Thursday, January 20, 2011

D30 Scooter Motorcycle Hoodie by Armadillo Scooter Wear Review

The Armadillo Hoodie with d3o protection integrated into the hoddie, was tested and reviewed in Austin Texas. The hoodie was worn by a dummy which was dropped from a slow moving car. The dummy was dropped on its front and also on its back. From the review you can see that an individual would be protected by the Armadillo Hoodie, and that their skin would not be damaged. The d3o protective scooter garment was described as “stylish and comfortable” on the website. “Thanks to d3o technology…scooter jackets and other protective clothing can withstand impacts and protect the rider.” “If the rider is wearing the right clothing injury can be lessened or prevented completely”.

Material Development

D3O has developed and patented a technology comprising of a polymer composite, containing a chemically engineered dilatant to function as an energy absorber. This basic material has been chemically enhanced to allow the material to be adapted to meet specific performance applications. Chemical engineering allows the material to be tuned to meet strategic operational and environmental conditions, the rate of impact resistance it needs to withstand and the overall weight of the end component or material. D3O lab develops materials, design and geometry in tandem with its customers to deliver the highest possible performance.

D3O can be used as both a foam and un-foamed material in a variety of formulations, from elastomers, robust and resilient microcellular foams and soft and tactile polymers. This unique ability allows a selection of the most appropriate materials to be used to focus the energy dispersion in critical areas for maximum shock absorption or protection. The intrinsic energy dissipation characteristics can be enhanced by combining D3O with other functional materials to provide a composite or organic solutions. The synergy between D3O and other materials can be optimized by dual-casting or via the modification of their surface energy, this provides a unique matrix of possibilities and composite solutions to deliver enhanced shock absorption or protective qualities.

The T5 Pro flo1 limb components are thicker than the T5 flo1 range and offer greater protection, whilst still being comfortable and lightweight. The components are CE certified and ideal for the motorcycle and sports markets.

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