Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kymco 200i to dominate all Scooter Sales in 2011

There are so many reasons the new 2011 version of the Kymco 200i kicks butt I can't list them all. Everything from the cell phone charger to the fact that its less money than any Vespa, SYM HD200, PGO made Bubu/Genuine Buddy, or even the People 150 by Kymco. Even the nicest Honda Zoomer / Ruckus will cost you $2,500 from a dealer these days.

Priced at only $2,600 its the right bike for the market. If you're lucky you might get one because it flys by all the 125-170cc scooters on the market. Fast and Kymco quality, this is the bike we are watching for 2011.

I declare 2011 the year of the Kymco LIKE. Now at this new price there is no stopping them. Kymco is also the ONLY Taiwanese firm that is a subsidiary in the USA just like the Japanese. Because of this last fact you know they will be around for the long run. Mark my words, the market now belongs to the 200i. Follow the link for more info.

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