Sunday, May 2, 2010

12,000 Items and counting

Something we just have to get out there.

I read from a dealer online that his distributor had closed and he didn't know where to get parts. Then I saw a posting where he told the client that nobody had them. He later said it was too much work to have to find them. I try not to jump in because then consumers get upset we don't sell direct etc... It was a Vento scooter he had sold and he didn't know where to get parts. I finally had to jump in and help the client find the plastic and tell the dealer he could come to us. Turns out he never reads his emails, so it just goes to show sometimes a store has the resources they are just unaware where to buy the stuff.

If you have a Vento scooter. Go to our website, get the part number from the repair manuals and call an MRP dealer. We will try to help you as best we can.

Vento is closed you can read about it at:

However, I do have to say if you have a Vento scooter. Any product by QJ China who manufactured Vento, Benelli - Andretti, Diamo, TNG, Xtreme Motor Co, MotoMojo, some United Motors, CPI, etc... in the past. Odds are we have it.

We are third party vendor. We do not cover the warranties and we have nothing to do with the original vendor, but if a store or consumer needs help we will sell them this part so that the store can get the client back on the road.

To our knowledge we have the most OEM parts hands down in Florida hands down. We're not drop shipping from other distributors if we have it we want that client to get it.

Repair Manuals for Vento, QJ, CPI, Benelli, Andretti, Strada, Yamati, Powersports Factory, Xtreme Motor Co, Diamo, Twist N Go - CMSI, TNG, all QJ OEM brands:

We add 20 to 30 parts per day. We will probably still be counting parts until December or January of next year since we have deliveries that are still arriving from buyouts. So bear with us our primary mission is to make all the parts available to our dealers and the customers that need them.

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