Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is D30 in the Armadillo jacket?

I get all sorts of crazy questions from my postings, so I just put up this video on the D30 to help answer some of the questions about D30 and Armadillo. How does it work? Is it liquid inside the jacket? is it toxic etc.... I get questions like a ton of them so here goes:

The stuff is in the jacket - thats it. It's soft and malleable when touched gently, but instantly hardens when struck with force. Perfect combination for motorcycle jacket armor. The d3o armor is featured in Armadillos Jacket line. or

d3o™ Intelligent Shock Absorption™ is a patented, shock absorbing material, engineered with Intelligent Molecules. d3o™ is rate-sensitive meaning that when moved slowly, the molecules flow freely making it soft and flexible. At high speeds howeverlike in an impactthe molecules lock together making the material an excellent shock absorber. The whole process is repeatable, occurs instantly and returns to its original state as soon as the impact is over.

d3o™ is also extremely low profile and integrates seamlessly into garments, so neither style or function has to be compromised. These qualities make it perfect for any application where you need total freedom of movement and excellent shock absorption.

Does it work? It sure does check this out:

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