Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dealer News claims record attendance and North Korea wants to hire them for tourism PR

Dealer News claims record attendance and North Korea wants to hire them for tourism PR

Whoever this guy is "Mr. Danny Phillips" at Advanstar he couldn't have been with the company more than a year or two. This is the type of comment I expect from the Agricultural minister of North Korean not an "Executive Vice President" at a US Trade Show company.

“Nearly every segment showed attendance growth across the board at Dealer Expo and the American V-Twin Dealer Show this year,” said Advanstar executive vice president Danny Phillips. “Mass merchandisers, franchised dealers and online retailers were all up more than 5 percent, with specialty service retailers up 166 percent and outdoor retailers up more than 500 percent.

"Our exhibitors were the real winners – a large number of them reported increased onsite orders this year as they took advantage of the expanded range of high-spending buyers we delivered at the show,” Phillips said.
Posted by Mary Slepicka

Seriously? Did they attend the same Powersports show I've been attending the last 11 years. I understand PR, but this is the same thing I see over and over again as the US publications are not publishing any investigative reporting whatsoever, no in depth analysis of what's really happened, and worse a complete corporate machine intent on milking dealers and exhibitors alike.

HERE! HERE! TO THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH We now live in Orwellian times. I guess if you control what the dealers read you control what they believe right?

FACT: Show was smaller than any other show last 10 years, attendance was down, sales were down, and the biggest exhibitors were there for free.

"The growth in attendees was greatest from franchised dealerships, specialty retailers, online retailers and big box stores, including Costco and," said Heather Erickson, marketing director at Advanstar.

Mrs. Heather Erickson sounds just as ignorant as Mr. Phillips. Let's be honest Costco and have led to the destruction of the US powersports mom and pop shops. The NDA auction is actually a terrible thing because instead of buying you watch dealers make money off the failed dealers in other states.

This show has flaws that need to be fixed or the industry needs a new show. The last thing we need is more lies from Advanstar.

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