Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NHTSA, & Consumer Safety Board Powerless to address needs of US riders

The past couple of weeks I've realized how useless bureaucracies we have created have become. Especially in the Motorcycle Industry.

CASE # 1
Chinese Supplier wrote me today:
We have a dealer program that allows for min quantity of 4 pieces from factory in China, we clear customs and ship direct to the dealer door.

Scooter Maven - How is this legal? Who is accountable for product liability insurance? EPA? Warranties? Lemon Law? So if the consumer dies or the dealer gets sued who holds them harmless?

Chinese Supplier: No Answer

CASE # 2
Canadian Distributor Dumping CF MOTO, Peugeot, SYM and other non-EPA non-US certified Units in the USA.

I asked NHTSA about this so I got a response:
Can’t do anything about the Canadian. Our laws have no effect beyond our borders.

Import and Certification Division
Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance

Question to Consumer Safety Board and NHTSA:
Ok so NHTSA has no power beyond our borders. We have Canadian and Chinese dumping. So we have to wait until someone catches on fire for something to happen.
So technically speaking some dude working from his garage at home in Montreal with his roosters and Moses in the background, babies craying and stuff can sell / import vehicles from Canada that don't comply with DOT, EPA, or have product liability insurance and we can't do anything about it?

We can't stop them.

Buyer Beware:
USA DOT / NHTSA Can’t do anything about the Canadian importers dropping non-US bikes. Our laws have no effect beyond our borders. Buyer beware. Some of these bikes have no product liability insurnace and are not made according to US DOT standards. Check with the US importer before buying.

In other words nobody in our government, not EPA, not DOT, not the Consumer Safety Board care until someone dies.

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