Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to buy parts from MRP

I'm going to answer some common questions we get so we have a link I can email both consumers and dealers. It seems like I get more and more of these everyday and I just need to put this out there.

From: Cin
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 10:11 AM
Subject: Malaguti Parts

I bought a used Malaguti Grizzly for my son last fall. Its a great bike and he is a great rider so I would like to de-restrict the engine. Is there any place in the USA where I can get the parts to do that? I also need a new crankcase oil filler plug.

Finding Malaguti scooter or dirtbike parts online is easy. Follow these EASY STEPS:

You can get the part numbers off our site under Repair Manuals

We have over 40 websites under places to buy where you can type in the part number and it will come up and you can order It online.

The Malaguti part number will follow a 8 digit pattern type it exactly with the dots in the search engines or in Google and it will come up

For example Malaguti headlight for the Yesterday 50cc is 015.053.00
If you put it in Google some of the websites will come up

You can also call the dealer and pick it up there or You could also have a local dealership order it for you, but they must be an MRP dealer to order the parts.


Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 1:55 PM
Subject: WWW Form Submission
Comments: yo mrp

iwant to get more torque and topend on my carter250 i went to the shop that sold it and they say they are an mrp dealer they have your sticker on the window but they don’t have any mrp exhaust in stock, what type of brand are you if the stores don’t have anything? they want me to pay it before i can see it that wont work. iwant to see your stuff before I can commit to buying it

will you please send it to the shop first the name is ********

Jason Murphy
WV 25313

Dear Jason,

We don’t own the stores. We also want to help you so it’s a hard road to follow unless we were in the business of selling direct, but then you wouldn’t get to test the product, see it, and make sure you like it. That’s what a store really is about the buying experience and sadly its not just West Virginia but the whole country so I know how you feel and I hear your frustration. We deal with a 1,000 shops. We sell to Mom and Pop shops and massive dealers with 10 locations or more that stock everything we sell.

This is a common problem with the shops and the fact that they don’t stock is only part of the equation. Many stores these days want to sell from a catalog or website and I can relate to you. You are preaching to the Preacher himself. First thing is fine a shop that supports the lines they carry so a proper Carter dealer will stock upgrades for Carter, that’s the first sign you should look for when walking into a shop. If they have 20 brands and no support or an upgrade corner for the scooters, atvs, or buggies they sell then in my book its not a dealership.

I’m a big collector and before I buy any new electronics or a game I tend to go to Best Buy where I can actually see the item before I purchase it. I know how you feel. There really is no solution unless you can convince the dealer to order this for you, or click on our dealer finder and call the nearby dealers that might actually have it in stock.

If that doesn’t work we have some Power Dealers online with policies where if you don’t like it you can send it back to them, they will stock it instead of sending it back to us. That’s my only solution.

Friday, Apr 25, 2010 at 14:02:16 -0500
comments: I found a vendor on Ebay who will sell me the part Intake Manifold at half the price your buying China direct will you lower the piece and sell it to me?

SUBMIT: Submit

address: MO 65583

No Sir,

You have to buy from a dealer. Click on our places to buy list they will help you in ways the Ebay guy won’t.

Second if you want to buy from the guy on Ebay go ahead, but buyer beware. Half those people don’t pay taxes, have a retail license, employees to pay, or care what happens to you after you get your part.

Building a relationship with your local shop is part of the experience in owning a motorcycle. The guy on Ebay won’t install it, service it, give you warranty, or create a service job in America.

Call a local shop and see what the best deal you can get and how much he will charge to install it, thats your best bet. Neither I nor any other company has time to haggle with people solely looking for the cheapest price.

There will always be someone selling for less but they are in China. If you want to buy from someone already in America its a different story.

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