Monday, January 24, 2011


In case you haven't heard Josh Rogers of Scoot Magazine fame will be hosting a class on how to run a new Scooter Dealership. A brief overview of the scooter scene, what stores can do to promote scooter culture, and how to stay profitable.

Many new scooter shops are Chinese only or mostly Asian brands and they don't know how to market across the broad range of riders out there. Josh will be giving his presentation with some revolutionary ideas on how to market to all the buyers out there. This is someone who has visited hundreds of shops and knows the industry well, we suggest dealers visit his seminar at

You will also get copy of Scoot if you attend or better yet stop by the MRP booth at number 5711 to get a free copy as well.

Again if you have a dealership or are looking at opening one DEALER EXPO 2011 is free. So make sure to stop by the Martin Racing Performance booth 5711 in the new vehicle pavillion.

Sign up for the Scooter Class as well.

It's a free class and everyone is welcome to attend, plus they will have some giveways.

You can also check out the latest Scoot Online with the Scooter Mavens article at:

So make sure to support Scoot and get a free copy at the Dealer Expo either at the Josh Rogers Scooter Session or at the MRP booth.

The October issue has an article on the founder of the Scooter Super Stores of America the late great Peter Warrick as well. Make sure to visit it online at Scoot Magazine.
To make things even better if your a dealer you should be getting this months copy of Dealer News in the mail right about now and there's a great interview that we didn't know was going to appear on 2010 and the future. You can read it online at Dealer News

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