Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dealer Expo third year of the Steak n Shake Meet UP

Dealer Expo 2012 might have been smaller ( ask anyone who was actually there not the press or the guys who present it to be honest about it ) it might have had fewer sales, but it had some good points. Let's go for the positives since I spent most of the day going over the PR releases Advanstar put out.

Now for as much as I wrote, I will still be there in 2013 if the good Lord will have me there on another scooter adventure. Yes, I am a sucker for the cold of Indianapolis in the winter. Why not? I've had several valentines days among the motorcycle crowds.

If you are in the business you have to go to Daytona and you have to go to Indy.

I had a great talk with some good people at the show. I have to say we are all survivors in a way if you've been in business the last 5 years and are still in business good for you. I saw some guys who I used to compete with who are now at other companies and I told them I missed them. What is He-Man without Skeletor? Seriously, there are so many wacked out Characters in this business that you miss them when they are gone. What is the lonely cold war warrior without the soviets to spy on? No more glamorous espionage in Europe, nope stuck looking for people in mountains and poppy fields in the middle of nowhere.

I went to the Steak N Shake annual meet up at 2am for shakes and burgers this year several of the guys didn't make it, hopefully they had some good reasons. It's been a tradition among some hardcore press people. They are underpaid, under appreciated, and honestly some of the hardest workers. So if I ever say anything about Advanstar don't take it personally some of the writers are good friends ( I meant the corporate guys above ) Some of the writers who don't appear in the pictures have worked everywhere MPN, Dealer News, MI Mag, online... you get the picture. Hero for hire. They know whats up in the industry and have helped educate me because despite knowing a lot about scooters I still don't know everything about the motorcycle industry.

Good stuff from 2012 we'll our Dealer Expo 2012 Booth.
We had two of our suppliers with booths next to each other and rather than show up and confuse dealers like we did in 2011 with 10,000 parts we just kept it simple. One booth for our disks and one booth with our mirrors.

In all fairness, I have to say I really appreciate the call from Kerry Graeber. We had a great conversation today, and the fact that he wants to start a dialogue with the scooter industry is very interesting. I suggested the one guy who he should talk to our good friend and Scooter Guru ( yes he looks like a big Buddha ) Josh Rogers from Scoot!

So I say lobby Kerry Graeber =

Tell him how you feel about scooters, tell him why the EV section should have had the Electric Vehicle pavillion, Scooter tests and an outside area is the way to go. Having the Chinese there in a different way is something they need to think about it.

So we hope to bring back the Scoot! class by Josh Rogers in 2013. Glad Advanstar read the blog, and I really hope they do follow up and hire the guy. All the ideas that Josh lobbied Advanstar with the last 5 years have fallen on deaf ears. I hope this time they listen to him.

Last year he had the class and it was a success! People still talk about it and thank me and I'm like no you need to thank the guy from Scoot! This year despite Dealer News not really reaching out to him, he still went, promoted the show, and helped out. Maybe, they would do better if they let him just be in charge of the EV and Scooter Section. Bring in someone who is neutral and can do the class.

Put Ryan Jeffrey in charge of the mechanics class. Do it for free. He was formerly with SW, Genuine, and is a former shop owner and currently builds and restores many Vintage Vespas. Great guy and probably the reason there are thousands of scooters working right now on the roads. He's an industry consultant and been a free agent the last year or so there is no better guy to help Advanstar fix what's wrong with the scooter section than those two.

Some pictures from the MRP setup for 2012.

 I will say this better than any sale were the conversations. I was able to meet up and see Jimmy, Adam, Jim, Diana, Brett, all names of major distributors who sell parts who I respect and I'm friends with. One of the biggest names whose been doing this for 20 years came up to me and said "Mr. Maven! I respect what you have done, I send you stores all the time." That meant more to me than a million dollars because he's 20 years my senior and a brilliant mechanic. At first he thought let the Chinese distributors go out of business, but then he realized many of his own dealers needed United Motors, TNG, Keeway, Hyosung, CPI parts and we were there to help them. There was no way any one company could do all the business. So he thanked me because his own store (they have two stores now to survive as well) was buying parts from us. So that meant more than all the sales.

