Friday, August 17, 2012

Scooter Adventures 2012 with the Scooter Maven

What does the Scooter Maven do exactly? I get that question all the time. 

The Scooter Maven is on journey to see the art of transportation that are scooters all over the world. From the factory floor where they are made, to the dealerships in different countries, to the average rider who uses it for transportation, racing, and just plain fun.

No brand is too small, no company to weird to not get a comment from the Maven. From Aprilia to Zongshen we cover all the brands. If we don't sell parts for it we will find someone who does. From Adly to Vespa, from China to Italy and all over America you are live with the Scooter Maven. Submit your questions.

Join us as we recap the best episodes from 2012 as The Scooter Maven prepares for another adventure!

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