Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to find hard to find Scooter Parts!

How to find hard to find Scooter Parts! Ok, we get this phone call every day. Putting it up on our blog so we can help consumers and dealers find exactly what they are looking for.

If your looking for hard to find parts please follow these steps first so you can find what you're looking for before calling a store.

Its essential for new guys getting into the industry to buy repair manuals. So many new stores open up and don't buy OEM manuals. Each brand has unique specs and characteristics and it helps to have the OEM manuals in the store.

Manuals for your Scooter Buggy and Go Kart

MRP will not sell to the public, but they kindly ask that you contact a local shop

For a list of MRP stores visit:

MRP suggests you look up the repair manual and part number before contacting the store ( They have gone the extra step and posted online manuals that were unavailable before online from the original importers like CPI, ZNEN, and Diamo manuals )


Parts MRP now distributes:

TNG Scooters ( CF MOTO, QJ, ZNEN products )

Keeway Southeast ( Former Keeway distributor for 7 states acquired by MRP January 2009)

CPI Taiwan ( new importer for 2010 is PIT MOTORS )

QJ-Benelli-Andretti ( official parts source for 2010-2011)

DIAMO – LS MOTORSPORTS = MRP now distributes the parts for Diamo and the new company Precision Motorsports

Cubik – Private label branded scooters by QJ ( SAME MODELS AS VENTO USING VENTO OEM PART NUMBERS )

For a full list visit

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