Thursday, August 9, 2012

Galaxy Powersports, LLC. dba JCL International Liquidating

Another company in the scooter industry is closing its doors, No matter if you have a JCL scooter many parts are still available from your local dealer via MRP. Make sure to contact us if you need GY6 parts, Linhai, CFMOTO, QJ, Wangye, or 50cc QMB139 parts for JCL scooter.

We tested many of their engines over time including both the Yamaha 250 and the Honda 250 clone engines they were using.

For Parts for JCL scooters contact your nearest MRP dealer and have them call us.


The sad thing about this news is we visited these guys and we saw the factory in China investing in US Distribution. At one point over 15,000 units were in the crate in Dallas, TX.

The market fell, the dealers disappeared, and a classic price war started within the Chinese community. Several Chinese importers were all selling at cost or below cost to get dollars back to the factories in China.

Back in China the import subsidy continues. Exporters still get a kickback, but the frenzy of running to get into the USA is now gone.

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