Monday, October 26, 2009

Ideas for the season!

Holidays are here and stores need to build cool displays, well so some of us have cooler displays than others here are some neat ideas from MRP.


Guy’s the holidays are upon us, make sure to build a cool window display with Neon and Lights, if you need some cool LED Grips click here:


Approach your local food place for a delivery scooter


Some great upgrade ideas at special prices:


Building a better GY6 Racing Display involves parts here are some neat ideas!

Best selling GY6 filter

Belts for GY6
842 belt

Disk GY6


Best Selling Race Cam

N-MP-03566 Spring Base for Clutch more power

Clutch Bell racing open in stock



Zoomer Chrome Fender


PIMP Side Stand Chrome Low rider style


Engine Spacer GY6 for a smooth ride

Cosmetics GY6 Chrome Grips


Best selling GY6 filter

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stores Need to Have a website

It's important in this day and age to have a website. I talk to stores all day that don't have fax machines so I know that sounds stupid to some people, more than likely if you're reading this you are already technically savy.

It's the way the world works, it amazes me how backwards some stores are in the fact that most of them still don't have an e-commerce store. The scooter industry in the US is dominated by a few distributors and now larger companies are getting in on it. So its important for the small shop owner to sell online more now than ever. It's a source of income and if you're in a snow state you will need it.

Having a website with parts is your lifeblood. It gives you free advertising and allows you to connect to the consumer. Internet advertising is more targeted to a specific audience in this case scooter riders, buggy riders, and the group that you want to be talking to anyways. The clients who visit your website are there because they have a specific interest in your company’s product or service, which you can use to your advantage. You can allow customers or potential customers to sign up for a newsletter or sales flyer, which you can send to them via e-mail. Why wouldn't you want this? So in this day and age all the scooter shops need to have a website up.

I encourage all the small shops to open up a website. Some never will, I had a discussion with a pretty interesting dealer that despite the odds has had some success in the business, but refuses to deal with Chinese units or sell online. Not every market can support such a claim and to be honest as companies like Piaggio/Aprilia source more and manufacture more on the mainland saying "I dont sell Chinese scooters" just sounds plain stupid. The whole world is integrated now into one long assembly line with parts coming from everywhere. Even if someone made a product in the US it would still likely have Asian components. SYM, KYMCO, PGO all source in the mainland for parts and both SYM / KYMCO have factories there that produce units sold in the US. So in this day in age no scooter dealer in the US can say they dont sell Chinese scooters. New Piaggio units are made by Zongshen, new Aprilias under 500cc are made by Jincheng. So there thats the reality.

When it comes to the winter all scooter stores need to be ready. If we have a long winter the lack of a message board, online marketing, and the ability to drop ship could kill a seasonal business. There is no training for opening a small scooter shop, most people I meet get sold on the "Vespa" store idea and after a few months of low returns finally change and realize this doesn't work.

I will tell you what does and thats working with your customer and helping them find the part they need. For that you need a website. If you have a shop and would like a site, contact us and we will help you.

The Scooter Maven

New TGB models for America?

I'm going to be posting my actual test drive of the new TGB 250cc scooter shortly, but is there a retro model in store for America. Don't really know, you have to email / call the guys at but from what I saw in the Taiwan it was pretty awesome.

Will have a test drive video up in the Taiwan mountains shortly.

If you get a chance ask them about the new scoots from TGB

XMOTION 250cc (similar name to the XCITING FROM KYMCO HUH? Video review should be up shortly)

You can read my article from Motorcycle Product News by clicking here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is our TGB Factory visit. I think it's probably one of the biggest companies in the industry that nobody really talks about. Seriously without Taiwan like the slogan says "You Don't Have Parts"

Taiwan Golden Bee is the real thing. Watch the video and if you like the scooters or ATVs make sure to visit the US importer Cobra

The Scooter Maven....


MRP and CMSI Sign Parts Support and Sales Agreement

MRP and CMSI have entered into a new parts and aftermarket sales agreement. Beginning in mid-November, MRP will take over all OEM parts and aftermarket distribution of parts for CMSI.

The agreement allows MRP to expand its dealer base while helping CMSI dealers have a wider range of products and accessories.

“Given the recent economic downturn we felt we could better integrate and expand in a down market while working with specialists in the area of scooters” said Tom Lynott, president of CMSI Inc. Joel Martin of MRP continued “We felt working with CMSI made sense because the company will focus on importing units while we focus on the parts distribution unlike other buyouts or mergers we will operate as separate entities, but with the dealer in mind for the future.

“The TNG product line isn’t the same as every other Chinese scooter. The company actually has many components which are unique and will only work on their branded models, so it makes sense for us to work with TNG parts to solidify our place in the U.S. market," Martin added.

