Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stores need to focus on fashion to increase sales

I think most Powersports and Scooter stores for that matter need to take a lesson from Piaggio Group regardless of the brands they sell. Italians have always had a better sense of fashion in motorcycles be it Ducati or Aprilia when you just say those words they roll of your tongue with "sexy" written all over them. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person. I believe scooters fall into this category.

A store is more than just tires and oil. It needs to have that "fashion" sense if its to appeal to the widest audience. If you've followed my articles in Motorcycle Product News or Scooter Magazine then you know when I talk about fashion it includes everything from helmets to jackets. It includes the brands, how you display them, and even how you advertise.

Not every dealer has this sense of fashion, but my advice for the small shop that doesn't have $25,000 makeover or a book from the bigger brands is to just look at the bigger Vespa dealers. Just because you sell Taiwanese, Korean, or a Chinese scooter it doesn't mean you can't develop a better display for your shop. Sometimes all you need is a mannequin in the window displaying a nice Armadillo jacket or a sporty pair of gloves. This can make all the difference to a passerby who isn't familiar with your shop.

Actually a funny thing is we've sold quite a few Camo Armadillo jackets to people who are into snowsports just because they saw it on display at a store. Anyone can buy a messenger bag, a shirt, even a jacket. That's the point of the shop, but without a display you will never get that sale.

So go over the check list for your shop:

1. What's the first thing the client sees when he walks in?
2. Do you sell helmets and accessories?
3. Upgrades?
4. Where are the tires displayed?
5. Do you have a counter for small items? toys?
6. Do you have a display for female jackets? items? accessories?

Marketing happens internally and externally you need to think about this regardless of the brand. It can be Benelli or Zongshen the display will help you sell no matter what price point it is and no matter what its origin. Even Chinese dealers need to know how to market themselves.

For more info on how to sell check out the press section of the MRP website http://www.mrp-speed.com



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