Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alternative Sources of Revenue for Shops

Alternative Sources of Revenue for Shops

I had a dealer telling me today that it's dead outside his store. That the only people hanging out at the strip mall were at the market or Starbucks.

I asked him if there was any reason he couldn't sell tea or coffee and he replied "no"

So there he had it. It might be snowing, but he could sell boots, jackets, and maybe do a fashion show for his riders much like the Ducati shops. Selling hot chocolate or tea in Atlanta might not seem like a bright idea, but it works for many dealers. When they add up at the end of the year how much they sold in coffee and sodas it adds up.

When its cold outside people might gather up and watch a movie in your shop if you made it more than just a repair location. There is no money purely in the parts, the real money comes in building a destination point. A place for rallies, gatherings, and clients who are willing to pay more because they have a good relationship with the owner.

If your store is boring, how can you keep the interest of someone raised on Game Boys or a Nintendo DS?

Think outside the box, do so and you will sell all the clothing, coffee, sodas, and treats you can imagine. For more articles visit our site http://www.mrp-speed.com

If you've read my articles in Motorcycle Product News ( available online at http://www.mpnmag.com or at our press section http://www.mrp-speed.com ) then you know the number one issue with small scooter dealers is making a profit all year long. Give up that extra scooter on display and focus on other sources of revenue like clothing, shoes, accessories, and of course WATER. People need to hydrate so sell some coffee, espresso, water, pre-packaged food items that don't require a health permit like ice cream. Very easy to do, keeps clients happy, and you create a destination point. For more ideas visit htttp://www.mrp-speed.com

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