Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going into the Expo and Dealer News Jan Issue

So we're pretty excited about the Dealer Show this year, we're making appointments, talking about the new CCW bikes, the CPI 2011 Scooters on display next to us in the PIT MOTORS booth ( to see the show floor plan visit and type in MRP ) a ton of stuff is happening. We officially joined SEMA and will be exhibiting at the Vegas Show.

We have new exhausts from TURBO KIT ( on display that nobody else in the industry has, plus new 2011 Jackets from Armadillo Scooter Wear, as well as the latest for NG Disks including the GY6 anodized disks ( you won't find those on any of the major websites like Dennis Kirk, Cycle Solutions, Motosport, nope only MRP dealers have them. So we are excited about all the new lines and what we will have on display for the independent shops.

Make sure to stop by our booth for a free copy of the latest Scoot Magazine, plus Josh Rogers the editor will be giving a seminar this year on how to run a better Scooter Shop. It's a free class and everyone is welcome to attend, plus they will have some giveways.

You can also check out the latest Scoot Online with the Scooter Mavens article at:

So make sure to support Scoot and get a free copy at the Dealer Expo either at the Josh Rogers Scooter Session or at the MRP booth.

The October issue has an article on the founder of the Scooter Super Stores of America the late great Peter Warrick as well. Make sure to visit it online at Scoot Magazine.
To make things even better if your a dealer you should be getting this months copy of Dealer News in the mail right about now and there's a great interview that we didn't know was going to appear on 2010 and the future. You can read it online at Dealer News

We also have the new ads appearing in all the trade magazines. Plus we should have some big announcements at the show about the EV industry and how we hope to streamline it. Too many people are assembling generic plastics from China with no clear vision as to the parts situation for the future - MRP will be making waves as we team up with some of the bigger names. Wait for our prediction on the EV Scooter and Motorcycle Industry at the forum at Dealer Expo this year.

So in the meantime check out our new ads and make sure to make it to our booth 5711 at the Dealer Expo.

Here's a small segment from the article at - to read the rest get a copy of Dealer News or click on the link.

Joel Martin, president of Martin Racing Products, on what he learned from 2010.

"I think dealers need to stop spreading themselves too thin, with too many suppliers or buying from too many people who undercut them. Maybe they should get smarter about this. If the small dealer only thinks about the short term, that’s what their business is going to be. Don’t get on the phone and tell people that you buy from whoever is the cheapest, because you will never build up loyalty points or volume with any distributor.

"I’m still the smallest guy in the business, but what people fail to realize is in terms of volume, a company like United Motors of America sold more units than Carter, TGB, CPI, and Genuine combined. They were around for 15 years, and at one point, had 400 dealerships. There are more UM-branded products in the U.S. floating around than all the SYMs and PGOs out there, and now we have the parts.

"2010 showed us that big and small companies can fail. Every day we are open I consider a gift. I’m thankful for 2010, and I have a feeling that 2011 will be about service — this whole industry is about the last man standing right now.

"We have a huge opportunity ahead of us, and I’m probably the only guy that goes to sleep praying for $5 gas."

Visit Martin Racing Performance at the Dealer Expo 2011 Booth 5711

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