Best part of the show having great clients from Puerto Rico, Orlando, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina all show up and say hello. Plus being in an international setting where suppliers that respect what I do from Italy and Spain having our back. This economy brings out the worst in people, but it also brings out the best. So I have mad love for everyone who came to the show and said "Hey let me buy something to help pay for your booth" the fact that one of my clients said that to me I have him 20% off everyone on the spot because he understood exactly what I was trying to say about supporting the people the support you. You scratch my back I scratch yours.

Special mention goes to Village Scooters who gave us the best present I have ever gotten and I adore it. This made the show worth it. Just this one article alone I took home from me and it sits next to my desk now.

Village Scooters MRP diorama

NG DISK BOOTH with Josh Rogers of Scoot!

We would also like to welcome ZEIBE the newest member of
The Spanish Motorcycle Exporters Association (SMEA) in English 
AsociaciĆ³n EspaƱola de Empresas (Exportadores) Motociclismo ( el sector dos ruedas) 

MRP already has some of their products in the USA and to find out more contact us.

Even better a dealer from Hawaii got us a gift of the best brand of chocolates you can give to anyone.

Mad love to Chris our boy who brought us the best dessert in the world. I had just gone to the source a few weeks ago so it's great to know someone is paying attention.

Alright let's hope Advanstar and Dealer News listens for 2013 because if not the new Dealer Show thats starting to take form will take over.

Dealer News claims record attendance and North Korea wants to hire them for tourism PR

Dealer News claims record attendance and North Korea wants to hire them for tourism PR

Whoever this guy is "Mr. Danny Phillips" at Advanstar he couldn't have been with the company more than a year or two. This is the type of comment I expect from the Agricultural minister of North Korean not an "Executive Vice President" at a US Trade Show company.

“Nearly every segment showed attendance growth across the board at Dealer Expo and the American V-Twin Dealer Show this year,” said Advanstar executive vice president Danny Phillips. “Mass merchandisers, franchised dealers and online retailers were all up more than 5 percent, with specialty service retailers up 166 percent and outdoor retailers up more than 500 percent.

"Our exhibitors were the real winners – a large number of them reported increased onsite orders this year as they took advantage of the expanded range of high-spending buyers we delivered at the show,” Phillips said.
Posted by Mary Slepicka

Seriously? Did they attend the same Powersports show I've been attending the last 11 years. I understand PR, but this is the same thing I see over and over again as the US publications are not publishing any investigative reporting whatsoever, no in depth analysis of what's really happened, and worse a complete corporate machine intent on milking dealers and exhibitors alike.

HERE! HERE! TO THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH We now live in Orwellian times. I guess if you control what the dealers read you control what they believe right?

FACT: Show was smaller than any other show last 10 years, attendance was down, sales were down, and the biggest exhibitors were there for free.

"The growth in attendees was greatest from franchised dealerships, specialty retailers, online retailers and big box stores, including Costco and," said Heather Erickson, marketing director at Advanstar.

Mrs. Heather Erickson sounds just as ignorant as Mr. Phillips. Let's be honest Costco and have led to the destruction of the US powersports mom and pop shops. The NDA auction is actually a terrible thing because instead of buying you watch dealers make money off the failed dealers in other states.

This show has flaws that need to be fixed or the industry needs a new show. The last thing we need is more lies from Advanstar.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Best Commercial Ever

Saw this online today and I just thought, best commercial ever.

This Scholarship has changed so many lives. It's great to see this is still online.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Free StreetFX Keychains with your order this weekend

Last day of the Expo sale, plus free Street FX gifts at MRP-SPEED

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gas Prices to hit $6 soon

Great report in the Miami Herald today, some gas stations in Florida are charging $6 in gasoline by the airport. Prices in Miami are above $3,80. The scooter boom might just happen.