CMSI markets and distributes a broad range of product brands including TNG (Twist n' Go) and PM Tuning Racing Products as well Innovative Soft Storage Solutions. As part of the agreement, MRP will be absorbing the parts distribution, PM Tuning USA, and the Soft Storage merchandise while CMSI focuses on the unit sales. “Looking forward to 2010 we feel that TNG has a great program for its distributors and dealers which will allow us to expand into a whole new range of dealerships. We also admire the work and effort TNG has made the past 15 years, meaning it’s a brand we want to represent” Martin said.

Martin Racing Performance “MRP” has been selling aftermarket and OEM products to scooter and go kart dealers in North America for the past five years. It is sold and distributed by over 1,000 retail and repair shops nationwide. For more information, visit CMSI Inc., with headquarters near Seattle, Wash., has been a leader the last 15 years in designing, distributing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting affordable, high-value motor scooters in the United States. New 2010 models will be announced in the coming months with support and parts coming from MRP. For more information, visit Both CMSI and MRP will continue to operate independently. MRP plans on having on display new accessories and upgrades for new 2010 TNG models at Dealer Expo in Feb 2010. More on the agreement will be made available to the dealers and distributors before the annual Indy Show Meeting.

Win a Robot from MRP

So I'm giving away a robot this month to the best MRP dealer. I thought it would be a cool idea its a replica of the SYM Jet Fighter scooter.

Best Dealer this month gets a robot, let's see if it catches on.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking a Closer Look at Kymco

So we get a lot of questions about Kymco here at MRP. I've been involved with Kymco for a long time to say almost 10 years now. I first heard of them in Italy back when I was importing Malaguti Scooters between 2000-2005 to the US. The company was number 15 in sales in Italy at the time and had just become a supplier to Malaguti replacing Yamaha for the 150cc engine category. Simply put they offered the Italian OEM a better price and similar quality on their 150cc engines. Fast Forward 10 years and now Kymco is 3rd in sales having knocked off Yamaha as the 3rd best selling Scooter in Italy. This is unheard of in the kingdom of scooters called Italy.

In any case they are three times the size of the other brands. Taiwan is home to many scooter brands that are popular abroad but in Taiwan only Kymco and SYM seem to sell in their home market. The island's 22 million inhabitants own and operate about 11 million motorized two-wheelers mostly Kymco, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and SYM models. Most of the models Americans know such as Eton, CPI, KPI, and others are for export only and don't really have much market clout on the island.

(KYMCO)has dominates with an average of 35 to 37% percent market share the last few years followed by Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., a subsidiary of Japan's Yamaha Motor Co., which also has about a 30% percent market share, followed by Sanyang Industry Co. 27 to 27% percent percent market share. This is constantly changing, but followed closely by Honda and other brands. Smaller imported brands like Vespa - Piaggio sell in Taiwan but command less than 1% of the market. Some brands known in the USA are only for export or command less than a 1 to 2% market share in their home country such as Eton, CPI, or PGO. Some of these brands might be selling well in the US, but on a worldwide or Italian scale (how the industry really measures things) they dont have much market share. To understand the sheer size of Kymco see the attached article link.

One thing I will warn about is buying fake Kymco parts and scooters. Over the years I have seen them such as SYMCO, ZYMCO, CYWYNCO, DO NOT BUY THESE. I know some US cheap Chinese Parts importers are selling them, but they will likely not work on an OEM Kymco. Stay away from this stuff. Watch my video to see what I am talking about.

If you get the chance make sure to check out a Kymco at your nearest dealership.

Who are they? What does the Scooter Maven think of the brand? Let's talk about Kymco, KYMCO OEM parts and the future of the company. As an added bonus we have a link on the MRP website to our new article on our tour of the Kymco factory. Take a closer look at sales by clicking on the following article.

Check out this new article on the Mavens visit to the Kymco Factory 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Distributor Direct? Is it really a good thing?

One of the reason many scooter stores are closing is the fact that both in scooters and parts many of the distributors are selling retail. You see it on Ebay, craigslist, mailorder, the attacks on the small dealer are evident everywhere. This is sort of the grey area of the industry and two of the largest distributors in the industry in general are now doing this. Magazines wont talk about it because they are in desperate need of ads so the industry continues down this path.

Desperate times many of these importers sell to consumers sometimes at the same price as stores leaving no margin for the US retailer. The loss of the small mom and pop shop is something the motorcycle industry will never ever recover from. Margins are already thin on the best known brands and getting thinner by the day on Italian and Japanese product lines. Meaning the entire industry will soon be Chinese.

