Sunday, May 22, 2011

Benelli 50cc scooter with CN250 engine

Found this awesome video online from a custom builder. He put a Honda Helix clone engine into a QJ made Benelli 50cc scooter. Pretty fracking sweet (so say we all!) yes, its the most awesome ultimate Chinese Benelli Amalgam I have ever seen.

Now I think this would bring more people to the scooter scene the GY6 conversions have been now a thing is the past, maybe we should see more 250cc CN conversions for the Honda Ruckus or ZUma. You can buy a VIP or Fashion by CF Moto for cheap, take out a quality liquid cooled engine and splack it into a Benelli or Ruckus for an awesome ride. The 150cc engines are neat, but we were playing with the GY6 back in 2004 here at MRP. It's been 7 years now since MRP started selling GY6 parts. Its time to bring it up a notch since its now 2011 and CN250 CF Moto 250cc engines are easier to buy. The bigger engines will bring about more people to the scene in the USA.

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