Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BOOTH 5711 www.DEALEREXPO.com Martin Racing Performance

More parts than anyone at Indy 2011 that's right come visit us at Dealer Expo www.DEALEREXPO.com Make sure to add booth 5711 to your show stops.

This year you will see some amazing new scooters and bikes from CCW, PIT MOTORS, CPI SCOOTERS, QJ AND MORE. We will have on display the latest in Scooter Wear Tech including Armadillo Jackets ( the only scooter jacket company in the US that isn't consumer direct THATS RIGHT YOU CAN ONLY BUY IT AT A DEALER ) plus more parts than anyone at DEALER EXPO. Plus unlike everyone else in the scooter business we don't have a store so you have to buy from one of our dealers. Wholesale only means wholesale only so what more could you want as a shop owner ( I know this upsets people but if they actually cared maybe they should care about the dealers so let's call it as it is, if a dealer wants to stay in business be smart promote companies that promote you THE DEALER ) thats why you have to come to booth 5711 and pickup some of the best stuff available for your scooter shop including NG DISK BRAKES, TURBO KIT, SCOOTER NINJA, ESP BELTS, MRP UPGRADES, AND MUCH MUCH MORE! We have parts from Polini, Doppler, Malossi, Namura, DAYCO and more! Come and see the latest brands on display at booth 5711.

As of right now we have over 30,000 parts for sale. Half are still being added on a daily basis, but we're the only company that carries the best European brands as well as Asian models. As you can see we have OEM Hyosung, OEM United Motors, CPI ( from TAIWAN) , Diamo, TNG, Malaguti ( MADE IN ITALY ) and many OEM brands dealers can't get anywhere else. Upgrades for the Honda Zoomer / Ruckus, Silverwing, Suzuki Burgman, and the entire Kymco series including the best selling Quanon exhaust ( Ask Kymco USA who is using the MRP Quanon Exhaust in their fleet demo ) So if you want to upgrade your Kymco don't ask us, ask the Kymco USA marketing manager who happens to use a TK Quanon exhaust on his new bike.

Dealers have a hard time running a shop and they really shouldn't have to have so much trouble to find a Genuine supplier of OEM parts for their clients, but the truth is there is a lot of misinformation out there. For every store that knows us I still hear from one or two shops that call and say "I never heard of you guys" or my favorite "I was told by so and so that you only had a few parts." Part of this is the nature of our business. Small shops don't have time to read every industry publication, stay on top of the emails, posts online, nor do they research when competitors and companies have employees posting fake reviews on message boards. I see a lot of small guys online selling out of their house pretending to be big companies ruining the market for dealers or worse simply dropshipping from larger MRP dealers and other distributors like Tucker Rockey and WPS.

So just wanted to give you a preview of what we are working on and a look back at ten years of our family at the dealer Expo.

Running a motorcycle or scooter shop is one of the few jobs that requires you to be all things at once. A parts expert, a salesperson, a strategist, a marketing guru, and deal with 100 suppliers. You could sell ice cream all day and only deal with 20 flavors but selling motorcycles or scooters you have a 1,000 jobs. So information is key thats why we put over 150 manuals on our website for free. IF YOU DONT HAVE THE PART NUMBER EMAIL US A PICTURE WITH MEASUREMENTS, YOUR DEALER NAME, A PHONE NUMBER, AND WE WILL HELP YOU.

Another reason I want to show how open we are about what we sell is that the market fall of 2009 at least allowed us to see behind the smoke and mirrors when these former employees would apply for jobs and tell us "oh my job was to tell people that you didn't have the real parts, I'm sorry that's what the boss told me." My personal favorite story to tell now is when I walked into a distributor that just folded and on the desk was a yellowpad with "Alias" names for online emails, passwords, and the message boards they frequented to hype up the brand. Funny thing is after some time dealers realize all these positive reviews online of a cheap scooter can't be real. This lack of scruples amazes me so I have to be open about it and show the dealers we got parts, and we don't have anything to hide. We don't have everything and if we don't have it we will tell you who does. For every fake consumer or message board guy who has an agenda or an advertiser who doesn't know what we sell, we put it out there.

We have OEM real factory parts not the cheap Chinese guys that sell imitation parts " Zymco and Zyco" these are made by Kymco, Malaguti, SYM, TGB, Piaggio ( yes Vespa / Aprilia / Derbi ), Hyosung, real factories in Korea, Italy, Taiwan, Japan plus we have OEM Chinese parts from the distributors we've added in the last two years including LINHAI, LONCIN, JINCHENG, WANGYE, BZ Benzhou, QJ Qiangjiang ( Benelli, Andretti, Vento, UM ) plus CF MOTO ( CFMOTO USA, QLINK, TNG, YAMATI ) and ZNEN (TNG / PUMA / Flyscooters / BMS / Qlink ) just to name a few.

So if you're a dealer and you ever visit us, you will see we have real OEM stuff from real factories. From brand names in Europe like Turbo Kit exhausts all the way to Benelli ( Andretti ) scooter parts. Items that cannot take generic partsforchinese scooter parts. You won't get this stuff from anyone else, not Parts Unlimited, Tucker, or WPS. MRP is the only place for these items so don't be fooled by what you hear, we have it, let me show you.

Real Brand and Real Parts we're not affraid to compare numbers here, if your dealership needs parts it amazes us that dealers buy from online distributors only to have them dropped shipped from MRP

Our first show was in 2001 exhibiting the Malaguti line of Italy. Boy have we grown since then.....



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