Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disk Brakes and Rotors Wear make sure to check them and stock them for your store!

Disk Brakes and Rotors Wear make sure to check them and stock them for your store!

Having over 130 brake rotors in stock Martin Racing Performance has more brake rotors in stock than any scooter parts distributor in the USA. Were fielding calls from SYM, TNG, TGB dealers and more desperately looking for Disk Brakes for their scooters. Fear no more we are adding more each week both stock for generic Chinese units as well as high quality premier OEM disks from NG Disk Brakes, and private label that are made in MRP packaging by NCY Taiwan, DTS Taiwan and more! We also offer select brakes from Grimecca and other European makers.

Most dealers don't stock brake calipers or rotors. This is a mistake since they wear out like any other item. If you ride your scooter in a city like Denver or New York where you are exposed to rain, snow, and traffic you will have wear and tear on this like any other part. So when inspecting your tires check the rotors. A new set of pads will not do you any good if the complete brake rotors is starting to wear out. When brakes wear, they wear together creating a series of grooves and ridges in both the pads and on the rotor. If fresh pads are mated to a worn rotor, these deformations in the rotor will decrease the contact surface area of the brake pads and decrease performance. So replace them and check them constantly.

To see the full range of NG DISK Rotors and WAVE Style Brakes visit:

From Original QJ to GY6 Racing Brakes we have them!

GRIMECCA SCOOTER DISK BRAKES AND NG DISK BRAKES We have a wide selection of scooter disk brakes from Grimecca that work on Aprilia, Beta, Benelli, Malaguti, Italjet all OEM sizes for these Italian made models. We also offer the full range of NG DISKs from Spain.

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