When a dealer asks me what to do my biggest suggestion is that they start looking for another distributor. I'm probably one of the few not selling direct at the moment, but how much longer can that last when the entire industry is changing? Pretty soon all distributors will be selling direct including manufacturers. Usually if distributors sell at retail they sell at MSRP, not to undercut their wholesale customers, but thats not the case anymore. Our industry is run by a bunch rats right now who are only thinking of making a quick buck - screw the dealer - screw the consumer mentality. It is not professional or business wise to bite the hand that feeds them, but thats exactly whats happening to the small stores.

Given the level of information of many small business owners or the level of sophistication for internet sales and I will buy it from whoever has it mentality nothing will change. They dont do their research and the ones that do dont have the influence to stop it. Dealer 20 groups and Dealer Associations are loosing their power every year meaning that the bigger companies are getting bigger at the expense of the small guy.

It's a catch 22. Without the small dealers there is no industry, but since many of them are not buying it does not surprise me to see more and more OEM suppliers, helmet makers, and distributors selling consumer direct.

It's sad, but thats the industry we are in.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taiwan Scooter Show

Today were sharing part of the Taiwan Show with our fans. Take a look as the Scooter Maven visits Taitra 2009.

I was invited this year to be a guest speaker at the Taiwan Scooter Show. We decided to share some of our adventures for our fans.



Monday, October 5, 2009

NEED CPI Scooter Parts? We got them

Visit us at MRP for a full selection of racing and OEM CPI scooter / ATV parts. Thats right!

Looking for CPI Parts? Then MRP is your one and only source for OEM CPI Parts!

Starting in late 2009 MRP now carries the full OEM lineup of CPI parts. Please visit our website where you can look up repair manuals (under the repair manual section) get your OEM part numbers and look them up on our site. We have the full selection of racing upgrades and CPI OEM parts for the award winning GTR 50cc, 150cc, 180cc, Oliver Sport, and the full 50cc - 250cc ATV lineup. If you need CPI scooter parts we got them. Buy from one of our dealers or online dealers and ship right to your house. For more info visit

Let's get rid of all the Bailouts and Bank of America

I had a dealer call me, he lost his business, his house, and he's repairing scooters now at his clients houses because he has no place to work. He had been in business 30 years. I am sick and tired of hearing stories like this.

This is just a rant for the MRP blog, but I believe in making money and running a business, but 2008 and 2009 were bad years for many of our clients. Everytime I watch the news it's bail out this or bailout that.

I deal with about a 1,000 small retailers and I would like to think I feel the beat of whats happening in America. Our country is hurting and it makes me sick to know that BOA is kicking people out of their homes while executives get golden parachutes. Some of our dealers are doing extremely well and I'm usually a positive person. In bad times you do see who are the snakes and oil salesmen in the Powersports Industry which has been a good thing since now we see who they are. The fly by night guys are leaving, but whats sad is that you also loose good clients.

I'm sick of all the bailout money going to banks and people like CEO Kenneth D. Lewis, who is quitting as its chief executive at year's end, he's getting $68.8 million in free money. More money than anyone deserves for kicking people out of their houses and making money on other peoples misery. These people should be in jail not living in mansions. America has lost it's way.

I say we start a new revolution and burn our checkbooks!

What is wrong with Bank of America and why won't someone put an end to this madness?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Forged GY6 Pistons

Forged GY6 150cc to 200cc Pistons. Need I say more?

If you're looking at racing then you need the ultimate forged pistons from MRP.

Click here for the link.

GY6 Forged Pistons got your attention, now get one so you can race like a Pro.

Preparing for the season for SCOOTER STORES!

More recommendations from MRP

Preparing for the season
Winter can be rough on a scooter and in some wet or icy conditions it’s not recommended that it be ridden. The engine temperature goes from extremely hot to cold and back to sizzling in a range of a few minutes. It's important that you stock and sell to your customer’s high performance synthetic oils, better spark plugs, and get a battery tender. When a scooter is put into storage you should always recommend that the client change his oil, add a fuel stabilizer, and a spark plug. Same goes for the summer months. During the summer you have longer drives, temperature extremes, congested traffic, and more stop and go wear on a scooter. Always recommend that the customer check for noisy, loose, or over tight belts, and then replace them for a longer lasting transmission system (In these cases we recommend upgrading to Kevlar) new rollers, maintaining the right tire pressure, and cleaning the carburetor allow for better performance and a longer lasting scooter. Most consumers forget they need to flush out the oil once a year on a scooter depending on how much they drive. They also don’t check their brake pads until they stop working so it’s your job to send them reminders on your store newsletter, email, or by just giving them a call. Just think of what your local Firestone or Jiffy Lube station does to constantly remind their clients to come in. To run an efficient store that’s what you need to do. Sending out a postcard to your clients (remember to add the MRP logo and parts list to it) will always get you business before the seasons and keep your customers safe on the road.

