Saturday, October 3, 2009

Preparing for the season for SCOOTER STORES!

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Preparing for the season
Winter can be rough on a scooter and in some wet or icy conditions it’s not recommended that it be ridden. The engine temperature goes from extremely hot to cold and back to sizzling in a range of a few minutes. It's important that you stock and sell to your customer’s high performance synthetic oils, better spark plugs, and get a battery tender. When a scooter is put into storage you should always recommend that the client change his oil, add a fuel stabilizer, and a spark plug. Same goes for the summer months. During the summer you have longer drives, temperature extremes, congested traffic, and more stop and go wear on a scooter. Always recommend that the customer check for noisy, loose, or over tight belts, and then replace them for a longer lasting transmission system (In these cases we recommend upgrading to Kevlar) new rollers, maintaining the right tire pressure, and cleaning the carburetor allow for better performance and a longer lasting scooter. Most consumers forget they need to flush out the oil once a year on a scooter depending on how much they drive. They also don’t check their brake pads until they stop working so it’s your job to send them reminders on your store newsletter, email, or by just giving them a call. Just think of what your local Firestone or Jiffy Lube station does to constantly remind their clients to come in. To run an efficient store that’s what you need to do. Sending out a postcard to your clients (remember to add the MRP logo and parts list to it) will always get you business before the seasons and keep your customers safe on the road.

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