Thursday, February 9, 2012

DealerExpo 2012 Sales Special $190 Start up Pack for $49.99

New Strore Essentials Pack

New store owners can benefit from buying a dealer essentials pack that includes many small items that are handy in the first few weeks of business. 

Great for rental shops or common repair shops, these small items will get you started. 

We sell them at a discount to help you the new shop. Common everyday items

Box of assorted Spark Plugs..
2 stroke, 4 stroke, 50cc, 250cc, everything you need for repairs
12 plugs in total..
12 Common 2 Stroke Flange Bolts 8 X 50..
12 common 2 stroke cylinder head nuts..
12 common 4 stroke pan head screws M6x35..
6 Oil Filter 4 stroke..
6 OIl drain screw for GY6 150cc and 125cc GY6 QMI152/157 QMJ152/157 4-stroke engines..
6 oil seals for ZNEN and QMI152 GY6 150 4stroke 40 X 50 X 5
6 oil seals for GY6 and other bigger 250cc scooters 
4 common 2 stroke and 4 stroke brake pads..
4 scooter alarms..
4 12V18W/18W Light Bulb H4 HALOGEN BULB common for all Vento150 GY6 50cc and GY6 150cc Chinese Scooters
Best selling OEM replacement light bulb headlamp bulb most common size on market N-MP-01230..
4 FLASH AUDIO PILOT 10W QJ150T-8 4 TROKES GY6 Scooters..
A must have bargin for new stores, essential little parts you need everyday. $190 worth of parts for only $49,99

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