Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gas Prices to Remain Above $3 for summer SCOOTERS ARE HOT!

Like that banner? If you want one for your store make sure to call Tim at Portland and tell him the Scooter Maven sent you. I think everyone in the country should hang one up right now in the front of your store. Scooters are about to become smoking hot! CALL TIM 503-872-8565 if you don't hang one up today, you will miss out on what is going to be on everyone's mind the next 10 months. The rising cost of gasoline.

So like everything else in life this is either good news or bad news. If you happen to be in the Powersports Industry like I am it's excellent news.

The U.S. Energy Information Agency predicted Thursday that retail gasoline prices would remain above $3 per gallon through summer driving season, and warned that the price might go even higher. That means that scooters will be a hot commodity! When I mean hot I mean like smoking hot!

The EIA said it expects unleaded gasoline to sell at retail for an average of $3.22 per gallon during the peak driving season of April through September.

That means that in a town like Miami most people will be paying above $3.50 and in a town like Gainesville even more since Alachua has that .10cent tax on gas. So what does this mean for the industry? More sales and dealers who will need to find a source of parts for all the repairs that will show up. Regular gasoline has climbed 24.8 cents a gallon since the end of November, according to the Energy Department. The price has risen for seven straight weeks, the longest streak since June 2009. This week’s average was $3.104 a gallon, a 27-month high. If you've been reading my blog then you know this is a necessary evil for the Powersports Industry to make a comeback from the disaster of 2009 and 2010.

So if you want to learn how to benefit from the coming scooter boom, stay tuned to MRP for more news. If you have the chance register now for the scooter classes at the Dealer Expo hosted by Josh Rogers of Scooter Magazine fame on Feb 17, 2011. Sign up at

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