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Chinese Imports can get a dealer in trouble

Another example of why dealers need to ask their distributor or importer for EPA certificates and to make sure things are legitimate. Just checking dealer news today I saw a familiar scooter brands from California.

One of things we are going over at the Dealer Expo this year is how to ask companies for their certificates and EPA numbers. In some states like California its not just the importer that gets a state fine, but also the dealer.

Scooters, ATVs, and Motorcycles can make money, but they can also cost you your business if not done correctly.

From Dealer News:

An investigation by the California Air Resources Board led to a $250,000 judgment issued in October 2010 by the San Bernardino County Court against Montclair, Calif.-based NST Inc. for the illegal sales of uncertified off-highway vehicles.

The board made the announcement in a press release dated Jan. 18.

According to the release, ARB investigators found NST Inc. — also known as New Star, owned by John Cheng — illegally sold at least 52 off-highway recreational vehicles such as ATVs, dirtbikes and go-karts to California dealerships starting around May 2006. Investigators discovered the illegal sales while conducting routine dealer inspections.

”California has clean air laws in place to protect residents from these recreational vehicles that can pollute up to 100 times more than a passenger car," ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols said in the release. "Businesses that sell equipment and vehicles illegally will pay penalties, especially businesses that are repeat offenders.”

NST was issued a notice of violation for selling non-ARB-certified vehicles. Because a settlement could not be reached, the case was referred to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office for prosecution. A judgment was ultimately entered in the amount of $250,000 for Health and Safety Code and Business and Professions Code violations.

In 2006 NST settled with ARB for $80,000 for the importation, sale and delivery of noncertified pocket bikes and scooters. Because the owner of the company was a repeat violator, ARB officials sought the highest financial penalty in the 2010 case.

Additionally, dealerships and distributors throughout California that bought from NST and subsequently sold the illegal vehicles to consumers were also cited.

Posted by Arlo Redwine


Our new Booth is 5379 Dealer Expo 2011

There's been a change in the layout at Dealer Expo 2011. We are now at booth 5379 please mark your show itinerary accordingly. We welcome both existing and new clients to come meet with us at the show.

More parts than anyone at Indy 2011 that's right come visit us at Dealer Expo Make sure to add booth 5379 to your show stops.



This year you will see some amazing new scooters and bikes from CCW, PIT MOTORS, CPI SCOOTERS, QJ AND MORE. We will have on display the latest in Scooter Wear Tech including Armadillo Jackets ( the only scooter jacket company in the US that isn't consumer direct THATS RIGHT YOU CAN ONLY BUY IT AT A DEALER ) plus more parts than anyone at DEALER EXPO. Plus unlike everyone else in the scooter business we don't have a store so you have to buy from one of our dealers. Wholesale only means wholesale only so what more could you want as a shop owner ( I know this upsets people but if they actually cared maybe they should care about the dealers so let's call it as it is, if a dealer wants to stay in business be smart promote companies that promote you THE DEALER ) thats why you have to come to booth 5379 and pickup some of the best stuff available for your scooter shop including NG DISK BRAKES, TURBO KIT, SCOOTER NINJA, ESP BELTS, MRP UPGRADES, AND MUCH MUCH MORE! We have parts from Polini, Doppler, Malossi, Namura, DAYCO and more! Come and see the latest brands on display at booth 5379.

As of right now we have over 30,000 parts for sale. Half are still being added on a daily basis, but we're the only company that carries the best European brands as well as Asian models. As you can see we have OEM Hyosung, OEM United Motors, CPI ( from TAIWAN) , Diamo, TNG, Malaguti ( MADE IN ITALY ) and many OEM brands dealers can't get anywhere else. Upgrades for the Honda Zoomer / Ruckus, Silverwing, Suzuki Burgman, and the entire Kymco series including the best selling Quanon exhaust ( Ask Kymco USA who is using the MRP Quanon Exhaust in their fleet demo ) So if you want to upgrade your Kymco don't ask us, ask the Kymco USA marketing manager who happens to use a TK Quanon exhaust on his new bike.

Dealers have a hard time running a shop and they really shouldn't have to have so much trouble to find a Genuine supplier of OEM parts for their clients, but the truth is there is a lot of misinformation out there. For every store that knows us I still hear from one or two shops that call and say "I never heard of you guys" or my favorite "I was told by so and so that you only had a few parts." Part of this is the nature of our business. Small shops don't have time to read every industry publication, stay on top of the emails, posts online, nor do they research when competitors and companies have employees posting fake reviews on message boards. I see a lot of small guys online selling out of their house pretending to be big companies ruining the market for dealers or worse simply dropshipping from larger MRP dealers and other distributors like Tucker Rockey and WPS.

