Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adria racing of T-max

Funny thing MRP was there for the test day and the actual race day this year of the first ever T-Max 500cc races. Pretty cool stuff...

Watch this T-Max get put together in FF

T-Max 500 breakdown

Can't wait unti we have commercials like this in America

Scooters in Taiwan freaking crazy.....

Scooter Escape from Taipei 101 New Year's 2007 (1/4)


Scooter Adventures on South Beach Florida

CHeck out our sweet tour of South Beach on a scooter!

Scooter Racing in Puerto Rico

Still one of our best videos....

Extended Kinroad Runmaster Go Kart 250 Buggy Segment

Why upgrade your buggy? Go Kart?
Watch this?

Another scene from MRP on national TV. Don't miss MRP on Direct TV, Dish Network on 2Xtreem TV.

Watch more episodes at

250 buggy customer interview with dr pulley clutch

Unboxing MRP variator with DR.PULLEY sliding weights

Dr.Pulley Tuning Parts,part1

distributed by

Trike using MRP Race Kit

Automatic Trike 4

Automatic Trike"How it's made! with MRP parts!

Qinqi RS-450 with MRP pipe

Holiday Scooter GY6 Scooter with upgrades

Part 4 Kinroad upgrade with MRP Dr Pully Performance Parts

Yamaha C3 Transmission demo

Our Dealer testing our C3 Exhaust on his dyno

Final Results of GY6 150cc to 200cc upgrade using MRP parts

Aprilia SR50 @ 70 MPH, One handed with DR PULLEY SLIDERS

ZTR Clutch Tool fsold by MRP

Yamaha C3 trasmission dissasembled for MRP parts

Performance upgrades by KidNmeKarts!

KidNme at the 09 dealer expo

Clutch N Clutch springs CN250 install

another awesome video

Friday, April 24, 2009

MRP parts on Joyner Go Kart

Here we have a dealer in Spain using the Martin Racing Performance upgrades on his Joyner Go Kart buggy.

As you can see he's happy with the upgrades!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Joyner 250cc Go Kart Buggy with Dr Pulley Sliders carries these Dr. Pulley Sliders in the USA. If you are interested in carrying them for your Joyner 250 buggy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top Speed Run Seans Honda Ruckus with Dr. Pulley Weights

Honda Ruckus with Dr. Pulley Weights

ZTR Clutch Tool for assembly/disassembly of rear clutch

MRP now distributes all the ZTR springs and tools so make sure to visit our site to find out more.

MRP distributes ZTR PRODUCTS

Hammerhead 250ss Performance kit top speed test 2 with 21 gram Dr. pulley sliders

This is an Upgraded Buggy Hammerhead 250ss with 21 gram Dr. pulley sliders to buy these visit one of our dealers on our website.

We have the best and greatest parts for the GY6 from Malossi, Polini, NCY, Scooter Ninja, CB Racing, Bando, and MRP. visit our dealers for info on where you can get parts, click on where to buy.

250 buggy customer interview with dr pulley clutch

These Dr. Pulley clutches can be purchased in the USA from the US distributor MRP they are all the rage for the Joyner 250 and other 250 / 300cc buggies and karts.

If you need Dr. Pulley call us here at MRP 305-599-8993

We are the orignal American Scooter Racing where WHOLESALE ONLY means WHOLESALE ONLY company with over 7 years on the scene and the first in upgrading new Asian Scooters and Go Karts. We have the best and greatest parts for the GY6 from Malossi, Polini, NCY, Scooter Ninja, CB Racing, Bando, and MRP. visit our dealers for info on where you can get parts, click on where to buy.

GO-KART yerf dog Puerto Rico Buggy Racing!

Our dealers in Puerto Rico upgrade all the Buggies using the MRP GY6 upgrades, you can see here some of our dealers having fun here with a Yerf Dog 150cc

2006 CPI GTR150 with MRP exhaust

This is the CPI GTR with the MRP exhaust upgrades. If you need CPI GTR upgrades make sure to contact MRP!

MARTIN RACING PERFORMANCE provides the best replacement and aftermarket parts to dealers and repair companies who service Asian and European made power sports and transportation products. We are Wholesale only meaning you have to visit our website and click on PLACES TO BUY to buy from a local or online store. We do this to help the scooter shops and buggy stores make money, many distributors bypass mainstreet these days we dont. We aspire to offer our services to the highest standards! Visit us for the best from Malossi, Athena, Scooter Ninja, Bando, Gates, Doctor Pulley, Namura Scooter Pistons, and much much more!

scooter drag racing at Night with MRP parts

Great video, what else can I say, this is the team we sponsor in Puerto Rico

Holiday Scooter GY6 Scooter with upgrades

Another great dealer video in Georgia with MRP exhaust and MRP scooter upgrades on his scooter.

Qinqi RS-450 with MRP pipe

Qinqi RS-450 with MRP pipe this is a Chinese 4 stroke Scooter upgrade with the MRP exhaust.

GY6 50cc, QMB139 50cc units can greatly benefit from the MRP racing exhaust!

new MRP racing pipe on VINO 125!

I've shown this video before but its a great example of MRP parts for Yamaha Scooters and what consumers think of them.

How to make a better Scooter Store Display

Dealers need to start by building an ideal scooter display. This video features the Scooter Super Store of Hollywood of Florida and pictures from Team LA, MBRA - KidnMe. All excellent dealers with great MRP displays.

Stores need to customize and make a good presentation to sell parts. Take our advice on this to be a better scooter dealer you need better displays!


Anyone else notice all the Martin Racing Performance stickers on the sides!
It's always good to label your bikes when hitting the track. This is our dealer in Puerto Rico LA CASA TEAM Sponsored by MRP

My Yamaha C3 will soon have MRP and KS Power upgrades

This is great when you see clients blogging about adding MRP scooter parts to their Yamaha Scooter! - National Holiday 2007

Amazing how the subculture for certain models have taken off. In Europe sales of the Zoomer are next to nothing yet in America, Oz, Japan the fans continue to grow.

I'm hoping it really grows to significant numbers in the next few years. Right now theres a few hot spots like Southern California, Miami, NYC where you see Ruckus owners starting to organize and upgrade thanks to the Internet.

The Yamaha Zuma / BW 125 has a huge following in other countries as well and in my opinion dealers should cater to this because traditional Honda and Yamaha dealers to ignore the needs of these customers.


I encourage all the MRP dealers to make promo videos. This is why Scootertronics does so well, they treat their customers with good service and they educate. When consumers need info they search the web, we dont sell retail so having good videos like this only help the dealer.

We think Scootertronics does an amazing job in informing and educating the consumers so we totally encourage this!



Nobody knows Drag Racing like our dealers in Puerto Rico. MRP has over 40 stores selling our goods in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean making us the brand of choice for racers of the Puerto Rican Riders Association and I have to say they are years more advanced than racers in many other places when it comes to the GY6 upgrades.

Check out this unit from one of our dealers.


Unboxing Stuff From MRP

I always encourage dealers to maintain a relationship with the consumers after they make the purchase. This is a gift package for one of our fans!

dealer promo videos CN250

I encourage all the MRP dealers to create promo videos. It will help you sell more MRP parts and its a good idea for scooter shops and buggy shops to do this. MRP does not sell retail so we want our stores to reach out there and talk to the customers.