Last year gas prices went down right as they were approaching $4 this year we might hit that magic number again.

Stay Tuned to the MRP blog for more info on how this is affecting sales:

Orlando Stations Charging Nearly $6 For Gas « CBS Miami

Orlando Stations Charging Nearly $6 For Gas « CBS Miami
Great Story online....expect a surge in scooter sales if Gas goes to $6

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Scooter Doctor Returns! Hard to find parts never fear!

Can't find parts? Can't find a local dealer?
Have our dealers ship you the parts.

hard to find parts can only be solved by the Scooter Doctor at MRP!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free LED Display for your store plus up to 15% off this week

Free LED Display for your store
Come by Booth 4166 at the Dealer Expo and place an order to get your free LED Display.

So it's dealer expo 2012. We have are giving several items the special discount push plus we have some extra discounts.

5% off any show order under $400
an Extra 5% off your order if you buy any NG product
= 10%

Buy more than $500 get an extra 5% making it 10% off your order.

So let's do the math. Dealer buys $500 in parts (plus 1 NG DISK) you pay $450 total.
MORE THAN $500 5%




Monday, February 13, 2012


Ducati Motor is for sale. It will be foreign owned. That doesn't bother me when my relationship started with Ducati it owned by Texas Pacific Group, but the production and assembly were mostly Italian.

Now we have completely lost any pride in Italian Motorcycle Manufacturing. I'm going to call it, as a Motorcycle producer Italy is now officially dead. Ducati will not just be sold they are going to move production mark my words. The process has started and the bikes will be made in Asia as well as South America.

If anyone has read my blog the last few months I have personally criticized the lack of leadership of Mr. Silvio Berlusconi who was too busy getting it on at the "Bunga Bunga" parties to actually care about what happened in this leading industry of Italy. The engines of Bologna roar no more.

There are no billionaires to the rescue on this one. Nobody that has pride in his country that would put money to restructure this business.

I have watched as the region of Bologna has fallen not only by the incompetence of its elected leaders, but by the laziness and ignorance of this failed social welfare state called Italy. They have let a brand that once made Italians proud world wide fall to its feet. Ducati will no longer mean "Made in Italy." There will be nothing exciting or special about it. Another victim of globalization. 

Yes, the parts were an issue, but just like Piaggio the bikes will now have parts made in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, but hardly any Italian input. For whatever promises they are making now to keep production in Italy this will not be the case if sold to BMW, Mahindra, or KTM. They are all global leaders in outsourcing.

Ducati has already moved some production to Brazil and intends to do more there. Last year it was talking about making Ducati branded scooters and passed on the opportunity to buy up Malaguti before its bankruptcy ( why buy a local factory when you can make them in Thailand for half the cost )

I will always remember being 25 riding between Malaguti and Ducati, two great survivors of World War II, two factories who stood for Italian made quality products. I spent a week riding a bunch of Malaguti scooters and some Ducati's the factory allowed us to borrow. It was a great time and despite all the challenges I believed in the dream of selling Italian made goods.

Even Ducati has become to expensive for the Italians to make.

Even a small business can do its part to recycle

So someone finally asked me on the phone what do we do as a small business to help the environment? Now we don't have millions of dollars laying around, but I figured if every small shop in America replaces a few light bulbs and recycles we might all be in a better place.

One sheet at a time.....

Trying to save the world one shipment at a time.

We've posted some videos before on the recycling we do at the office, this is just to show why we do it and why every little bit helps. We use a lot of boxes we buy them by the pallets and thats why it helps if we can recycle and use fewer packing materials.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting ready for Dealer Expo 2012! It's the Wild West of parts!