Scooter Bling and Why you should Stock It

The importance of accessories
Anyone who has watched Orange County Choppers or Monster Garage knows how important custom bikes are in the motorcycle industry. In the rest of the world from Italy to Japan customizing a scooter is a normal part of the industry. The emergence of the hip hop and urban style around the world is undeniable. This is now starting to take off in America as well so don’t get left out by not stocking accessories. Clients tend to invest more in customizing a scooter than what they spent on the scooter. A good shop has one or two custom scooters on display and we don’t mean vintage we mean “new.” Never underestimate the importance of having chrome accessories, rims, and other body kits in stock. These are hot items which sell themselves. From racing exhausts to cup holders if you don’t have them it only means someone else is selling them. This is what separates your business from the fly by night guy who only orders parts as people need them. In the world of customization you have to invest to be the best. If you stock it, display it, and show it off your clients will keep coming back to build their dream bike.

How to Display Scooter Parts

If you need help on how to build a proper scooter display make sure to give us a buzz. A lot of new dealerships have trouble building good displays.

We have the tools and accessories from our suppliers to make your store look like its the scooter super store. From racks to lighted signs we have it all so make sure to give us a buzz and we'll help you give the customer the ultimate scooter experience.

For new Shop Owners to Older Shop owners we all need help sometimes in building a better shop. Below is some advice from the Scooter Maven.


Scootering’s recent emergence in America as an accepted form of transportation has been quite a transformation from a few years back when it was seen as only a hobby. It seems like everyone from college students to corporate managers are now riding a scooter. It’s like the old saying; you really never notice how many bikes are on the road until you start riding one.

First off this is a business of passion. Simply put you don’t invest in this type of industry unless you love vehicles. Passion is your greatest friend and your greatest enemy when running a store. I have spoken to countless owners over the years and investors, many of them no longer have a store because they followed their passion without looking at the numbers. The bottom line is when selling a scooter you have sell parts, accessories, and apparel. You have to make the store a destination not just a simple shop. The day and age where you could survive just by selling one part and never seeing the customer again are gone. You have to think like your biggest competitor. Look at all the successful stores opening up and that have stayed in business for more than five years in this market and you will see that besides passion they made the store a destination. From Sportique in Denver to the Super Scooter Stores of America each store chain has a following behind what they are doing.

Scooter sales are rising and to capture the market you have to have what the guy down the street doesn’t and usually that’s parts. The same has happened to the off-road buggy scene which has seen a phenomenal triple digit sales explosion across America. Many stores sell both items and the advice we are giving you we hope will help you be more efficient, more profitable, and a lifelong MRP customer.

If it’s your first jump into the business then take our advice and remember these basic rules:

1. If you have it you will sell it

The thrill of riding a scooter or a buggy is living in the moment. This applies to accessories and performance parts. Your customer sees it in the store, asks about it, and buys it. Having an exhaust display, a tire display, a helmet display, and an accessories display is essential. We understand that stores cannot stock everything, but if you don’t stock anything then your not really a store just a front. This makes the difference between the fly-by-night guy and a permanent shop that customers can have confidence in. If you don’t have it there is no reason for the customer to buy from your store when he can go online and get it. If you create traffic you will create buyers who buy a Vespa toy for a friend even if he/she do not ride a scooter. This creates cash flow and makes a more interesting store.

Building a good display takes only a few minutes. First you need to figure out what brands you are focused in your store.
Do you really want to promote SYM? How about TGB? Maybe your Kymco lineup?
Call us and stock accessories for your flagship line. Get the tires for the bikes you move the most. Customers don’t want to wait three days for a tire and if your supplier is out of stock then you better be ready. So if your best selling scooter is a TGB 303 then you need to stock tires all the time for the TGB 303.

So what should you stock? Well that all depends on what you carry and we can help you here at MRP with these hard decisions. Do you have accessories for the Maxi Scooters? Do you stock your most common engine cylinders?
A decent dealer has at least $2,500 in accessories on display and $1,000 in tires and cylinders. You can build an incredible performance center with less than $2,000. In most stores this is less than the cost of two units. Scooter/Buggy shops should also have an assortment of apparel and lubricants we suggest at least $2,000 in these items. A total investment of $6,000 will allow you to have a full range of entry level cylinders to the high end aluminum Italian brands. If done correctly this will be one of the most profitable sides of the business.

I’ve looked at the model and if you’re not getting at least $1500 in PG&A from a scooter then you’re not maximizing the potential of the store. To do this you have to have the accessories in stock. Just in Time will not work.

