Monday, May 10, 2010

Some dropshippers will take your clients

I just got a cool comment from a dealership today.

The big rave right now is drop-shipping in the scooter industry. Newbies that think they can get rich without a store or an actual location are buying from distributors that happen to be mainly retailers first. You can even visit their website purchase there direct from them.

I have to say it's pretty funny and a sign of the times. I just got this email with a really small dealer who drop shipped with another company last month.

20 days later the consumer calls him saying he can buy the parts cheaper from his supplier and if doesn't give him a discount he will go to the source. The client got the parts in a box with the other companies logo, website, and info. Even the tape around the box had the other companies logo and website. Then a month later the client got a flyer in the mail plus a discount coupon by email.

The store lost the client. Maybe if the store owner would stick to a company that won't steal his client and mail him a catalog, coupon, or a box with a website that clearly says "The store didn't ship this" maybe then the store would have kept that client.

I think the whole thing is beyond funny. Look at my blog about a lack of ethics in the industry, when you say there's sufficient pie for everyone distributors should really think about it before they cannibalize their own dealers.

I know a lot of small stores don't care. The guy working out of his garage doesn't have anything to loose to begin with, but for the store building up his e-commerce site and client base, its a slap in the face. Just another sign of the times and dealers not being smart about where they send their money.

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