As we get ready for the 2012 Dealer Expo ( Booth 4166 NG DISK BRAKE - MRP )

Get ready for the WILD WILD WEST OF SCOOTERS! Since all the Chinese companies are there its like an old Mexican standoff.... and that being the case...

Thursday, February 9, 2012



Now is the time to stock up on LED lights at Dealer Expo 2012. Here at MRP we are giving away a cool display set with

DealerExpo 2012 Sales Special $190 Start up Pack for $49.99

New Strore Essentials Pack

New store owners can benefit from buying a dealer essentials pack that includes many small items that are handy in the first few weeks of business. 

Great for rental shops or common repair shops, these small items will get you started. 

We sell them at a discount to help you the new shop. Common everyday items

Box of assorted Spark Plugs..
2 stroke, 4 stroke, 50cc, 250cc, everything you need for repairs
12 plugs in total..
12 Common 2 Stroke Flange Bolts 8 X 50..
12 common 2 stroke cylinder head nuts..
12 common 4 stroke pan head screws M6x35..
6 Oil Filter 4 stroke..
6 OIl drain screw for GY6 150cc and 125cc GY6 QMI152/157 QMJ152/157 4-stroke engines..
6 oil seals for ZNEN and QMI152 GY6 150 4stroke 40 X 50 X 5
6 oil seals for GY6 and other bigger 250cc scooters 
4 common 2 stroke and 4 stroke brake pads..
4 scooter alarms..
4 12V18W/18W Light Bulb H4 HALOGEN BULB common for all Vento150 GY6 50cc and GY6 150cc Chinese Scooters
Best selling OEM replacement light bulb headlamp bulb most common size on market N-MP-01230..
4 FLASH AUDIO PILOT 10W QJ150T-8 4 TROKES GY6 Scooters..
A must have bargin for new stores, essential little parts you need everyday. $190 worth of parts for only $49,99

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


10 Mirror Sets in random colors and several styles - sizes in different color style variations all OEM ZNEN Motor, Baccio, Malaguti, Italjet, Diamo, United Motors. Several Colors in each pack. 8mm, 10mm mirrors for every style.

CF MOTO, QJ, ZNEN, OEM mirrors in random colors.
Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Silver we draw from several different types. You get both universal 50cc and 150cc in the mirror pack.

Includes 10 sets of mirrors for the price of 5. Standard flat mirrors OEM CPI - VENTO - DIAMO - QJ Decorate your store and give your clients options with this must have dealer start up pack.


Thats less than $9.99 per set of mirrors. $250 worth of mirror sets for only $99.99

These are must have items for new stores, repair shops, and those looking at repairing Scooters, ATVs, and Buggies. BUY IN BULK AND SAVE with our Power Buy Packs made for your shop. Must have Power Buys for new stores. Save 30 to 40% buy buying these start up packs.

A total of $250 in Disk Rotors for only $100 DEALER PACK DEALER EXPO 2012

A total of $250 in Disk Rotors for only $100, that's $12.50 per disk.
This kit includes an NCY Performance Disk, QJ OEM, CPI OEM, CF MOTO OEM and more. 

Includes 8 DISKS:
2 - QJ-45033BMBTC20 - QJ, Vento, OEM Xpeed United Motors, CPI 50cc 2T Units 50cc 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based engine.

QJ-45033BMBTC201 - TNG-ML150-B05.08 - Milano, TNG OEM, BMS, QLINK, ZNEN  Disc Brake (13" wheel) 3 HOLES

2 - UM-45121-SA1-0000 GY6 Matrix II, United Motors, Vento GY6 A, GY6 B, Italjet America, and others Generic 150cc
and 125cc GY6 QMI152/157 QMJ152/157 4-stroke engines.

1 - N-MP-05509 performance and style GY6 made by NCY Performance for MRP

2 - QJ-45033JCCT002 - Yamati 200cc, , GY6 150cc Type B, Vento, Strada, 150cc QMI units generic China

Do you have a new store?
 Then you need to stock this new Dealer Pack for common GY6, B08, RX8 2T, ZNEN, 
and CF MOTO disk to save money.

