Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's get rid of all the Bailouts and Bank of America

I had a dealer call me, he lost his business, his house, and he's repairing scooters now at his clients houses because he has no place to work. He had been in business 30 years. I am sick and tired of hearing stories like this.

This is just a rant for the MRP blog, but I believe in making money and running a business, but 2008 and 2009 were bad years for many of our clients. Everytime I watch the news it's bail out this or bailout that.

I deal with about a 1,000 small retailers and I would like to think I feel the beat of whats happening in America. Our country is hurting and it makes me sick to know that BOA is kicking people out of their homes while executives get golden parachutes. Some of our dealers are doing extremely well and I'm usually a positive person. In bad times you do see who are the snakes and oil salesmen in the Powersports Industry which has been a good thing since now we see who they are. The fly by night guys are leaving, but whats sad is that you also loose good clients.

I'm sick of all the bailout money going to banks and people like CEO Kenneth D. Lewis, who is quitting as its chief executive at year's end, he's getting $68.8 million in free money. More money than anyone deserves for kicking people out of their houses and making money on other peoples misery. These people should be in jail not living in mansions. America has lost it's way.

I say we start a new revolution and burn our checkbooks!

What is wrong with Bank of America and why won't someone put an end to this madness?

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