Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Sliders in Stock

NEW MRP rollers and sliders!

So we added some new rollers to our website.
N-MP-03427 series


MRP has new rollers made of Carbon made in Taiwan for our in-house brand "MRP" we had them designed for the Carter 300cc Go Kart. We will be posting a video on this and it will give you more power on your Carter 300cc buggy.

Now these are a Carbon composite exterior with nicks for better take-off. We've seen a lot of comments and honestly we like these better because they don't melt under heat and they eliminate heat better than stock which are copper. So if you have a Go Kart with a SYM engine then this is a better roller.

We just added some new sizes of cylindrical rollers from Turbo Kit Spain ( ) we've imported and represented this fine line since 2003.

Since 2005 we've imported Dr Pulley nylon sliders from Taiwan, we've also started importing Adige from Italy in select sizes and SN Scooter Ninja sliders from Taiwan. Cool fact about the SN sliders is that the new ones for 2010 have Aluminum the Zuma 125 riders we spoke to in Taiwan say they work better because despite copper's better thermal conductivity, it is denser than aluminum and therefore keeps the heat in more. We have two race teams testing these now including the Scootertronics who is stocking the new SN Sliders now for the ZUMA 125 call them up or email them the website is ask them how they work

So far they run great and last just as long as Adige, Dr P, and other rollers. Now most brands we carry have a metal mix, copper, aluminum however we prefer aluminum rollers and sliders see (A less dense structure allows for better airflow through that structure, at the molecular level)

Now for buggies we are really digging the take-off on the Adige sizes for bigger buggies. The carbon composite is serious stuff on the Italian brand of sliders. For Scooter Racing according to our dealers SN takes the cake so try the Scooter Ninja for your Zuma 125 or call Mike at Scootertronics for more info on them since he seems to be the main guy racing bikes every weekend these days. - See our previous post on sponsoring his race team.

For those in the racing scene everyone seems to have an opinion some prefer the TK cylindrical sliders with their variators ( like J Costa ) , others argue that Malossi ( Carbon composite ) are better, some Quad racers swear by Koso carbon which we also carry, the MRP ATV and Buggy branded rollers are also made in Taiwan with carbon composite. In our opinion the aluminum sliders and rollers are better. Aluminum has the ability to absorb heat faster than copper, and when removed from the heat source, will cool faster because it is less dense than copper.

So whatever your needs Carbon or Nylon, round, slider, or cylindrical we have it.

We have the TK Variator for the CF MOTO 500cc, the CF Moto 250cc, the Kymco 250cc is in stock with the cylindrical NYLON TK Sliders as well. So contact your local dealer ASAP! These are MADE IN SPAIN of the highest quality and in stock at MRP. No other buggy - scooter distributor has these in the USA.

We carry both varieties in MRP, Malossi, Dr Pulley, Adige, Top Racing roller kits, TK Variators and Cylindrical rollers, in both copper and aluminum / nylon and carbon.
Check them out at

Cool thing about the newest SN Scooter Ninja sliders they are filled with aluminum for heat elimination and suppression.


Check out the full range of cylindrical sliders in the TK variators featured here:

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