Dealer Expo Seal Pack for new Stores! $25

Have you ever tried repairing some scooters and the one valve or oil seal you need is the one that is missing? Save money by getting the most
generic seals in one easy bundle. Dealer Start up pack includes over $100 worth of seals for $25.

Save big on generic QMB, GY6, 250cc, Lifan, ZNEN, 140EQMB JOG Minarelli common China seals.
2 - OILSEAL-21-37-7-10
2 - UM-91252-030-0030
4 - DIA-XF-125T-1001310 CF MOTO 150, CF MOTO 250, GY6 4T
2 - CPI-64A-01113-00-00 50cc 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based engine
2 - DIA-OILSEAL20*32*6 Oil Seal size 19.8x30x5 for 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines.
2 - 753.116.00 OEM 50cc 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based engine
2 - UM-91258-410-0061 Verucci, Big Bike China, BMS seal
2 - UM-434-0090A Big Case GY6, GY6 C
2 - MRP-OIL SEAL-31X62X5.8-43
2 - Z-90310-B023-0000 - 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines

20 SEALS $100 WORTH 
KIT INCLUDES COMMON SIZES FROM ZNEN MOTOR, 40EQMB, GY6 125 - 150cc, 50cc 2-stroke D1E41QMB02, D1E41QMB, H1E41QMB and 1E41QMB model engines
and more!

$250 worth of cables only $69.99 DEALER EXPO 2012

We intend to have the best parts with the best offers at the 2012 Dealer Expo this year!

To top it off MRP is at it again with LOW LOW PRICES ON CABLE PACKS!

$69.99 gets you to $250 worth of cables! Over 14 everyday items YOU MUST HAVE in your shop to repair Chinese QMB, GY6, and JOG engines! From ZNEN Motor to QJ these are OEM parts you must have.

That's less than $5 a cable.


Finally, a dealer start up pack for stores that do a lot of daily repairs on CPI, QJ, 2Stroke Engines and GY6. Speedo Cables, Throttle Cables, and Brake Cables
all included!
That's right get 14 of the most needed everyday cables for the price of 5

$69.99 gets you $250 worth of cables. That's less than $5 a cable!


1 - QJ-40300B20T001 RX8 Vento B08 Throttle Cable 3 piece 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based engine
1 - QJ-40300BM0T001 Throttle Cable 3 piece 2-stroke 1PE40QMB Minarelli based engine
2 - TNG-ML125-B02.05 ALL ZNEN MOTOR 125, 150 Cables BMS - QLINK - PUMA - TNG - BACCIO - MODCYCLES - Verucci - Italica, Gorilla Motors, and more
2 - QJ-72900JCCT000 GY6 125, GY6 150. SPEEDOMETER CABLE  QJ 150 Yamati, Andretti, Diamo, Vento and more!
Generic Lifan, Diamo, United Motor Cables GY6 150 to 250cc
2 - UM-270-0009A
2 - UM-43450-SA1-0000
2 - DIA-07-081-3210


Friday, February 3, 2012

Exports of 50cc units up to the USA from Japan is reporting that Sales in Japan to the USA are down again.

I think the big news in all this is actually if you read between the lines. 2011 shows exports of 9182 pieces of 50cc and under. This increased from 2010 meaning either little kid dirtbike sales went up or scooters went up which is more than likely because that spike in 2008 of 24,303 pieces were all the Ruckus and Zuma units being produced at a crazy pace to keep up with demand.