2. You make more money on parts, repairs, and accessories than you do on unit sales

Some stores don’t sell fifty or thirty units a month but they stay profitable all year long. They maintain reasonable shop rates, have service plans, provide oil change specials, sell parts online, and make sure to stock up on everyday items like tires, oil, helmets, key chains, scooter toys, and other accessories. If you can’t recall the last time your service department was profitable then it’s time to rethink the master plan. If it’s a new store then we suggest buying a set of our Haynes Manuals and MRP repair guides to help get you on your way. Repairs and service is what separates you from Pep Boys or a Big Box Discounter. They don’t repair the scooters or Go Karts they sell, but you do. So invest in a good shop, invest in stocking parts, and invest in accessories. If you need suggestions calls us and we will help put an order together for you.

3. Make the store a destination not a “One Time Sale”

What makes your store special? Why buy oil at your shop and not at the local Wal-Mart or Big Box Discounter? Is it service? Is it the shopping experience? Is it having a friend you can count on that isn’t just a number at a chain store? It’s a proven fact that it costs ten times more to get a new customer than to sell to a current customer. Small store owners have an advantage when they create a shopping experience. You have to give the customer a reason to visit the shop more than twice a year. If your store has scooter accessories, a cool environment, and caters to the lifestyle you will always have repeat business. Stores like Pep Boys and other Big Box discounters are now starting to sell scooter oil, helmets, and covers but their employees aren’t trained to know anything about scooters. To them they are disposable items, but to you it is a lifestyle. Retailers should add to the experience. Here are some ideas:
Have a TV with videos and allow your customer to show off their riding videos. At MRP we are working to release a series of DVDs in 2007 that show scooter and Go Kart upgrades so play the DVD in the background and you will see your sales grow.
Keep the store clean and friendly. Decorate according to the season (Halloween, Christmas, etc...) this always helps in retail. Stock items that appeal to women riders such as women’s apparel and lifestyle items. Encourage scooter or buggy riding days. You have to sell the full package not just sales and parts, but the full lifestyle experience. Another suggestion is look for brands that get attention like the new Vectrix Electric Scooter ( carrying something unique like a Vectrix or a Segway will always get people in the door.
Also, make sure to have plenty of bar stools and customer seating while they wait for their repair. Stock the Industry Trades such as:

Scoot Quarterly -

Scooter World Magazine -

4. Alternative sources of revenue

This goes hand in hand with selling accessories and making the store a destination. To stay profitable all year long we encourage you to think outside of the traditional PowerSports or repair shop. Look at the different sections on our website and try new items to see how they do inside the store. Test them, see what you think, show them off. Try upgrading a scooter and having it on display with lights inside the shop. It’s all about presentation.

We also suggest selling easy to prepare small food items, espresso, clothing, gelato, ice cream, and having plenty of shaded seating outside of the shop. If located at a strip mall this will allow more foot traffic and allow people that would never enter a scooter shop to visit for the first time.

Even in a cold environment the trick could be coffee or Italian Ice. In the winter months this creates a unique opportunity to move the experience indoors with videos, stories, and seminars. Some of the most profitable stores we know sell coffee and drinks while playing scooter videos. At the end of the month, all these pennies add up, every MRP shirt, key chain, hat, even our covers add to the bottom line. Depending on the season certain items such as scooter toys, apparel, even a gift item like a stuffed bear will help. Having these alternative sources of revenue keeps the cash flow moving and brings back happy customers.

5. Instead of empty advertising invest in your customers

Do not spend money on empty advertising. In ten years I have seen countless stores open and close and those that thrive invest in the customer. Those are your best ad vehicles. Stickers, license plates with your store number, and giving them the full store experience is worth more than any local TV, radio, or print ad. Happy customers recruit more customers. Selling online is also a huge factor. A good website featuring our MRP parts will cost you less than a local ad in a newspaper and we will help you set it up. We deal with hundreds of shops that do not have a website and I cannot tell you in this day and age what a mistake that is. A good website, small ads, mailers,
and flyers work better for small stores than big radio campaigns or local magazines. Spend smart and focus on the trends. Make sure to visit, save your user name and password. Allow your employees to surf the site and become familiar with what we sell for the brands you carry. Knowing your product and what’s available for it is worth more than any ad.

6. Lastly, SCOOTER MAVEN what brands should I sell?

I get asked this question everyday from new stores and stores just starting to carry Scooters. This is a tricky question, but my answer is to split it up according to the market and to do your research. My best suggestion is for a store to have a High end brand, a Medium end brand, an Entry level vehicle.

Depending on the size of the store the focus should be on the Medium range since 60% of buyers will want price and quality. This is where the majority of the market is and if you can afford to have several brands then the majority should be focused on this price range. I also think too many brands can mean the store does a bad job, so don’t confuse the customer by carrying too many brands. If it’s a small store you might not be able to handle the full range of product of more then four or five manufacturers.