So just wanted to give you a preview of what we are working on and a look back at ten years of our family at the dealer Expo.

Running a motorcycle or scooter shop is one of the few jobs that requires you to be all things at once. A parts expert, a salesperson, a strategist, a marketing guru, and deal with 100 suppliers. You could sell ice cream all day and only deal with 20 flavors but selling motorcycles or scooters you have a 1,000 jobs. So information is key thats why we put over 150 manuals on our website for free. IF YOU DONT HAVE THE PART NUMBER EMAIL US A PICTURE WITH MEASUREMENTS, YOUR DEALER NAME, A PHONE NUMBER, AND WE WILL HELP YOU.

Another reason I want to show how open we are about what we sell is that the market fall of 2009 at least allowed us to see behind the smoke and mirrors when these former employees would apply for jobs and tell us "oh my job was to tell people that you didn't have the real parts, I'm sorry that's what the boss told me." My personal favorite story to tell now is when I walked into a distributor that just folded and on the desk was a yellowpad with "Alias" names for online emails, passwords, and the message boards they frequented to hype up the brand. Funny thing is after some time dealers realize all these positive reviews online of a cheap scooter can't be real. This lack of scruples amazes me so I have to be open about it and show the dealers we got parts, and we don't have anything to hide. We don't have everything and if we don't have it we will tell you who does. For every fake consumer or message board guy who has an agenda or an advertiser who doesn't know what we sell, we put it out there.

We have OEM real factory parts not the cheap Chinese guys that sell imitation parts " Zymco and Zyco" these are made by Kymco, Malaguti, SYM, TGB, Piaggio ( yes Vespa / Aprilia / Derbi ), Hyosung, real factories in Korea, Italy, Taiwan, Japan plus we have OEM Chinese parts from the distributors we've added in the last two years including LINHAI, LONCIN, JINCHENG, WANGYE, BZ Benzhou, QJ Qiangjiang ( Benelli, Andretti, Vento, UM ) plus CF MOTO ( CFMOTO USA, QLINK, TNG, YAMATI ) and ZNEN (TNG / PUMA / Flyscooters / BMS / Qlink ) just to name a few.

So if you're a dealer and you ever visit us, you will see we have real OEM stuff from real factories. From brand names in Europe like Turbo Kit exhausts all the way to Benelli ( Andretti ) scooter parts. Items that cannot take generic partsforchinese scooter parts. You won't get this stuff from anyone else, not Parts Unlimited, Tucker, or WPS. MRP is the only place for these items so don't be fooled by what you hear, we have it, let me show you.

Real Brand and Real Parts we're not affraid to compare numbers here, if your dealership needs parts it amazes us that dealers buy from online distributors only to have them dropped shipped from MRP

Our first show was in 2001 exhibiting the Malaguti line of Italy. Boy have we grown since then.....



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The Best of the Scooter Maven Web Show!

The Best of the Scooter Maven Web Show!

Today we are reviewing some of the best episodes of the Scooter Maven web TV show adventures!
Join us for another ride around the world and some of our hits from the past.

The Maven on 2Xtreem TV with over 50 million viewers one of the most popular shows in the powersports industry.

More of the Maven testing a 250cc buggy on 2Xtreem TV.

The Scooter Maven travels to Vietnam, Japan, and China in search of scooter parts. Reviewing the rise of sales of scooters, EVs, and other motorized cycles in America the last ten years.

Meeting Gene Simmons.

Advice for new stores

The best of the Scooter Maven Web Show!
He travels the world in search of Scooter Adventures!

VIVA LAS VEGAS! The Scooter Maven and Co test four scooters along the Vegas Strip
We meet Elvis, test a new electric scooter, and visit a world landmark! Will our heroes get to the end of their quest? Will the evil forces of Sauron stop them? Watch and find out!

Join us for another Scooter Maven Adventure featuring Mr. Justin Kramm, Captain Ian Andrew Kirby, DJ Chritopher Esposito, and the Scooter MAVEN!

