Thursday, January 27, 2011

Delivery Bikes can make a store profitable

This new ZNEN delivery bike could help you stay profitable.

One thing many stores forget is how profitable service contracts and delivery units can be. This unit is half the cost of the TGB delivery unit we have reviewed before. It's a Chinese mainland unit which you can sell to pizza delivery chains, local mom and pop stores, or even the local Sub shop. Great for a college campus in most states you can get insurance and meet all local requirements for less than $2k. Now factor in the wrapping with logos, phone numbers, and custom designs and you can turn a quick profit by financing these to a local shop, then selling the loan to a bank or using a local credit union to finance the retailer his/her fleet of delivery bikes.

Most stores tend to not make money on the actual unit, but on the service agreement and on the wrapping of the unit. So even selling the unit a very low margin allows you to put a fleet of vehicles out on the street and work on the financing aspects. More scooters = More Sales = More visibility for your store.

This is thinking outside of the box and how many more deliveries can you make to your local college if your pizza guys are on scooters instead of bicycles.

Now if you want to see an awesome Dominos Scooter commercial look how they do it in Oz. In Taiwan and China delivery scooters are everywhere, Italy it's standard operating procedure. We need to promote these in the US.

We strongly suggest stocking and carrying delivery scooters. They are a great selling point to local establishments and great for food delivery. A source of service contracts and great for leasing of fleets.

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