Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miami Food Truck Festival Part 2

The Miami Food trucks are taking over. This nationwide trend can benefit you the scooter shop owner. How? Well easy, ask some of the higher end and more interesting local trucks that are taking over Portland, Los Angeles, and Boston to come on by. Seriously, do you know how many people new and interesting foodies are out there?

So instead of slaving over a BBQ, have these guys come and out and bring new people to your shop. Many of them are struggling to find places to park since in many cities like Miami Beach the city doesn't want them around taking business from restaurants, so if you have a private parking lot then work it out with them to stop at your shop every afternoon or weekend. The best case scenario is you get a whole bunch of new people that never in a million years would have thought of Korean BBQ with Mango = Vespa T-Shirt purchase. I'm serious.

Comments? Ideas? Am I crazy or is this a great way to bring people to the shop.

Sure beats advertising on the radio when you can get a Twitter following!

Can I get a –”First off, pop pop!”(Magnitude) on a Food Truck?
Scooter Maven]

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