In this episode:
Jonway 50cc 2T
Jonway 150cc 4T GY6
Piaggio 50cc Typhoon 2T
Apex Electric 50cc


The Scooter Maven walks around Daytona looking for scooters, food, and drinks. Lots of fun and cool bikes at the biggest bike rally in Florida.

Also home to the annual IMS International Cycle World Motorcycle Show.


We meet a Goat, we see a Malaguti yesterday, some sea lions and more! We travel the world in search of cool scooter adventures. On this trip Napa and San Francisco, but why bore you with the details check out part 1.


On Assignment for Motorcycle Product News the Scooter Maven invades San Antonio, Texas

The Scooter Maven reports live from the Taipei 101 ( world's tallest building )
The Scooter Maven and some of the US press got invited to test out the new TGB 250cc XMOTION currently a hit in France and Germany the newest 250cc scooter features a liquid cooled engine and dual rear shocks. It's a total hit. MRP already has some upgrades available for it

To find out more check out the current episode from the Scooter Maven.
Make TGB
Model Xmotion 250 i.e.
Capacity 250cc

Milan Italy EICMA SHOW!
The Scooter Maven explores Milan with the new joint venture for EICMA China, Suzuki, Malagut, and hybrid scooters.

On the Plane to Europe and the world's largest Motorcycle Show!
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TAIWAN Taitra Show The Scooter Maven explores and gives a nice speech to a crowd of 300 people!

Malossi World Cup at Adria Race Track!
500cc Scooter Race Finals Adria Italy Malossi Day with MRP
The first ever T-Max 500cc race finals

Capri Italy! What better way to see Italy?
We'll be visiting stores and exploring stores in Capri and test a Piaggio LT50cc

The Maven with Piaggio CEO Roberto Colaninno

The Bahamas with the Scooter Maven!
We visit some MRP dealers and manage to test out the SYM JET EURO 100cc 2 stroke for another scooter adventure.

Testing the Piaggio MP3 250cc in Arizona at the Piaggio Annual Dealers Meeting!

The Scooter Maven in San Juan Puerto Rico!
See what Puerto Rico is all about with the ultimate experience in Scooter Racing! From the GY6 to the 500cc Kymco they are the experts in scooter racing in the Americas.

250cc Kinroad Buggy in St Lucie Florida!

South Beach Florida!

Testing the Daelim 50cc on the streets of South Beach Miami

Another Snowstorm? Stay warm with girls on bikes!

Another Snowstorm? Stay warm with girls on bikes!

What a crazy weekend.

Gas prices are going up, unrest in Egypt, Mario Andretti is suing Powersports Factory, Charlie Sheen is back in rehab, Obama wants a second term, and another snowstorm! What America needs is hot girls on Motorcycles and Scooters!

That's right when all else fails this is the only solution to bring about world peace and real meat at Taco Bell.

In the meantime I suggest using the snowy days to count your units, stock up on accessories, and to get ready for the summer. If gas prices continue to rise there will be a snowstorm of scooter sales unheard of since the great OPEC crisis that occurred in the 70s or as I like to call it BSC ( Before the Scooter Maven )

Happy Monday! Make sure to mark your calendar for Dealer Expo 2011


Mario, John and Jeff Andretti sue Powersports Factory from Dealer News

Mario, John and Jeff Andretti sue Powersports Factory from Dealer News

So Dealer News is finally reporting on the PSF situation including what really happened at the company before it's closing. I don't feel bad for Mario, John, and Jeff Andretti since its just a tax write off for them, I think we really have to feel bad for the consumer who is spending money out of pocket for a non-existing warranty for a vehicle with their names on it. The dealers who cannot get parts support and the people riding around on a vehicle that smells like gasoline. The article was well written, but it forgot to mention Glenn Russo of Avatar Financial who is a first class scam artist and former employee of PSF. It also fails to mention all the dealers who are owed thousands of dollars in warranties that now have to sue the product liability insurance company behind PSF and their corporate insurance company. I can also tell you first hand it's not two or three units we've replaced, but over 80 gas tanks in 2010 alone so there are a thousand or so out there that need replacement.

In a perfect world people would do the right thing and make sure another company out there could help consumers, we've tried to do this, but it has not been easy. The insurance behind the firm will pay for this but its up to the dealer to make a claim. Now that PSF has closed any NHTSA or DOT investigations are likely to end since there is nobody to go after except for the insurance firm.

