Saturday, May 29, 2010

Amerivespa 2010 Having an Awesome Time


This is has been a really cool experience so far. The travels of our good friends at Kymco were amazing as they recalled hail, rain, weird weather, and all sorts of interesting characters on their SCOOT 2 Texas Adventure.

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This year over 400 registrations meant a good display of scooters. Unlike a busy European or Asia street this isn't a common site in America. Few places have a couple of hundred scooters I can only think of the rentals in Key West FL or South Beach. So Amerivespa gets media attention, its gets people interested in scootering, and its a way for anyone who likes scooters to check out someone elses scoot.

I had a lot of people ask me questions about the Downtown 300i I was driving from Kymco which is fantastic. By having so many brand new Kymco Xciting 500 units and Downtown 300 samples Kymco did a great job with the crowd.

Meeting face to face with dealers was also a unique opportunity we got to have some drinks and talk shop. I also had stores that have ever done business with us come and ask the typical question "Where do I get parts for this brand?" sometimes its truly humbling to know the word is finally getting around as to what we do back in Miami. So we actually got some new shops that want to repair different brands of bikes which is great. Like I said every scooter out there is SOMEONE'S first scooter. So why all the hate? I met a Diamo driver here at the show, I met several TNG owners, I photographed two FLY Scooter IL Belos, lots and lots of scooters. What I loved about Amerivespa is that back in 2001 when I went to the first Mile High Mayhem in Denver I attended there were hardly any Twist N Gos, the second year where I actually got to hang with the STR/Kymco USA guys they were just testing the Bet and Win 150cc scooter. Move Forward 8 years and we saw at least 30 Kymco scooters in the crowd, there was a good selection of Buddys by Genuine, ET2s, ET4, old Rabbits, Lambrettas and your traditional grey market bike like a Gilera there and a BMW C1 there. So Scootering has become more inclusive in my opinion. You had some people that came from Germany for this. I met a couple that came from Mexico. Last night I met two Houston police officers who share an affinity for all things scooters and they were coolest couple I had met. Im ranting, but its been a great event.

If you ever want to read up on two of the most positive people out there with some of the best things going for them in life. I want you to bookmark the blogs and websites of two of my good friends Steve and Guido. Both of them have been troopers, despite being tired ( In Guidos case having driven for a week ) they went out to meet the peeps and document the experience.


A mad thank you for Pistol Pete from Scoot Magazine. who drove me around when I was scooterless for the first few hours. I got to ride cupcake by one of the best single hand drivers I've ever met.
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