Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Kymco Like 50cc and 200cc Early Look

So here's the scoop on the new Kymco Like. I hereby declare it the best selling scooter of 2011 and 2012. Simply put hands down it will knock the socks off all the other retro themed scooters in the USA.

Why? It has a Lambretta/Vespa Amalgam retro feel and comes from the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan. Kymco dwarfs all other OEMs on the island 10 to 1 in production size, Quality Control, and in Scope, basically they are what Honda is to Japan. This $800 million dollar company is now on the verge of finally having the one hit product they needed to dominate US scooter sales, its revolutionary like the People 50 (which by the way would always outsell the Aprilia Scarabeo 50 because of the price)

I tested/rode/wrecked both versions and I think they made some amazing changes since I saw them at the Kymco factory in Taiwan this last April. Reminded me of the first time I rode a Metropolitan 8 years ago or the first time I saw a Malaguti Yesterday. It's everything Americans want at a very good price. See in the US retro sells. You can see it in a Buddy, Metro, Vino, Vino Chinese Clone, People, Scarebeo, anything retro like everything Vespa will sell. We have this need to buy retro scooters. I've always been a sportier guy, I like my Malaguti F-15 or Aprilia SR 50, I now even own a CPI GTR courtesy of CPI, but I know the market and the US market calls for the Like.

The 50cc has a 2 stroke engine and it rocks! It's got power to spare and you can upgrade it. The 200cc needs a little more juice, the Yager 200 and People 200 feel more powerful and have bigger engines but you know who cares it will still be the best retro scooter in the 125 - 200cc category out there. I would even say its nicer and at a better price than the Aprilia Scarabeo or the Vespa LX150. Just my opinion lets see what the market says in 2010, but I would put my money on Kymco.

There are some good scooters on the market now, but when I saw everything Kymco has planned for 2010 I cannot wait to see people rush to the dealers and buy one of these. More on the Kymco Like in my follow ups.

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For upgrades for the Kymco Like 50cc and 200cc stay tuned to MRP.

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