I think the biggest issue here is that in recent months, several dealers and consumers have contacted MRP regarding a leaky gas tank on the 2008-2009 Benelli Andretti Pepe models in the USA, also known as the X50 BENELLI X50 OR QUATTRO NOVE. So that issue stays with us and if you want to read more click on the link below.
X50 Andretti 2009 Gas Tank Issue LEAKING GAS

We have received enough questions and phone calls regarding this matter, that we felt it necessary to make this post, as there may be some dealers and consumers unaware that their gas tank is leaking. Click on the link below so that you can get NHTSA and DOT information or how to replace your tank.

The issue with a leaky gas tank is that in most states your local dealer that sold you the new unit is ultimately responsible for obtaining a new gas tank and these are available from MRP and in stock, so if you have a leaky tank make sure you request one from your dealership. The insurance company behind PSF at the time they distributed this is liable and will pay for it, but the dealer has to make a claim. In the meantime any consumer should go to their dealer and get their tank replaced. Legally most consumers have this right and aren't even aware of it. It's a safety issue and it just makes common sense to not drive a Benelli that smells like gasoline all day.

In the meantime see the latest news on the Mario Andretti Powersports Factory Saga below:


Famed racers Mario, John and Jeff Andretti and the company they formed as a vehicle for endorsements are suing Power Sports Factory and its former CEO and president, claiming the company hasn’t paid them for their endorsements of Chinese Benelli and Yamati motorcycles and scooters.

The complaint, filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, alleges breach of two contracts, fraud, fraudulent inducement and violation of the Andrettis’ right to publicity – the unlawful use of their names and likenesses – against Pennsauken, N.J.-based Power Sports Factory, CEO Shawn Landgraf and president Steve Rubakh.

The Andrettis – Formula One and multiple Indianapolis 500 champion Mario, his youngest son Jeff and nephew John – say they weren’t paid for their endorsements and that Power Sports Factory continued to use them after the Andrettis terminated the contracts under which they were licensed.

The Andrettis’ company. Andretti IV, signed contracts to endorse the bikes in 2007, letting Power Sports Factory use their “name, image, likeness, audio, audio visual recordings, logos, photographs, signatures, initials, endorsements and biographical information” to promote the branding and sale of Andretti lines.

The contracts called for Andretti IV to receive $60 per Andretti Benelli and $30 for each Andretti Yamati vehicle that Power Sports Factory sold, with minimum payments of $500,000 a year for Benelli contract and $300,000 for the Yamati contract, starting in the second calendar year of the deals, according to the lawsuit.

Power Sports Factory had the right to terminate either 10-year deal after the third contract year if it didn’t sell at least 8,334 Andretti Benellis and 10,000 Andretti Yamatis in each contract year.

Andretti IV terminated both contracts Feb. 1, 2010, for nonpayment, and alleges Power Sports Factory continued to use the endorsements, pictures and Andretti name in magazine, catalog and online ads after that.

Andretti IV claims the defendants ignored demands for payment and never intended to pay them for the use of their family brand. They’re seeking unspecified damages in excess of $25,000 on each of seven claims in the case.

Efforts to reach Landgraf and Rubakh for comment were unsuccessful.

According to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Purchase Point Media, a provider of a shopping cart advertising systems, saw Power Sports Factory as a potential revenue generator and bought the company in April 2007 in a stock swap. Such transactions are a common tactic to shore up an existing company’s balance sheet and give new companies quicker access to equity markets. Rubakh got 60 million shares – 60 percent of the company – in the deal; the other shareholders were all Canadian interests.

The company claimed three non-director employees and relationships with “over 100 dealers.” It recorded an operating loss of $2,253,049 for 2007.

Starting in November 2008 the company was late with its quarterly financial reports to the SEC nearly every quarter, always citing the same reason: documents under Landgraf’s signature gave the explanation that “Management is in the process of finalizing the operating results of the [period]. The information could not be assembled and analyzed without unreasonable effort and expense to the Registrant. The Form 10-Q will be filed as soon as practicable and within the 5 day extension period.”

PSF got a boost from a $1 million revolving line of credit from Crossroads Debt LLC in early 2009 but was in trouble again soon after.

In December 2009, the company reported $1.46 million in assets against $6.4 million in liabilities.

By last April CEO Landgraf told the SEC that he was quitting the failing company at the end of June, but said he would continue to “work with the board in the transition period.”

