Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scooter Bling and Why you should Stock It

The importance of accessories
Anyone who has watched Orange County Choppers or Monster Garage knows how important custom bikes are in the motorcycle industry. In the rest of the world from Italy to Japan customizing a scooter is a normal part of the industry. The emergence of the hip hop and urban style around the world is undeniable. This is now starting to take off in America as well so don’t get left out by not stocking accessories. Clients tend to invest more in customizing a scooter than what they spent on the scooter. A good shop has one or two custom scooters on display and we don’t mean vintage we mean “new.” Never underestimate the importance of having chrome accessories, rims, and other body kits in stock. These are hot items which sell themselves. From racing exhausts to cup holders if you don’t have them it only means someone else is selling them. This is what separates your business from the fly by night guy who only orders parts as people need them. In the world of customization you have to invest to be the best. If you stock it, display it, and show it off your clients will keep coming back to build their dream bike.

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