Friday, May 18, 2012

The Future of US Retail is online for everyone even small scooter stores

I honestly think that the best performing stores sell online. They have to. If they don't they live off local and regional sales.

This is why the motorcycle industry has such a high churn rate. The average dealer is too busy to really think about it, but I always see former owners at the show working as a manager at a new store. One of them came to me this year at Dealer Expo and told me that I was right, that he should have sold online. It might have saved his business. In ten years most stores only last two to three years. Few dealers have made it to ten. If they do they deserve all the respect in the world. Every market is different but the last four years have not been kind to the US motorcycle industry.

If you own a scooter store in North America right now and don't have a website. Get one today. Blog, open a facebook account, and start selling online even if its Ebay. The future of all stores depends on Social Networks.

You can spend your entire day arguing with someone over how much it costs to change his tire that he purchased on another website and brought it in to your shop or you could be drop shipping from MRP. You could be on the beach right now remote connecting, answering the phone, and working on selling some parts.

Consumers call us all day long. We get so busy they expect us to talk to them for 40 minutes about what a variator does. I always have the same answer, tell me your location and if there's not a dealer I have a list of dealers that will talk to you on the phone that sell online. We get the sale anyways, but we are one of the few companies that send this business back to the dealership in that way.

So if you can answer the phone and help people. Call us. Get set up today.

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