Then in a final status report filed with the SEC last Oct. 22, Landgraf gave notice that Power Sports Factory was done:

“The company is by letter advising its vendors, suppliers and shareholders that the company has closed its business due to financial difficulties,” the statement reads. “The company has sold the balance of its inventory and has distributed the proceeds to its secured lender. At this time, the company does not anticipate that there will be any funds available to pay the company’s unsecured creditors.”

The case is Andretti IV v. Power Sports Factory, No. 110103276.

Jones Soda Day at MRP

I would like to thank Ed for making Jones Soda day at MRP. One of our top dealers sent us a "Scooter Maven" personalized soda. I think its great because A. I love Orange Cream Soda and B. It was an awesome gift from one of our top clients.

Make sure to check him out and give him a call
He advertises locally, promotes cool new products, and also sells the full range of MRP parts with his own MRP website featuring all 30,000 OEM parts we distribute. Totally follows our advice on promoting parts for discontinued brands. I wish more dealers did this. If you read his blog or his messages on forums he takes the time to help United Motors clients, TNG Scooters, CPI, Lifan, and others who can't find parts from anywhere else.

In any case thank you Ed, we hope to see you at Dealer Expo this year.

Friday, January 28, 2011

When it comes to Exhausts you get what you pay for just like everything even Taco Bell

When it comes to Exhausts you get what you pay for just like everything even Taco Bell or How I stopped listening to the price issue and agreed to eat real meat!

Last week I was talking to a newbie dealer who often buys really inexpensive mainland exhausts and constantly complains about pricing, wants the best but thinks everything should be at rock bottom Chinese pricing. Funny thing is I've been to his store and he drives a nice car, so I know he doesn't like inexpensive things, he just thinks the end users and riders do. My problem is he firmly believes its quality, but what he sells is not. Normally this would be a common story, but I'm happy to say I converted him and saving one soul is worth talking to a thousand people in my book. When I was 15 we spent a summer with Key Club on the weekends cleaning a beach, at first I thought it was a complete waste of time because people would just destroy it again. I probably said it in a much more fashionable way at the time the way teenagers do, but my teacher looked at me and said "watch if its clean they won't dirty it again." He was right and I often think of this when I deal with people who don't understand the difference between price and quality. By the end of the summer we would show up and there was nothing to pick up anymore. This was the guy, he was my project for the week and finally it paid off. One client like him makes my week because it tells me I'm on the correct path. We sell inexpensive parts, everyone has to, but there is still a correlation in the powersports industry between price and quality. There always will be since better labor costs more so you can't outsource the world to India or China and better goods will still cost more.

So new guy, got in the industry at the height and thought he could make a fortune selling cheap. Never thought he should try a quality product. Likes the nice stuff for himself, but sells crap to his clients, I always have a problem with that attitude. He already signed up for the class next month with Josh Rogers so he can hear it first hand from other dealers, but that's next month.

He called MRP because he was told "everyone tells me to call you" and starts with "the inexpensive exhausts I got are breaking and rusting" turns out he purchases from a site which we already know rust after two months and he wants to know "If MRP sells something of better quality." I tell him everything we have is of better quality than the online retailer he buys most of his cheap Chinese scooter parts from, but that I suggest trying one or two and seeing the difference.

I've told him before, but he's got that JIT mentality. Buys only one because the customer pre-paid it. I tell him with all certainty "you could save money by stocking, but you won't until you see what I meant." He says he's willing to listen this time because the amount of returns are giving him headaches, but he wants to see it first before buying more. The difference in price wholesale is only about $40 so he says "give me a few days," I stress it's not about price (the performance and quality difference is enormous) so he does it. He doesn't really care who he buys from which is his first mistake as he expands online despite all the times I've pointed it out. All he does is make his competition stronger (He buys from someone who sells on Ebay, sells direct online, plus will lowball the consumer when called directly) So I already think he's making a huge mistake representing their product, but now he realizes it since his clients are upset, he needs to make a change. He needs to stop eating at Taco Bell and try some real food.

It's like the guy who wants a good meal, but instead of going to a family dinner that serves a 100% real AMERICAN grass fed meat goes to Taco Bell and to quote the CEO of Taco Bell Greg Creed "88% is beef and the remainder consists of water and/or spices." That "and/or" part makes me nervous because it could be anything the FDA thinks is humanly digestible and we live in a world where the FDA and corporations will bend the truth to say that 12% is healthy.

