Thursday, January 27, 2011

How does a fifth or sixth of a gram affect my CVT?

How does a fifth or sixth of a gram affect my CVT?

Does .01 gram changes affect my roller? I've been getting this question a lot since I know its confusing when you want to upgrade your rollers and the truth is unless you are racing professionally .05 or .01 isn't going to make any difference in a CVT. Several grams will but but .01 won't.

We offer rollers and sliders from several brands Polini, Malossi, Scooter Ninja, NCY, Adige, Doppler, and more.

Roller Weights Roller Weights We highly recommend that you begin by upgrading the variator roller weights before engaging in any performance upgrades. This is the simplest of upgrades and the least expensive for the consumer. We suggest stocking every size for every brand you carry in the store. This is a minimal investment and offers a maximum return. The main rule for tuning variators is: the lighter the roller the more rpm?s are needed to push the rolls outwards through centrifugal motion to set the gear change in motion. Heavier roller weights need lower rpm?s to start moving. Heavier roller weights = slower take off speed, more acceleration, = higher maximum speed. Lighter roller weights =faster take off speed, less acceleration = lower achievable speed. The right balance is an individual choice since a scooter racer will want heavier weights to achieve a higher overall speed so that they might be faster at full throttle. For daily use a driver might prefer lighter weights for more power to take off faster at a stop light. We recommend you stock all of the sizes for the brands you sell due to the low cost and quick turnover of the product.

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