Saturday, May 19, 2012

QMB139 Parts 101Octane now added

We just added a new line of parts for the QMB139 50cc GY6 series called 101Octane. Made in Taiwan its a lot better than the traditional stuff you get from China. Dealers will immediately see the quality difference and its a from respected brand.

Over 100 items have been added to the QMB139 parts for scooters section of our website this weekend. Check it out if you want the best in scooter parts you want MRP and we now carry 101Octane scooter parts.

Friday, May 18, 2012

GY6 Buggy Exhaust back in stock

Our best selling GoKart Buggy 150cc exhaust is back. Check it out just in time for Summer 2012
Kinroad 150 Sahara Racing Exhaust works on Vision and Dazon GY6

The Future of US Retail is online for everyone even small scooter stores

I honestly think that the best performing stores sell online. They have to. If they don't they live off local and regional sales.

This is why the motorcycle industry has such a high churn rate. The average dealer is too busy to really think about it, but I always see former owners at the show working as a manager at a new store. One of them came to me this year at Dealer Expo and told me that I was right, that he should have sold online. It might have saved his business. In ten years most stores only last two to three years. Few dealers have made it to ten. If they do they deserve all the respect in the world. Every market is different but the last four years have not been kind to the US motorcycle industry.

If you own a scooter store in North America right now and don't have a website. Get one today. Blog, open a facebook account, and start selling online even if its Ebay. The future of all stores depends on Social Networks.

You can spend your entire day arguing with someone over how much it costs to change his tire that he purchased on another website and brought it in to your shop or you could be drop shipping from MRP. You could be on the beach right now remote connecting, answering the phone, and working on selling some parts.

Consumers call us all day long. We get so busy they expect us to talk to them for 40 minutes about what a variator does. I always have the same answer, tell me your location and if there's not a dealer I have a list of dealers that will talk to you on the phone that sell online. We get the sale anyways, but we are one of the few companies that send this business back to the dealership in that way.

So if you can answer the phone and help people. Call us. Get set up today.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Huffington Post needs better writers

Seriously, I love headlines but this takes the cake. The Huffington Post story today "

Honda's UNI-CUB Robotic Unicycle Could Replace Scooter"

Uni_cub Robot

This is like the Mini Segway some engineer decided to see if he could design, but the truth is nobody in Japan short of a few people at Honda will be sitting on this thing. 

Story goes on to say " The UNI-CUB advances the technology from the U3-X, allowing riders to move forward, backward, sideways and diagonally, which enables them to move through crowds more easily." "The device will be at Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation starting in June. Although Honda says it doesn't have plans to sell it at this time, the automaker is clearly working on getting this kind of technology into consumers' hands."

American magazines love to come up with headlines, but the truth is this thing will never be used nor is it a scooter. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Naraku Scooter Parts Catalog

We just added the Naraku Scooter Catalog to our online files. Use the numbers in the catalog when ordering.
Also, for stocking dealers we are now including free catalogs with your shop orders.

Use the parts catalog on your counter to get more sales.

Friday, May 11, 2012

AIMExpo MRP first scooter company to commit to new show

AIMExpo MRP first scooter company to commit to new show

Ok, committing to the new show. Press release to follow.

AIMExpo Selects Host City: Orlando. Event details: October 16-20, 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romero Britto and his love of Vespa

I randomly bumped into the Brazilian-born pop art icon Romero Britto last night on SOBE.

We first met a couple of years ago at the Setai where he signed a book collection of his works that was a gift that's currently on display at the MRP office. So we had a chance to ask him about his love of fun vehicles which I should upload shortly.

Two things stuck out. First how he is probably the most famous Brazilian I know and the fact he was just the guest of honor by the school of Samba at the 2012 Carnival in Rio where his works were more than likely viewed by over 100 million people. I've been to Brazil, but never had a chance to go to the Carnival and that's on my list of things to do and second how I loved the designs he put out for the limited edition Vespa's and how he had to do more of them.

Vespa every couple of years selects different artists and those designs for charity auctions and other events, but honestly the best artist in my opinion has always been Miami native Britto. So let's hope Vespa is reading my blog ( I have it on good word from people at the Vespa USA office that they do )

I wish he would make a miniature version and sell them.
He could just grab some Maisto toys and paint them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Manuals Renegade by UM and Xpeed

For those dealers looking for the correct parts manuals for United Motors of America use these correct manuals.

Renegade Manual - use these parts numbers when looking at the MRP website or ordering parts from a dealer.

For the Xpeed 50cc with the Hyosung Engine SF50 Prima use this manual:
For all newer X-peed 50cc units made by Hyosung with the private label UM stickers its the same as the Prima 50cc model S50, SF50, Prima50cc.

MRP has more wholesale parts than anyone, but please USE OEM numbers when looking up parts for these scooter and motorcycle models to find them.

How to find Scooter Parts in 5 mins or less

MRP sells Performance engine parts and scooter tuning accessories from Stage6, SSP, Motoforce, STR8, Malossi, Polini, Hebo, Naraku, Top Performances, Arreche and others. Racing cylinder kits, exhaust systems, clutches, variators, carburetors, drive belts optic tuning accessories and more.
OEM PDF Manuals for hundreds of scooters!
Stocking Dealer locator
or go to with the MRP part number and order from any national Cycle Gear location.
We are the only scooter parts distributor in the USA that is solely dealer direct and we are happy to send any potential online inquiries to stocking stores. So any consumers looking for Daelim parts will have to go to a store with an MRP account or have their store buy from another dealer that has an account with us. We also sell top name scooter brands like SN Duro Innova Kenda Bridgestone Gates Powerlink 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SF50 Hyosung and United Motors Xpeed Franco Morini engine manual

We have the online repair manuals for the SF50cc by Hyosung. Use this repair manual when ordering parts for Hyosung and United Motors scooters.

If you need additional repair manuals for UM scooters make sure to visit our site and get the part numbers. We have all the parts for scooters for all the major brands. MRP has all the top parts for the scooters you need. So if looking for Hyosung SF50 Prima 50cc parts or United Motors Xpeed units made after 2005 then you need the Franco Morini engine versions. Make sure to get the parts you need for your scooter at MRP!

OEM PDF Manuals for hundreds of scooters!
Stocking Dealer locator