I wouldn't want 88% medicine and 12% water and/or spices if I was sick, and if I buy something for my car or scooter I don't want 88% performance, but that's what many dealers settle for. We live with this 88% mentality. Has anyone ever tried real Tex Mex steak 100% made in America beef without spices and filler? Same thing when you get in a car or on a motorcycle. You can tell the difference between a 700cc Chinese Sportbike and a Ducati. I'm off the subject now so let's get back to it.

So we try to stock the best brands including exhausts from Turbo Kit ( Made in Spain for the last 40 years ) Polini, TK PRO series ( same as Stage 6 / Koso ), Doppler, PM Tunning, Two Brothers Racing ( all brands we carry ) they settler for fake private label V8 or V9 brand from China. Look anyone can slap a sticker on a piece of tubing, but has it been dyno tested, do you have world class racers use it, do they even run ads or testing in consumer publications? That's the difference. So of course the cheap exhaust is going to rust and of course clients won't trust your dealership for selling gear that breaks. Let's get it straight stock and offer them a quality product from the beginning.

He calls me a week later. His client is happy. He got the exhaust, he realizes the 12% makes all the difference in the world. Eating Taco Bell everyday for a year much like Mc Donalds will kill you, I don't have to live the experience of Super Size Me to know this is a universal truth. I explain that Turbo Kit exhausts are an excellent product, I have some Polini Evo exhausts on sale and if he buys 5 TK Exhausts we can give him a nice rack for his wall. He says he'll think about it, but will take two to start off with. As a salesman I always want more, but I converted him. I did my job and hopefully he gets it now.

So I didn't make a big sale. That's ok, at least now he's converted, he might still be eating Taco Bell on the weekends, but he's gotten a taste, his clients know he's got better stuff, and eventually he will say we need more. He won't look at his Chinese pusher the same way, he will think about the quality issue. He will ask what is that other 12%?

The end users like the good stuff, so they will come back.

They always do....

MRP EXHAUSTS IN ACTION - We distribute and sell Turbo Kit of Spain ( Polini PM Tunning Two Brothers Racing and more! Call us about stocking some of these fine brands in your dealership. Skip the 12% go for 100% REAL EXHAUSTS!
You can get these from

Testing our MRP QMB139 GY6 50 exhaust

How MRP Exhausts are made in Taiwan:

Turbo Kit Exhaust on Kymco Exciting 500cc available from MRP

Turbo Kit Exhaust on Burgman 650cc available from MRP

The owner of TK Exhausts in Spain testing his exhaust on a TMAX 2008 Yamaha T-Max Dynometer testing


MRP Exhausts used by all the top racers in San Juan Puerto Rico

Valerie our MRP poster girl keeping America warm - More hot girls on bikes

Man, I started posting these and I ended up getting over 30 emails from our clients. Mike @ Scootertronics loves Valerie our friend and MRP poster girl so we decided to post more of her today.

Considering he's got a foot or two of snow outside why not. Again, we don't have the budget Cycle World or Street Tunner has, but we do our best. So I present to you more really hot girls on scooters, I hope it cheers you guys up. Keep checking in with us and email us any requests.

Hot girls on bikes, keeping dealers super warm across America. Scooters are fun, but they're a lot more fun with a model on them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If you ever wanted to play with D30

This stuff is awesome to play with, goey, no residue, and it should help you avoid breaking your back if you fall on it. D30 is found inside all Armadillo Scooter Wear Jackets.

How does a fifth or sixth of a gram affect my CVT?

How does a fifth or sixth of a gram affect my CVT?

Does .01 gram changes affect my roller? I've been getting this question a lot since I know its confusing when you want to upgrade your rollers and the truth is unless you are racing professionally .05 or .01 isn't going to make any difference in a CVT. Several grams will but but .01 won't.

We offer rollers and sliders from several brands Polini, Malossi, Scooter Ninja, NCY, Adige, Doppler, and more.