Let's see if the trend continues for 2012

HondaKawasakiSuzuki & Yamaha produced 638,987 units at their domestic factories in 2011, down 3.8% compared to 664,175 vehicles produced in 2010, according to figures compiled by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).
Honda produced 200,493 powersports vehicles in Japan in 2011, down compared to 201,007 units in 2010;Kawasaki produced 115,420 units last year, up compared to 112,752 units in the prior 12-month period;Suzuki produced 160,200 units, down compared to 167,606 units; and Yamaha produced 162,821 units, down compared to 182,734 units.
The four manufacturers exported 504,985 vehicles from Japan in 2011, up 2.3% compared to 493,464 units shipped in 2010.
Honda shipped 121,914 units in 2011, up compared to 106,400 units 2010; Kawasaki shipped 109,067 units last year, nearly even to 109,019 units in the prior year; Suzuki exported 116,273 units, up compared to 113,184 units; and Yamaha shipped 157,731 units, down compared to 164,861 units.
Powersports vehicle shipments to the U.S. in 2011 totaled 164,875 units, up compared to 88,074 units shipped stateside in 2010.
                                    2011       2010         2009        2008       2007
50cc & Under           9,182       4,065      8,344       24,303    21,331
51-125cc                   12,259     8,556      1,479       28,840    40,955
126-250cc                 23,878     12,176    24,230    54,021    60,875
Over 250cc               119,556   63,277    126,602  265,198  331,978
Total                           164,875   88,074    160,655  372,362  455,139

Thursday, February 2, 2012

All-new Honda Dio launched!

All-new Honda Dio launched!

Seems like in India they are getting some new Honda models. A lot of news coming out of India this year which is cool, the real question is when will
new India OEMs come to America ( besides LML ) with new tech?

New engine, new bodywork and much more

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CF MOTO USA what went right or wrong?

I don't know what's up with CF MOTO. The ever changing mainland management that's been in charge since Lev the president left has given everyone the cold shoulder. I'm lucky if whoever is in charge any given month actually remembers MRP is their main parts partner in the USA. Hello? We've solved hundreds of little warranty issues for you guys.

It's a shame because I've helped many of the employees out over the years. I've also helped a few of them hunt for new jobs as management has continuously let go of very good talent.

The brand is still doing well in Canada and South America, but this year I just found out they won't be at the Dealer Expo. You can't go from having the biggest booth to not being there, it just sends the wrong signals.

I did find something online that impressed me and that was something one of the dealers did donating a Police Bike. Now if CF MOTO had don't this with a few hundred V5 units instead of spending money on Daytona and several unnecessary sponsorship's it would have been the number one bike in the world.

You see a cop on a V5. You wan't one. Maybe it's just me. The last few years I have lost a lot of respect for bankers, politicians, but I still believe in the men and women of the armed forces and our police officials. Yes, they are human, some make mistakes, but when you see a firefighter or a cop rushing towards danger while everyone runs away you want to be like them. The kid in you looks up to them.

If you see a police officer on a V5 ( much like a Honda or Harley ) you want to be the guy on the V5. This dealer had the right idea. Police officers can make great early adopters of new trends, tech, and vehicles. Do they look funny on a Segway? Absolutely, but eventually they stand out and look cool. It gives you a sense of security.

CF MOTO should have worked this angle. Mad props to Flatsquirel scooters for putting this video online.

MRP on the main page of Motorsports Newswire!

The worst still not over another store closes

This is terrible but it goes back to everything I've been saying you can't survive just with luxury items.
Bikers Boulevard a Genuine Scooter Company, Aprilia / Vespa - Piaggio Group scooters lost another dealer in North Carolina this winter, they finally closed their doors after 14 years open.

Bikers Boulevard
9004 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27617

What I have been preaching for the last 6 years is to repair everything. Clearly its the only way to survive. You cannot fight the Chinese everything is made there! I don't know how many times I get in this coversation with people every week. I sound like a broken record. Even Piaggio and Aprilia come from China.