Quantity vs. Quality: Many dealers give up quality to move volume, but you can never build a quality dealership or a good reputation by only selling the cheapest product you can get your hands on. Your store will also never have the recognition it needs to survive or margins if it doesn’t sell a high end or high medium end brand that does consumer advertising. I don’t mean advertising in the trade publications such as Powersports Business, Dealer News, MPN, Motorcycle Industry News, or Powersports Management (If you don’t get these magazines make sure to subscribe to them.) The consumer magazines I was referring to are Cycle World or a trade like the Rob Report. You’ll see companies like Yamaha and Kymco advertising scooters in the consumer trades. Most up and coming brands will have ads out in Scoot and Scooter World, but if you don’t see them in any of these magazines then you’re dealing with a price based product or distribution method. You cannot expect much support from brands purely based on moving volume. Most stores that I talk to carry a high end, several medium lines, and one or two entry level units.

As to quality I used to recommend only Italian or Japanese for the highest quality, but the truth is if you open a Kymco or SYM scooter these are just as good if not better than some Italian brands. These companies are out producing the Europeans and their customer satisfaction is up every year. Since they have better margins they are able to give better dealer/consumer support meaning eventually they will reach if not surpasses their Italian/Japanese counterparts. Before picking up a brand I would start by calling several dealers, check out the reviews on websites, contact the magazines Scooter World and Scoot, and beware of Yahoo forums since some of them are run by the importers themselves or their staff. Fake reviews of scooters can often be found and some companies pay for fake blogs.

Regulations: We all know life isn’t fair, but to the game has certain rules so that all the “real” brands have to agree to certain terms to play on an even playing field. Make sure whoever you buy from has a state distributor’s license; EPA papers, and is doing things legally. I would suggest not buying from your competition and that’s basically any importer/distributor/factory that owns its own retail store (even if it’s in another state), distribution point, a sister company that does online sales, or sells on EBay the same vehicles they sell you. In the long run they will be selling to your customer’s parts, replacement parts, even accessories so it’s better to support brands that support you the dealer. This goes back to how many brands you carry, the more your support the brand the more that manufacturer is likely to help you the dealer.

We live in a Global Marketplace and sometimes despite an importer good intentions they cannot control everything going on at the factories. Some brands come and go, some switch importers, and some factories will eventually come into a market directly that’s why its good for distributors to have good third party support so that there is plenty of parts available for the product they import. Make sure whoever you’re buying from supports the Scooter / Go Kart scene supports their dealers, and is supported by the aftermarket industry. We are supported by the brands that you see in this catalog today, make sure that if you buy from one of these companies that you let them know at the Indy show, on the phone, or at the next trade show that you are glad to see them support the scene.

If you have any questions, comments, or have suggestions for the next printing please email me at


MRP is now a distributor for Two Brothers Racing. Full exhausts for the Honda Ruckus, T-Max, Kymco Super 8 150, Honda SH150, and more. MRP dealers will also have access to future exhausts available only from MRP. Available for drop shipping and for the clone site operators now on the MRP website. Click below for the link

All the Two Brothers Racing exhausts will feature their VALE system.
Designed and built with painstaking care and attention to detail, Two Brothers Racing is proud to release our V.A.L.E.™ M-2 Complete exhaust system for the brand new Yamaha T-Max, Honda SH 150, Kymco Super 8 150cc, and Honda Ruckus Zoomer 50cc available with either aluminum, titanium or high-temp carbon fiber canisters.


Free Exhaust Display for New Dealers

One of our suppliers Turbo Kit
is giving a free display for any US dealer that purchases (At the same time) three (3) or more scooter, buggy, atv, or motorcycle exhaust from MRP (we're their US Distributor) so if you want the best in racing exhausts you want to try Turbo Kit.

The company has been a family run business for 40 years. They are the OEM supplier to Team Aprilia Spain, Team Kawasaki, Team Suzuki, and now Team Honda, they supply all the major scooter races in Spain.

A little known fact about Turbo Kit is that they manufacture for other companies such as Hebo, Stage 6, and more. They actually make more items for other brands than their own thats how good of a factory they are, but now in 2009 they are coming in full throttle into the US.

This is one of their promotions that we ran at the Dealer Expo and it was hit, we decided to help the dealers out and help them with their merchandising display so take advantage while supplies last.

New Scooter Dealers Take Advantage Get 3 and Get a Free $250 Display

visit for more info.

Christmas Sales

New Light Bike Grips available from
Make your ATV, Scooter, or Bike safer with LED Grips from MRP

I know a lot of stores are hesitant to invest in an X-mas display, but let me tell you put these babies on your ATV in the window and you will hear the money fairy flying in. The ATV light grips sell themselves because you're selling safety.

