Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot Girls on Hot Motorcycles and Scooters how to use Fashion to bring in clients

There is nothing better than a good looking scooter than a good looking scooter with a bunch of hot models. By popular request ( mainly our dealers ) I'm doing another round of hot girls on hot scooters.

This is all related to my earlier post on Fashion ( see below in the MRP Blog ) again I don't expect a ton of sales on this or anything, I'm just doing it because many of you are covered in snow and now is the time to work on your store marketing, displays, and to prepare for the Spring. Hopefully this will keep you warm.

Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person. I believe scooters fall into this category. So be the best scooter shop you can be, team up with a local clothing store, have them put some displays and mannequins in your shop along with your scooters! Teaming up with a local clothing boutique or independent store is a lot easier than you think, you might not have any luck with the local mall or national chains, but every town has some local shops that will be more than happy to do some cross promotion. Blog about it, take pictures, put them on your facebook, talk about how you're using fashion to promote scooters. Who knows it might make the local paper.

A store is more than just tires and oil. It needs to have that "fashion" sense if its to appeal to the widest audience. Keep emailing us.

The Scooter Maven

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