Roller Weights Roller Weights We highly recommend that you begin by upgrading the variator roller weights before engaging in any performance upgrades. This is the simplest of upgrades and the least expensive for the consumer. We suggest stocking every size for every brand you carry in the store. This is a minimal investment and offers a maximum return. The main rule for tuning variators is: the lighter the roller the more rpm?s are needed to push the rolls outwards through centrifugal motion to set the gear change in motion. Heavier roller weights need lower rpm?s to start moving. Heavier roller weights = slower take off speed, more acceleration, = higher maximum speed. Lighter roller weights =faster take off speed, less acceleration = lower achievable speed. The right balance is an individual choice since a scooter racer will want heavier weights to achieve a higher overall speed so that they might be faster at full throttle. For daily use a driver might prefer lighter weights for more power to take off faster at a stop light. We recommend you stock all of the sizes for the brands you sell due to the low cost and quick turnover of the product.

Scooter turbo Tuning Invention nitros car puerto rico


The Best Scooter Racing Video from Puerto Rico

I still think this is the best scooter racing video we made in Puerto Rico, comments?

Lo mejor de lo mejor MRP

Delivery Bikes can make a store profitable

This new ZNEN delivery bike could help you stay profitable.

One thing many stores forget is how profitable service contracts and delivery units can be. This unit is half the cost of the TGB delivery unit we have reviewed before. It's a Chinese mainland unit which you can sell to pizza delivery chains, local mom and pop stores, or even the local Sub shop. Great for a college campus in most states you can get insurance and meet all local requirements for less than $2k. Now factor in the wrapping with logos, phone numbers, and custom designs and you can turn a quick profit by financing these to a local shop, then selling the loan to a bank or using a local credit union to finance the retailer his/her fleet of delivery bikes.

Most stores tend to not make money on the actual unit, but on the service agreement and on the wrapping of the unit. So even selling the unit a very low margin allows you to put a fleet of vehicles out on the street and work on the financing aspects. More scooters = More Sales = More visibility for your store.

This is thinking outside of the box and how many more deliveries can you make to your local college if your pizza guys are on scooters instead of bicycles.

Now if you want to see an awesome Dominos Scooter commercial look how they do it in Oz. In Taiwan and China delivery scooters are everywhere, Italy it's standard operating procedure. We need to promote these in the US.

We strongly suggest stocking and carrying delivery scooters. They are a great selling point to local establishments and great for food delivery. A source of service contracts and great for leasing of fleets.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Really Hot Girls on Scooters Should Keep America Warm

Man, I started posting these and I ended up getting over 30 emails from our clients. I know everyone is covered in snow, I know things are boring when you can't ride, but the truth is 90% of our clients are MALE Mechanics, who love racing, who love parts, and they love hot women on bikes. Now we don't have the budget Cycle World or Street Tunner has, but we do our best. So I present to you more really hot girls on scooters, I hope it cheers you guys up. Keep checking in with us and email us any requests.

Hot girls on bikes, keeping dealers warm across America.

America is freezing warm up with Hot Girls on Scooters!

America is freezing warm up with Hot Girls on Scooters!

So it seems like some of you love this, so if you keep requesting pictures of girls on bikes that's what I'll post. Stay warm!

Good looking girls on scooters, you can't go wrong with that!

Would you say I have a plethora of parts? Dealer Expo 2011

Would you say I have a plethora of parts? Dealer Expo 2011

As we walk into dealer expo 2011 we would like to meet with you the dealer and help you find what you're looking for. As the largest source of Chinese scooter, atv, and motorcycle parts in the counrty MRP has more parts from more manufacturers than anyone. Real brand names with real world applications. Come visit us at booth 5711 for more info on the 2011 Dealer Show.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot Girls on Hot Motorcycles and Scooters how to use Fashion to bring in clients

There is nothing better than a good looking scooter than a good looking scooter with a bunch of hot models. By popular request ( mainly our dealers ) I'm doing another round of hot girls on hot scooters.

This is all related to my earlier post on Fashion ( see below in the MRP Blog ) again I don't expect a ton of sales on this or anything, I'm just doing it because many of you are covered in snow and now is the time to work on your store marketing, displays, and to prepare for the Spring. Hopefully this will keep you warm.

Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person. I believe scooters fall into this category. So be the best scooter shop you can be, team up with a local clothing store, have them put some displays and mannequins in your shop along with your scooters! Teaming up with a local clothing boutique or independent store is a lot easier than you think, you might not have any luck with the local mall or national chains, but every town has some local shops that will be more than happy to do some cross promotion. Blog about it, take pictures, put them on your facebook, talk about how you're using fashion to promote scooters. Who knows it might make the local paper.

A store is more than just tires and oil. It needs to have that "fashion" sense if its to appeal to the widest audience. Keep emailing us.

The Scooter Maven