You probably won't hear about this or read about it in the magazines. If you check the respective distributors they already removed Bikers Boulevard as a dealer from their websites, and the press won't cover this since everyone is trying to stay positive going to Dealer Expo. However, there is more than can be learned here which is what the magazines fail to do. You need to tell dealers the truth and the truth is you can't fight China and consumers don't have as much money as they used to. So you will sell 5 Jonways for every Genuine or Vespa in the shop. You need to have the low end product to make payroll.

You also can't only sell Kymco or Genuine. PGO scooters are pretty expensive even by Taiwanese standards so you need to have a high range, middle, and low range product price point. You also can't survive on only high end Vespa's making 10% on a sale, stores have too much overhead to survive on something so low.

Only by servicing everything and selling accessories do stores have a chance of survival in today's market.

If I meet another dealer at the show this year that tells me they only service Vespa. I will go nuts on them. I used to be that guy ten years ago. I only sold "Italian" I only sold Malaguti. I didn't want to touch Chinese products and smarter people who could see into the future would warn me. Guess what? They were right. Malaguti didn't open a factory in Asia or get a partner and look what happened.

You don't have to be a prophet to see the future, but high end shops in America can only survive by taking care of all the clients out there.

Here we continue our talks on how small scooter shops can stay profitable. The truth is you have to repair everything. ONLY ONE DISTRIBUTOR IN THE USA has parts for Zongshen (China), Malaguti (Italy), Diamo, TNG, CPI (Taiwan), DAELIM ( Korean ) Keeway - QJ - ANdretti - Yamati ( CHina ) and thats MRP we help your store stay profirable. Chinese parts are not all the same so if your store wants to make money, repair everything. Vespa shops that only repair Vespa close every other week, the same applies to Honda dealers we saw them close by the dozen in 2008 and 2009. If you want to money repair everything you come across. The repair manuals are on our website at under repair manuals and as a store you can call us for the parts.

Did you say Dealer Expo booth 4166 MRP?

MIAMI, FL – February 1,  2012  – Martin Racing Performance “MRP”, announces its Successful Viral Video Campaign for Dealer Expo 2012 booth 4166.

It’s difficult to stand out at a trade show, especially one where you’re up against major companies like Parts Unlimited with unlimited funds for ads and dealer meetings. To stand out from the crowd MRP has uploaded 5 videos announcing its booth at the Expo in two weeks. 

The YouTube videos have attracted 1,200 hits in a week and allowed MRP to make appointments with potential new clients from all over the world. In the niche market of dealer viral advertising for a trade show those are great numbers. President Joel Martin states “It gives us an edge when talking to the clients, right now it’s a conversation piece, I was the first guy to dress up as a doctor 3 years ago in a video and soon afterwards its spawned several imitators online, now I’m a cowboy and I have dealers calling saying we can’t wait to see the cowboy again.” 

Expect to see more of MRP at booth 4166 at the 2012 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis Indiana on February 17th

MRP is an American Powersports third party logistics and parts manufacturer, announced this week, that it will be exhibiting its full 2012 line of NG DISK BRAKES at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis Indiana at Booth 4166.

MRP is the leading aftermarket and OEM products to 1,100 scooter and powersports dealers in North America. From generic GY6 - QMB139 Chinese parts to hard to find European or Korean Daelim scooter items MRP has been the one source dealers could rely on to expand its offerings during the Powersports Industry downturn. MRP has integrated into its offerings the OEM parts for several brands that have left the market including Diamo Powersports, LS-Motorsports, Italjet America, Keeway Southeast – Cubik, Benelli, Andretti, Powersports Factory, CPI Scooters and ATVs, CMSI – TNG Scooters, United Motors of America (UM GLOBAL), Xtreme Scooters, Malaguti, ZNEN Motor, and more.

MRP is a distributor for Stage6, Naraku racing parts, Scooter Ninja, NG DISK Brakes, TK Exhausts, Motoforce, and over 20,000 items.
For more information on MRP, visit

For Dealer Expo information visit booth 4166 for NG DISK BRAKES and its North American Distributor MRP.