that draws customers inside.

If you display jackets and a variety of helmets ( not just an empty catalog ) you are giving the customer the experience they are looking for. You have to first think about the entance, pathway to the counter, Store design/layout, Mannequin presentation and checkout counter. By nature American scooters stores tend to be run by men and they often overlook the needs of the fastest rising buyer "Women" that's right guys, most of you absolutely are terrible at stocking stuff for women. Here at MRP we now offer the Armadillo Scooter Wear line and there are lots of things you can have for the ladies to try on, including gloves, shirts, and jackets






D30 At Olympics



Saturday, June 5, 2010

Final Thoughts on Amerivespa 2010

My final thoughts on Amerivespa 2010.

I have to say we made a ton of new friends at the event this year. It was one of the best supported events I've attended. Everyone in the industry was pretty much there from Vespa-Piaggio Group of Americas, Kymco, SYM - Carter, Genuine, Peirspeed, GoGo Girls, Corazzo, a ton of new companies. This was the best supported inter-industry event I've stopped at this year when it came to scooter companies. I think I actually got to talk to more people than the Dealer Expo.

Some people not only attended they also donated vehicles for the charity auctions and raffle which I thought was really nice of them.

It was also cool to reconnect with Motorcycle magazine guys that aren't used to the Scooter Scene. There were more than usual and thats thanks to Kymco for sponsoring them.

If you saw coverage in the mainstream websites like and you saw someone from Cycle World thats because Kymco invited them.

We need to get the other companies to the same in the future thats the only way Scootering will grow. Another very smart thing to do by Rick over at the Kymco Marketing department. Only by involving mainstream media and the big motorcycle magazines will the dealers prosper.

Amerivespa was two events in one actually. The week leading up to Amerivespa there wasnt much going on in the scooter industry except for reports that sales were down across the board and the Japanese brands weren't really pushing scooters like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki since their sales are down. I'm of the opinion that this is when you should promote your scooters even more. It's that type of thinking that costs people their leadership positions in the business. Yes, Honda has a new model coming out, but who cares if its not promoted properly or they don't even bother sending a sales rep to such big events like Amerivespa. AAA Moped one of the few Yamaha Scooter only dealerships left from the 1970s recently closed, now if you want a Honda or Yamaha franchise you will have to buy everything from Generators to lawnmowers so it's not like they are really taking notice of the changing marketplace. Nope round 1 of the 2010 marketing campaigns goes to Kymco who promoted Amerivespa better than anyone else.

Kymco USA used a live blog ( link up at, their website, and several media outlets to promote including Guido Eberts Powersports Blog Scoot2Texas a weeklong event leading up to Amerivespa starting May 23 Everyone from the president to the logistics manager was there showing that they not only sold scooters they ride them as well.

Kymco USA was actually nice enough to hook up MPN with a Scooter for the entire 4 day event. We tested the Downtown 300i and the Xciting 500cc we got to ride it all over San Antonio, TX along with several journalists. This was part of Kymcos efforts to promote scootering and get the management team back to basics. When I say everybody they took everybody which was way cool
All of Kymco USA management plus President Eric Bondy plus guests from Taiwan including the Vice-president let's go down the list: Participants included KYMCO USA President Eric Bondy; "Kymco" Lee, VP; Frank Yang of KYMCO’s new product development team; Bruce Ramsey, VP of operations; Joe Wafford, VP of technical services; Steve Lazoff, Director of Sales; Rick Pawelka, Director of Marketing; photographer Robert Pandya; journalist Justin Dawes of Moto USA; blogger Guido Ebert; and KYMCO customers Judi McLane and David George, Gregory Dykes and Neil Sangalang

In case you didn't know I write for a great magazine called Motorcycle Product News you can check them out at here I am plugging shamelessly my latest article. No worries next issue we will have pictures of Amerivespa and all the sponsors in there. I took pictures of everyone from the Madass, Kymco, Genuine, GoGo, Corazzo, even some old Rabbits which I was facinated by.

Now on to the stars of the show. The riders: Some people said 650 people, I would put the numbers around 450 to 500 from all over the world. The event has grown from the vintage only scene to be the biggest rider event for scooterists in Amerivca. It’s the most inclusive event I’ve experienced with riders of all backgrounds, ethnic groups, nationalities and world wide appeal. I met riders that flew in from as far away as Germany and Japan to attend the memorial weekend event.

In my opinion this was a better event for any scooter company to attend than even the dealer expo since it gives store owners, consumers, and industry experts a chance to interact and talk in a stress free environment. Many new stores brought employees so they could connect with the scene and understand their customer base which I found to be interesting. From newbies on their first scooters to people that have trekked across America there was something for everyone

I haven't been much for rallies since I saw a drunk rider fall of his bike back in 2004. I've never quite understood all the drinking involved and I think its a huge liability. I had to be reminded more than once to ride with my helmet since I'm used to taking it off when its hot.

Just because I know how to ride doesn't mean the guy next to me does. I had a lot of people interested in racing and in promoting racing in the US which is great. So overall I will be going to Amerivespa 2011 and I encourage anyone wanting to get into scooters to go and check it out. A big thank you to Kymco USA for lending me the Downtown 300 and the Xciting 500 to ride out there during Amerivespa. A thank you to Steve at the Scooter Scoop make sure to visit his site, Pistol Pete from Scoot Magazine, Erica and staff from Corazzo , Tom @ SYM - Carter, and our course our good friend Guido at Powersports Blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to find hard to find Scooter Parts!

How to find hard to find Scooter Parts! Ok, we get this phone call every day. Putting it up on our blog so we can help consumers and dealers find exactly what they are looking for.

If your looking for hard to find parts please follow these steps first so you can find what you're looking for before calling a store.

Its essential for new guys getting into the industry to buy repair manuals. So many new stores open up and don't buy OEM manuals. Each brand has unique specs and characteristics and it helps to have the OEM manuals in the store.

Manuals for your Scooter Buggy and Go Kart

MRP will not sell to the public, but they kindly ask that you contact a local shop

For a list of MRP stores visit:

MRP suggests you look up the repair manual and part number before contacting the store ( They have gone the extra step and posted online manuals that were unavailable before online from the original importers like CPI, ZNEN, and Diamo manuals )


Parts MRP now distributes:

TNG Scooters ( CF MOTO, QJ, ZNEN products )

Keeway Southeast ( Former Keeway distributor for 7 states acquired by MRP January 2009)

CPI Taiwan ( new importer for 2010 is PIT MOTORS )

QJ-Benelli-Andretti ( official parts source for 2010-2011)

DIAMO – LS MOTORSPORTS = MRP now distributes the parts for Diamo and the new company Precision Motorsports

Cubik – Private label branded scooters by QJ ( SAME MODELS AS VENTO USING VENTO OEM PART NUMBERS )

For a full list visit