ATV season and Buggy season starts in October, kids in Arizona and California finally go out to the dessert again and what parent doesn't want the ATV to be more visible?

Get yourself a set of these and be safe all night long!

Available from your local MRP dealer, and if you're a dealer that has never tried one, what are you waiting for? call us and order some today.

Building a Better Scooter Store

Most new scooter dealers (and believe me there were a lot of new ones that opened in 2008) don't know they need to accessorize. This will be the first winter for many of them and most of them aren't ready. You see they spent the better part of 2008 selling anything everything they could get into the shop thanks to high oil prices, but this year you actually have to work for a sale. I have some simple advice that can help the new shop owners stay in business.

1. You can't sell what you dont have. Stock. You dont walk into a Best Buy and just get the DVD player, why would anyone just want a scooter. You want the cover, lock, saddle bags etc... learn from Walmart, put the detergent and cleaner all next to each other.
2. New Second and Third Tier non-Japanese Big 4 brand dealers don't know how to merchandise a store. When you go work at Mc Donald's they send you to Hamburger University, not everyone is lucky to have a brand like Kymco that gives you Dealer University or training manuals, but you can still learn from others. What do you do? you stock. You need to stock helmets, parts, accessories and more. Don't forget to support the unknown brand. If you sell CF MOTO then stock CF MOTO upgrades.
3. Call back old customers. You need to invite them to visit the shop. See whats new, test out an upgraded demo. Anyone can make a sale once, but can you do it twice?
4. Call MRP. In a bad economy people are not buying new scooters, they are fixing old bikes. Think about it, more scooters are coming out that haven't been fixed in years so you need to be ready.
5. Even if its an unknown brand you can make a cool upgraded Demo, so what if the distributor doesnt do any marketing. You can. Get to it, build out, chrome up, paint a nice demo today.

We were a scooter unit sales based mirco-economy in 2009 as consumers and stores have less cash we have become a service based economy in the world of scooters. Consumers want you to have parts, if you don't have them they will go elsewhere.

If you want to sell some parts this Winter call us 305-599-8993 visit

Friday, October 2, 2009

Parts Fulfillment Company looking to 2010

So 2009 has been a busy year, we just made a new friend who came up with a great name for MRP "The Ultimate Small Displacement Fulfillment Company" I liked that, it had a ring to it.

It's been a busy year being that now you can get all your Diamo, Italjet America, Malaguti, CPI, Linhai, QJ, Keeway, Vento, Benelli, Andretti parts all in one place.

We appreciate those dealers buying from us who like everyone are struggling in this new economy. The difference between the fly by night store and the stores that stock parts and repair bikes is now more evident than ever, many of those quick money guys have folded. The dealers that sell accessories, upgrades like Turbo Kit, and other brand name parts are staying strong and staying in business. The guys that just wanted to buy cheap scooters and make a quick buck are leaving the market.

As more time passes the difference between another MRP imitator and the Ultimate Small Displacement Fulfillment Company will become evident.

So my message to the dealers is stay stong, sell service and parts. The fly by night guys wont be around in 2010.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Like 50cc and Like 200cc

I almost forgot here are the specs on the new Kymco models

Specs on New Kymco Models
Model LIKE 50
Retail Price $2,099.00
Type Scooter

Type 2-Stroke
Displacement 49cc
Bore x Stroke 39x41.4
Carburetor Keihin 16mm
Cooling Forced Air
Ignition Electric/Kick

Transmission CVT automatic

Front Telescopic Forks
Rear Mono Shock
Tires-Front 120/70-12
Tires-Rear 130/70-12

Front Disc
Rear Drum

Length 76.3"
Width 27.3"
Height 46"
Wheelbase 51.9"
Rake/Trail N/A
Claimed Dry Weight 220 lbs.
Seat Height 30.7"
Underseat Storage Yes
Fuel Capacity 1.8 gal.
Estimated MPG N/A

Instrumentation Speedometer, Odometer & Fuel

Colors White, Black, Red, Ivory, Light Blue

Warranty 2 Year Factory

C.A.R.B. Compliant N/A

LIKE 200
Model LIKE 200i
Retail Price N/A
Type Scooter

Type 4-Stroke SOHC
Displacement 163cc
Bore x Stroke 60x57.8
Carburetor EFI
Cooling Forced Air
Ignition Electric/Kick

Transmission CVT automatic

Front Telescopic Forks
Rear Dual Shocks
Tires-Front 120/70-12
Tires-Rear 130/70-12

Front Disc
Rear Disc

Length 76.3"
Width 27.3"
Height 44.6"
Wheelbase 51.9"
Rake/Trail N/A
Claimed Dry Weight 245 lbs.
Seat Height 30.5"
Underseat Storage Yes
Fuel Capacity 1.8 gal.
Estimated MPG N/A

Instrumentation Speedometer, Odometer & Fuel

Colors White, Black, Red, Ivory, Light Blue

Warranty 2 Year Factory

C.A.R.B. Compliant Pending

New Kymco Like 50cc and 200cc Early Look

So here's the scoop on the new Kymco Like. I hereby declare it the best selling scooter of 2011 and 2012. Simply put hands down it will knock the socks off all the other retro themed scooters in the USA.

