Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romero Britto and his love of Vespa

I randomly bumped into the Brazilian-born pop art icon Romero Britto last night on SOBE.

We first met a couple of years ago at the Setai where he signed a book collection of his works that was a gift that's currently on display at the MRP office. So we had a chance to ask him about his love of fun vehicles which I should upload shortly.

Two things stuck out. First how he is probably the most famous Brazilian I know and the fact he was just the guest of honor by the school of Samba at the 2012 Carnival in Rio where his works were more than likely viewed by over 100 million people. I've been to Brazil, but never had a chance to go to the Carnival and that's on my list of things to do and second how I loved the designs he put out for the limited edition Vespa's and how he had to do more of them.

Vespa every couple of years selects different artists and those designs for charity auctions and other events, but honestly the best artist in my opinion has always been Miami native Britto. So let's hope Vespa is reading my blog ( I have it on good word from people at the Vespa USA office that they do )

I wish he would make a miniature version and sell them.
He could just grab some Maisto toys and paint them.

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