Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Jacket can save your life or Why good shops carry Armadillo Scooter Wear with D30 and put protection above all else!

I've ridden scooters for years, and if there’s one thing I've discovered now that I've been promoting clothing it's that not all the shops out there understand why clothing is important to the riders. We have to get past the financial decision of all this and the fact that some managers don't understand clothing, but trust me statistics don't lie according to Dealer News last year jackets and apparel sales actually went up when everything else including vehicles sales were down. Look at profit tables, jackets and helmets make money. So why is it that scooter dealers are the biggest slackers when it comes to this? Is it a lack of vision? Probably not, its just that there is no manual for how to run a scooter shop and people tend to go with what they believe. So if a manager doesn't like apparel he doesn't tend to stock it.

First off not all jackets are created equal, but what pains me is that 90% of stores don't even offer their clients a choice. It's the same as scooter rental shops that I visit that allow tourists to wear flip flops when they rent a scooter. I have a friend who keeps a scrapbook of pictures and I would do the same with riders who fail to wear the most basic of accessories. I hear every excuse from store owners from types of clients, to the economy, but all over Europe and Australia dealers know to sell scooter jackets.

I know looking good and getting the right protection isn't always available, but Armadillo is a line that can actually deliver both.

We need protective clothing that keeps us dry, warm and gives us impact protection too. Armadillo Scooter Wear is a combination of style and protection without compromising either. In Armadillo, you get all the benefits of technical outdoor performance fabrics and the knowledge that our d3o armour will protect you if you and tarmac come together. Best of all, you’ll look good. Classic styles from the 60’s parka to the iconic funnel-hood - you’ll look like a scooter rider, not a courier.

Now most scooter riders might already have a jacket, but do they have a hoodie? Or a Parka for the winter months? If you ever ride in Seattle or San Francisco in March you know it can still be cold and rainy so why not stay warm?

If you have not already purchased a scooter jacket, then you should strongly consider it. Scratch that, buy one because your life could depend on it. You don't need an entire wardrobe of them, but choosing a high quality, durable scooter jacket is important for safety when you are riding your new Vespa.

The case for Armadillo:
ARMADILLO SCOOTER WEAR offers protection NO OTHER scooter jacket in the US has thanks to the D30 T5 shoulder and elbow protectors inside the jackets.

Check this out:
The T5 flo2 limb components range offers good protection, whilst being extremely comfortable and lightweight and performing well in extreme temperatures. The components are CE certified and ideal for sports, particularly snowsports and the motorcycle markets.

Armadillo also offers protection that will prevent burns and scratches. The materials they use will help protect you from having to get an expensive skin surgery. Armadillo jackets can offer the rider protection from both the elements and from injury in the event of a crash. All Armadillo jackets come standard with padding in the highest impact areas, such as the shoulder and the elbows. In the event of a potential crash, this padding and protection will help to prevent burns and abrasions that are commonly experienced by riders who are not wearing this protective clothing.

The coolest thing about Armadillo is their sense of European Style. The jackets are offered in both male and female version with a variety of materials, styles and colors, riders can truly customize their appearance when riding.

So there you have it. Fashion, protection, a sense that you're part of a community. Not all riders want a Harley or Joe Rocket jacket they want something unique and Armadillo offers the Scooter Rider who sees himself in a classic Parka much like in a 60s movie. Plus it has something unique you can show off to potential buyers like the D30. So you have classic style and the latest in tech that any potential buyer in your store will find interesting.

What is D30?
d3o™ is rate-sensitive meaning that when moved slowly,
the molecules flow freely making it soft and flexible. At high
speeds howeverlike in an impactthe molecules lock
together making the material an excellent shock absorber.
The whole process is repeatable, occurs instantly and
returns to its original state as soon as the impact is over.

What is it? is it toxic? when you buy the jacket is it liquid?
We get a lot of questions on our blog and by email so I'm answering them as best I can here. The stuff is pretty cool, its being sold to the US army now and its inside all the Armadillo jackets we now distribute that you can find at
D3O has developed and patented a technology comprising of a polymer composite, containing a chemically engineered dilatant to function as an energy absorber. This basic material has been chemically enhanced to allow the material to be adapted to meet specific performance applications. Chemical engineering allows the material to be tuned to meet strategic operational and environmental conditions, the rate of impact resistance it needs to withstand and the overall weight of the end component or material. D3O lab develops materials, design and geometry in tandem with its customers to deliver the highest possible performance.

D3O can be used as both a foam and un-foamed material in a variety of formulations, from elastomers, robust and resilient microcellular foams and soft and tactile polymers. This unique ability allows a selection of the most appropriate materials to be used to focus the energy dispersion in critical areas for maximum shock absorption or protection. The intrinsic energy dissipation characteristics can be enhanced by combining D3O with other functional materials to provide a composite or organic solutions. The synergy between D3O and other materials can be optimized by dual-casting or via the modification of their surface energy, this provides a unique matrix of possibilities and composite solutions to deliver enhanced shock absorption or protective qualities.

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