Why? It has a Lambretta/Vespa Amalgam retro feel and comes from the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan. Kymco dwarfs all other OEMs on the island 10 to 1 in production size, Quality Control, and in Scope, basically they are what Honda is to Japan. This $800 million dollar company is now on the verge of finally having the one hit product they needed to dominate US scooter sales, its revolutionary like the People 50 (which by the way would always outsell the Aprilia Scarabeo 50 because of the price)

I tested/rode/wrecked both versions and I think they made some amazing changes since I saw them at the Kymco factory in Taiwan this last April. Reminded me of the first time I rode a Metropolitan 8 years ago or the first time I saw a Malaguti Yesterday. It's everything Americans want at a very good price. See in the US retro sells. You can see it in a Buddy, Metro, Vino, Vino Chinese Clone, People, Scarebeo, anything retro like everything Vespa will sell. We have this need to buy retro scooters. I've always been a sportier guy, I like my Malaguti F-15 or Aprilia SR 50, I now even own a CPI GTR courtesy of CPI, but I know the market and the US market calls for the Like.

The 50cc has a 2 stroke engine and it rocks! It's got power to spare and you can upgrade it. The 200cc needs a little more juice, the Yager 200 and People 200 feel more powerful and have bigger engines but you know who cares it will still be the best retro scooter in the 125 - 200cc category out there. I would even say its nicer and at a better price than the Aprilia Scarabeo or the Vespa LX150. Just my opinion lets see what the market says in 2010, but I would put my money on Kymco.

There are some good scooters on the market now, but when I saw everything Kymco has planned for 2010 I cannot wait to see people rush to the dealers and buy one of these. More on the Kymco Like in my follow ups.

For more info on Kymco visit
For upgrades for the Kymco Like 50cc and 200cc stay tuned to MRP.

Kymco Upgrade Exhausts from Turbo Kit

Simply put the best exhaust upgrade you can get for an Xciting 250cc or Bet and Win 250cc is the Turbo Kit Complete Race System.

For top end I dont know of any model that works better than the Turbo Kit, since were talking about Kymco nonstop this week I featured I would make a plug for it, available at any fine MRP dealership check out our site for a list of dealers that stock it. Can't find it? Click on places to buy for an online MRP dealer that will ship it to your house.

TURBO KIT 250cc Bet and Win 250cc

People 200

Just took a ride on the People 200 by Kymco. I have to say its a sweet ride, it has a little more power than the Like 200 which I'm about to talk about, but I loved the handling.

The People S 200 is different from the 150cc I rode in Puerto Rico a few years back, it has a little more kick to it, the styling is different and somehow I think the seat is nicer. If you're a lady you will like it because you hardly feel the road thanks to the bigger tires. Braking power was excellent on it and I liked the way it curved.

Now if you're daily commute isn't that far I would take it over the older 250cc model that they had any day. It's perfect for inner city with some highway exposure. I dont think you need more than a 200cc for living in a city like Denver or Miami. If you have a lot of commuting and you have to go over 30 miles each way to work then yes a 250cc might be better.

Now if you like the 16" wheels then take the People 200 for a spin. If you want something a little more radical wait for the LIKE 200.

Below are the specs Kymco has one of the best warranties in the industry so make sure to check them out next time you visit your local dealer.

Model PEOPLE S 200
Retail Price $3,399.00
Type Scooter

Type 4-Stroke SOHC
Displacement 163cc
Bore x Stroke 60x57.8
Carburetor Keihin 22.1mm
Cooling Forced Air
Ignition Electric

Transmission CVT automatic

Front Telescopic Forks
Rear Dual Shocks
Tires-Front 100/80-16
Tires-Rear 120/80-16

Front Disc
Rear Drum

Length 79"
Width 28.3"
Height 51"
Wheelbase 53"
Rake/Trail N/A
Claimed Dry Weight 256 lbs.
Seat Height 31"
Underseat Storage Yes
Fuel Capacity 1.8 gal.
Estimated MPG 90 mpg

Instrumentation Speedometer, Odometer, Clock, Fuel & 12 Accessory Outlet

Colors Red, Black, Blue

Warranty 2 Year Factory

C.A.R.B. Compliant Yes