Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scooters of Richmond

Our MRP / Armadillo dealer was recently featured in a really cool story called "Hate BP, buy a scooter"

If you love scooters make sure to visit them. They carry MRP upgrades as well as the full Aramdillo clothing lineup. Not only do they have nice bikes they just picked up Vespa and I totally agree with the article. Piaggio is the brand you need to stay open year round, it brings people to the store. It might only be 50% of your sales but having the Vespa sign brings you 100% more people.

I love the quote in the article and it goes to show this is something every store should promote. Let's stop giving oil companies money:

RBS: Do you think the BP oil leak will lead to sales?

CL: What happens to oil always brings a few folks in. People say, “Screw this, I don’t want to be part of this.” So yes, I think it will. It makes people sick to their stomachs. Seeing that happen, and then spending $50 on a tank of gas, it makes you ill.

I agree with them 100% seriously I wish I could give up my car. I just rently had Darren of the Skoot Bike in Miami restore my bike and fix the tires so I can use it more often. I know it sounds stupid, but if I ride my bike more often and use the scooter I can keep $100 from going to oil companies including Citgo witch by the way is owned by Venezuela. That country having been the biggest US ally in the region until the masses there elected Chavez and now thanks to his amazing super powers they will never get rid of him.

Maybe scooter stores need to be more political. This is a great way to get people into stores. Hate BP? Buy a Scooter. This should be embraced by every scooter shop out there. I feel bad for New Orleans I spent some time there rebuilding after Katrina with the Coca Cola Scholars program, but right now I don't care for the off-shore drilling jobs. Start building some solar panels. If China can do it so can we. In the meantime sell the SUV and buy an electric bike or scooter. I would rather walk than see a thousand pelicans covered in oil.

Personally I'm extremely discouraged by everything I have seen related to the Obama Administration and its bending over for BP, I had hoped he would have brought out the full might of the US govt down on them, but economic interests always prevail. Basically if you shut down BP we foot the entire bill is the thinking where I'm the type that says BP? Who needs them, in that case who needs Obama. Seriously, its going to be a one term presidency over this and not keeping any promises. Pretty sad I had set my hopes up, but being nice to Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea seems to only be setting us up for the next war in a few years. I mean the seven army bases in Colombia we just opened are there to send a message I'm sure.

Then again you really can't blame Obama for over promising. You over promise and under deliver seems to be the way things go in politics. I really believe that when you become president you get a folder with all the real info in it and you realize what a mistake you made on the campaign trail. Like here are the following reasons you can't get rid of Guantanmo, the Iraq war, why you can't fix the medical issue, get rid of Castro, what is really in area 51, and why we can't replace the space shuttle quickly. You get the real info that the American public is incapable of understanding or chooses not to. You can't just tell people there is life on other planets you have to gradually condition them into believing it with the media because if you don't people just jump out the window. In the folder there is a note that the oil companies run the world. If you try to go after BP then the British Prime Minister gives you a call like they did last week and basically lay down the law. So if you hate BP get an electric car or a scooter no other solution to it ( rent that move who killed the electric car by the way )

If you want to save America buy an electric car, use public transportation, and drive a scooter.

My friend Justin seems to think you really don't need a car anymore and to a certain extent in some cities you don't

In the meantime follow the link, visit Scooters of Richmond, and if you are going to ride, then ride safe try on the Armadillo line available at the shop.

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