Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CF MOTO USA what went right or wrong?

I don't know what's up with CF MOTO. The ever changing mainland management that's been in charge since Lev the president left has given everyone the cold shoulder. I'm lucky if whoever is in charge any given month actually remembers MRP is their main parts partner in the USA. Hello? We've solved hundreds of little warranty issues for you guys.

It's a shame because I've helped many of the employees out over the years. I've also helped a few of them hunt for new jobs as management has continuously let go of very good talent.

The brand is still doing well in Canada and South America, but this year I just found out they won't be at the Dealer Expo. You can't go from having the biggest booth to not being there, it just sends the wrong signals.

I did find something online that impressed me and that was something one of the dealers did donating a Police Bike. Now if CF MOTO had don't this with a few hundred V5 units instead of spending money on Daytona and several unnecessary sponsorship's it would have been the number one bike in the world.

You see a cop on a V5. You wan't one. Maybe it's just me. The last few years I have lost a lot of respect for bankers, politicians, but I still believe in the men and women of the armed forces and our police officials. Yes, they are human, some make mistakes, but when you see a firefighter or a cop rushing towards danger while everyone runs away you want to be like them. The kid in you looks up to them.

If you see a police officer on a V5 ( much like a Honda or Harley ) you want to be the guy on the V5. This dealer had the right idea. Police officers can make great early adopters of new trends, tech, and vehicles. Do they look funny on a Segway? Absolutely, but eventually they stand out and look cool. It gives you a sense of security.

CF MOTO should have worked this angle. Mad props to Flatsquirel scooters for putting this video online.

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