Saturday, October 3, 2009

Building a Better Scooter Store

Most new scooter dealers (and believe me there were a lot of new ones that opened in 2008) don't know they need to accessorize. This will be the first winter for many of them and most of them aren't ready. You see they spent the better part of 2008 selling anything everything they could get into the shop thanks to high oil prices, but this year you actually have to work for a sale. I have some simple advice that can help the new shop owners stay in business.

1. You can't sell what you dont have. Stock. You dont walk into a Best Buy and just get the DVD player, why would anyone just want a scooter. You want the cover, lock, saddle bags etc... learn from Walmart, put the detergent and cleaner all next to each other.
2. New Second and Third Tier non-Japanese Big 4 brand dealers don't know how to merchandise a store. When you go work at Mc Donald's they send you to Hamburger University, not everyone is lucky to have a brand like Kymco that gives you Dealer University or training manuals, but you can still learn from others. What do you do? you stock. You need to stock helmets, parts, accessories and more. Don't forget to support the unknown brand. If you sell CF MOTO then stock CF MOTO upgrades.
3. Call back old customers. You need to invite them to visit the shop. See whats new, test out an upgraded demo. Anyone can make a sale once, but can you do it twice?
4. Call MRP. In a bad economy people are not buying new scooters, they are fixing old bikes. Think about it, more scooters are coming out that haven't been fixed in years so you need to be ready.
5. Even if its an unknown brand you can make a cool upgraded Demo, so what if the distributor doesnt do any marketing. You can. Get to it, build out, chrome up, paint a nice demo today.

We were a scooter unit sales based mirco-economy in 2009 as consumers and stores have less cash we have become a service based economy in the world of scooters. Consumers want you to have parts, if you don't have them they will go elsewhere.

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