Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some good articles today online at Dealer News

Going over the headlines just at Dealer News alone http://www.Dealernews.com

Interview with Scoot Magazine - make sure to check it out.
Something known in the industry for sometime new owners at a US Scooter brand.

Great Article on Dealer News today regarding Kymco

Bondy stresses what he believes is KYMCO USA’s greatest strength and the force that will continue to push it forward: its dealer network. “The dealer network is the biggest difference, the biggest selling point,” he says. “That’s why KYMCO has stayed, whereas a lot of companies that were here aren’t around anymore. It really is the dealers, and the efforts they’ve put in growing the brand, growing their customer base.

"For us, and I honestly believe this, when you look four to five years ago at all the brands in the marketplace that aren’t here anymore, the difference is distribution, it’s dealers," he says. "We’re extremely thankful for the dealer network that we’ve had.”

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