Monday, May 23, 2011

The Motorcycle Industry should lobby for more Energy Taxes

I just read a great article this morning over at CNN.

One way to bring about more scooter sales and motorcycle use in the US is by focusing on an Energy Tax. Maybe the MIC should just publicly call out for a gas tax and more regulation to get rid of all these swings in prices. By imposing higher taxes on energy use we can raise revenues and at the same time increase the push towards alternatives. It's pretty clear the current Administration wants gas to be higher, but instead of the speculators making all the money I think it should go to the treasury to help us out of the mess we are in.

Great article and it makes a solid point: "The only way to bring both the labor market and the oil market into equilibrium is likely to be through a further increase in the real oil price," the Goldman economists write. "This would presumably increase oil supply by making exploration and production more attractive, and reduce oil demand by increasing energy efficiency."

Then again this will all lead to an increase in sales and isn't that what we want. Sustainable sales? Not the roller coaster ride of boom and bust the industry has experienced the last 3 years.

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